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  1. Thanks everyone. In answer to the question about cruise lines, the first one is Carnival, second is Princess. I''ll bring everything, I'd rather be prepared!
  2. I know there are tons of threads on passports, but finding what I need using the search function is futile! My current passport expires Feb 2021. I have 2 cruises (hopefully!) at the end of Oct and end of Nov. I was going to send it in this month to renew, but with the virus the US passport office is extremely backlogged and I'm afraid I wouldn't get it back on time. I know the 6 month validity rule for flying into other countries, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to closed looped cruises from what I've read. First cruise is in/out of San Diego to Mexico. Second cruise is in/out of Ft. Lauderdale to Bahamas and St. Maarten. I also will be bringing my birth certificate (with raised seal), REAL ID driver's license, and marriage license. (to link my 2 names) Am I correct in assuming I will be ok with either of these?
  3. I don't know anything about how building new ships works. By now would all the cabins be furnished and the kitchens have dishes and cookware, etc? Otherwise that's more money that Princess has to put in before using the ship.
  4. I agree. Everyone's banking on a vaccine to save us. It may not. I'd rather live whatever amount of life I have left than cower in the corner.
  5. I agree. The only time I get it is when I'm on the CC boards. I don't go to other parts of the website. It only happens on Edge on my PC, not Edge on my phone. I've gotten it from various threads, not one in particular.
  6. Well, today I got a new one! I was reading a thread and all of a sudden the page blanked out and changed to "Hmm, we can't find this page" and my Norton popped up in the corner saying it had blocked an attack". I closed out right away so I couldn't grab a screen shot.
  7. Enchanted for Nov 28, but I just checked and they have caught their error. Normal prices are back again.
  8. Well, looks like they caught the error and it's back to the normal prices again. LACruiser88-glad you were able to get it.
  9. I checked my end of November itinerary today and the Princess Saver fares and the Princess Plus (includes grats, wifi, beverage pkg) fares are exactly the same. I called Princess because I wanted to change from a regular mini suite to a Club Class mini suite. It was $45 lower per person than my last price. If I had stayed in my old mini suite I would have saved $380 per person. Just a heads up for everyone to check their cruises too. I don't know if it's a computer glitch or just trying to get more people to book, but the rep was able to change it for me and I've double checked everything in my Personalizer and it's correct.
  10. I have been wondering what will happen too. I'm on her for an Eastern Caribbean cruise at the end of November. It would be just my luck that it's cancelled. Want to hear a funny story? I have never been to St. Maarten or St. Thomas, but not for lack of trying! 1995-Royal Caribbean cruise. Hurricane appeared the 3rd day of our cruise. Raced back to Florida to stay ahead of it, thus missing those 2 islands. 2017-Carnival cruise for a friend's wedding. Hurricane struck earlier (Maria?) and Carnival cancelled Fascination cruises to use the ship to house relief workers. Missed those islands again. 2019-Princess cruise scheduled, but travelling companion had a major financial setback and we ended up taking a shorter/cheaper cruise to the Bahamas just to be able to go somewhere. Missed those islands again. Now 2020-Enchanted is in limbo. Might miss those islands again. So I've come to the conclusion that the universe doesn't want me to ever see St. Maarten or St. Thomas! Maybe I should listen...
  11. I got this one today too. And a few days ago something about Facebook, but I quickly closed out. Both on this website. Can any tech people tell us what's going on? Is the website hacked?
  12. I can't watch the news anymore, it's all gloom and doom! I check news apps once a day in the morning to see what is going on and that's it. Otherwise I have to keep my anxiety down by doing fun things. I've been baking and having afternoon tea for one with my pretty teacups, reading romantic comedy books and watching funny movies. Distraction works very well! I can't wait to start reading all the fun threads about cruising again. I have cruises booked for October and November this year and sure hope I get to go on them!
  13. Yes, I use Edge on my computer and phone and both are messed up. I'm in Firefox now. The red banner at the top of page said they're working on issues. I think it said Chrome is messed up too.
  14. It's like this using the Edge browser also. The overlay is over the page and can't do anything on the page. Can only click on the overlay choices.
  15. We see how well (not) the quarantine went for passengers so now they're putting the crew in the passenger rooms? And then the crew leaves for their home countries for 2 months paid leave. I'm thinking this isn't such a good idea.....
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