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  1. Have a great time at the Dockyard. Do you plan to go anywhere else in Bermuda Today?
  2. I would like to enjoy a burger from Guy's Burger Joint
  3. Have a great cruise. I am sure there will be lots photos coming. I'm going to get a cup of Starbucks and wait for your next post.
  4. Have a nice cruise... wish I was there
  5. Nice pics, can't wait to see some of GSC
  6. Glad your internet is working again. Nice pics. Have a great day in Labadee!
  7. Radio called and told me No internet on ship. Also no WiFi in Samana or Labadee. He will post as soon as it is fixed
  8. Radio, are the panoramic oceanview staterooms larger than the D1 staterooms?
  9. Sorry to hear that. [quote name='BearBear69']From what I dont know...but my friend onboard met a woman whose 16 yo daughter broke her arm during storm peak. Now seriously people, why dont you just wait to hear what the passengers have to say when they disembark.[/quote]
  10. Missed that. I have to wait til Sunday. [quote name='Mykitteh']Wasn't this the cruise that someone mentioned being super discounted? The thread was something along "Good Deal if you can sail in two weeks"[/quote]
  11. Have a nice cruise. Nice train pics.
  12. :confused:Was anyone injured on this cruise?
  13. I would have gone, but I have to wait til Sunday.;)
  14. Did anyone [COLOR=black][U]see[/U][/COLOR] anything that said We would not get The Free Excursion?:)