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  1. Thanks so much! I didn't realize I don't even have to bother with the phone. Glad to hear! We're very excited to get o the ship.
  2. As long as my husband carries his Medallion, I should be able to locate him with my Phone, correct? He is a wanderer and this app would be perfect for us. Save me a lot of time when I need to find him! We are on Regal from Feb.23 to Match 8th.
  3. Thank you all for your responses. I found a list for Feb. 2 that shows the Regal at 2 and the Caribbean at 4, so I am going to assume they will berth the same on March 1st. I don't know why I couldn't find that site before I asked on here, but I got it now. Thanks!
  4. The Caribbean and the Regal will both be sailing from Fort Lauderdale on March 1st. How do I find out which terminal the Regal will be at? We are on B2B on the Regal starting on Feb. 23 and I like to walk over to a store on the FLL day in the middle to restock my soft drinks. I know the walk is not bad from Terminal 2, but have no idea if it would be even possible from another Terminal.
  5. Hello everyone from the Crown Princess! We boarded without ANY problems at all! My sister can get off at each Island, no problem. BTW, I love the Medallion! It is so nice to have the door open without fumbling for the cruise card. Haven't used much else yet, but that alone is very nice for me. Check-in was a breeze as well. Later!
  6. It's so easy for some people to be negative and dismissive, but what is the point? Does it make you feel superior in some way? The discussion so far had been helpful and informative so I am going to be equally dismissive of you as you were of me and my genuine concern. Jeez!
  7. Thanks everyone for all the comments, information and well wishes! My sister rarely travels as she has a special needs adult child, hence no passport. I guarantee you though, if she is ever able to travel with me again, I will insist she gets a passport so neither of us has to worry! I am done worrying about this now and all packed and ready to fly down tomorrow.
  8. My sister called Princess and our TA again and both said she will be fine with just the birth certificate and DL. Princess told her there is a problem with Medallion (shocking!) accepting driver's licenses and they are working on it. Princess told her we should still go to the Medallion line at the port, they will scan the license upon arrival. I am hoping that this is all going to work out OK!!!
  9. Yes,we are sailing in 2 days, flying down tomorrow. At least I am! I told her to get a passport, and shd said she talked to Princess and didn't need one. But now this Medallion thing not accepting a driver's license is making me very nervous for her!
  10. Crown Princess on Oct. 28, 10 days , Caribbean, "closed loop", so should not need passport.
  11. My sister does not have a passport and is trying to register for Medallion. The only option for ID is a passport, not a drivers license. Must she wait till she gets to port? She claims she had mastered it last week with a drivers license, but now when she goes in it no longer has the green arrows and is asking for a passport for ID.
  12. Sorry if you already answered this, but I scanned all 6 pages and didn't see any reference. We are boarding on Oct. 28th and I am curious as to the evening show times in the Princess Theater and the traditional dining times. I am thinking we may want to switch things up as far as dining. Love reading your posts and thanks for doing this!
  13. Just curious if someone who has been on a fully Medallion class ship can tell me how the lights/power work in the cabin now that they are not giving out cruise cards? You know, you used to have to put your cruise card in the slot just inside the door to get the lights on? How is it done now? We are on the Crown in a week and I'm just wondering.
  14. We are definitely pool people and I love being outside in the sun, so yes, it does look like a great location!
  15. Thanks, I'll remember that, but I'm not holding my breath for another upsell anytime soon. This was the first one I ever received after 44 cruises! I think we got it because my sister has only sailed once before?
  16. We got a call from our TA. Called her back and she contacted Princess.
  17. Just got word that we got R739! Have no idea if that's a good Stateroom or not, but I am excited to get the balcony. I will have to do some research to see if I can find out any info on it.
  18. Never got an upsell offer before. Sailing 10/28 for 10 days on Crown. Is the $99 a good deal. Seems like it!
  19. Great news everyone! I just got off the phone with my sister and Southwest. My sister was able to get her daughter into the care facility a day earlier and then Southwest changed us to a flight on 10/27 at no extra cost to us. (Sis will have to pay dearly for the extra day at facility, but she is glad for the peace of mind in not a chance we will miss the ship!) So thanks again for all the responses and know that my sister and I are now much more relaxed!!! (Now just have to book a hotel, but that is no biggie!)
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