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  1. Jan 16th 2021 Sunrise out of Miami and May 2021 Glory out of New Orleans Looking good with recent news
  2. I am on the Sunrise Jan 16th so please leave a little booze and beers behind. First time in a obstructed view cabin.
  3. Thank you for the info. Still on track for my Jan 16th then
  4. why would you say that ? Covid related or Carnival has not got crew for the ships they plan on using ?
  5. Jan 16th 2021 out of Miami. Myself and the DF are ready to go but 2 others who were sailing with us want to cancel. Payment due Nov 2nd so it's a wait and see at this point.
  6. Thats a long time. Could have been exposed while awaiting test results. Then again a 3 or 4 day wait same issue. I Sure hope he came back Negative
  7. Not from Miami or Port Canaveral. Both ports still ago for Nov & Dec
  8. So if my local supermarket has a bad food product we should shut down all supermarkets until that bad food products contact tracing can be confirmed. Please measures are being put in place.
  9. Making final payment on my January 16 th out of Miami. Someone please tell the CDC to leave us alone.
  10. I was just wondering when we will see activity from the Carnival ships that are sailing in November ? How long does it take to spin up a ship ? Crew placement and testing, food and beverage stocking. (i know this happens at the Miami cruise terminal ) but orders would have to be placed. Would word leak out ? Will there be Giant Banners welcoming the cruise ships and passengers back? I have a January 16th and cant wait !!!
  11. Find a cruise you would like to move your cancellation too. Ship/ Date/ Cabin Via mock booking. Then call Carnival and have the person your talking to move everything and credit you for the OBC. This assures you that everything get done verses trying to get credit on website. Just be prepared to spend some time on hold. If your original booking was threw a Casino offer make sure you tell them that so they will transfer you to the Casino dept as only they can rebook you with an offer. Good Luck
  12. I just booked mine threw the app while on board. You can also just go to the excursion desk but there's normally a line.
  13. It's about time some reasonable thought was given to the cruise industry instead of just shutting every thing down. How many people maybe able to get back to work if even part time for now. Lets go for it !!!
  14. Well let's hope the sailing goes off without a hitch. I did call about the room but ended up keeping the room. Sure hope lobby bar and area don't interfere with the pleasure of cruising. Well see you onboard.
  15. I would sure hope it's fewer people. in all honesty though i would love to hear a percentage number from someone at Carnival. The number 70% keeps getting thrown around
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