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  1. I would think i would draw more people back to the ship's
  2. Yes they can sail at 100% capacity if they choose. I Really Hope on my Sept 2021 sailing that they are not above 80%
  3. All right it's been several Cruises and Weeks of sailings. Can we please get the ship web cameras working again.
  4. Is that the present sailing of the Horizon or the percentages they will sail in the future ?
  5. I don't believe Carnival will put a capacity cap on any of their sailings
  6. Well my cruise on Horizon in early Sept sure looks like at least 80% full with whats available cabins for Carnival to sell. Would sure like the sailing to be under 85% capacity.
  7. We like the case as a lot easier to carry on and off the ship. Load the refrigerator first day
  8. So did anyone who actually cruised the last month answer your question? saw it turn to offer discussion
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Completed our today for our Sept 12th sailing
  10. Fuel cap loose. buttoned down and on there way
  11. Yes Vista just docked in Galveston ending their first cruise. Will depart later today to start another. I had to search to find the Galveston webcam though.
  12. I have a Sept 12th on Horizon so i hope you post your pre cruise experiences. health form info and time line, your port checkin time and anything else you think would be helpful to us immediate future cruisers. Thanks
  13. Well Congratulations on your upcoming wedding and YES please be sailing by then. If i may ask who is preforming the ceremony?
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