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  1. Nope, I haven't received one in a long time either.
  2. I am a vegetarian-not diabetic-and I NEVER have a problem eating on a cruise! Too many good options. I do eat pasta, bread, and rice, but you always have salads, fresh vegetables, cheese, etc. I don't know about wheat alternatives, but the coffee bar has soy milk (not sure about other non-cow milks) and in the dining room they are always willing to accommodate whatever needs you have. I have never asked for something and not been able to have it. They can pretty much make anything. Sometimes you will have to request for the next night so they have time to prepare. The nightly menu in the dinin
  3. Mine was credited back a few days after the PVP said he would do it.
  4. I was on the Royal in Dec 2018 and I have my old Patters. Here is what I see over the course of the week: Jazz Cafe with the Royal Princess Quartet at 7PM in the Wheelhouse Bar Music and dancing with Sunset Quartet at 9PM and 11PM in the Vista Lounge Music and dancing with Sunset Quartet at 8:45 in the Vista Lounge Live jazz with the Royal Quartet at 11PM in the Wheelhouse Bar In the Piazza Sunset Quartet play for your listening and dancing enjoyment at 10PM and 11PM Evening Grooves with the Sunset Quartet at 9:45PM in the Wheelhouse Lounge Late Nigh
  5. OP here, I've had a PVP emailing me since my cruise was cancelled. I never used him or anyone before-always book my own. Anyway, since I had his contact info I emailed him and he called me. I told him my FCD's expire in DEC but could I get them refunded now since I know we won't be using them. He said they could and would take care of it for me. That was just a few days so I haven't seen anything yet.
  6. My Carnival cruise was cancelled Aug 5th and I had the refund Aug 13th.
  7. Thanks! I emailed my Princess guy and we'll see if he can refund them for me. I really don't want to wait until they expire in December.
  8. I bought an FCD in Dec 2018 and used it for my Nov 2020 cruise which is now cancelled. I just got my refund for onboard services paid but the $100 FCD went into my Future Cruise Credits. It says it expires if I don't book by 12/13/20 which I don't plan to. After that will it just automatically get refunded to my credit card or do I have to call and request it? Can I request to have it refunded now? I've never not used one I've bought so I'm not sure how it works.
  9. My October cruise was canceled on August 5th and I got my refund on August 13th. If only my Princess refund would be that fast!
  10. Yep, me too. In fact every time he called I ignored it. Finally I realized he wasn't going away so I answered and told him I can't book any cruises any time soon. Hopefully now the phone calls will stop.
  11. My refund took eight days. Based on what I have heard on the Princess forum my Princess cruise refund will take four to five months. Good job Carnival!
  12. Yes you are correct. It was for the Enchanted Princess in November.
  13. I am waiting on a $880 refund from Princess since mid-July. Who knows when I will get it? My Carnival cruise was cancelled last Wednesday and I got the refund today. It was only for $50 so maybe that's why. They wanted to get my little refund out of the way. I'm impressed though!
  14. Thanks everyone. In answer to the question about cruise lines, the first one is Carnival, second is Princess. I''ll bring everything, I'd rather be prepared!
  15. I know there are tons of threads on passports, but finding what I need using the search function is futile! My current passport expires Feb 2021. I have 2 cruises (hopefully!) at the end of Oct and end of Nov. I was going to send it in this month to renew, but with the virus the US passport office is extremely backlogged and I'm afraid I wouldn't get it back on time. I know the 6 month validity rule for flying into other countries, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to closed looped cruises from what I've read. First cruise is in/out of San Diego to Mexico. Second cru
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