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    Tours Plaza?

    We booked Tours Plaza for a recent excursion during an extended family cruise stop in Cozumel. One in our party was in a wheelchair and another in a walker. One could not spend time in the sun; so as you might imagine our tour stop options were pretty limited. That being said Leo from Tours Cozumel made this port the most memorable highlight of our trip. Leo started us with a city tour with beautiful narrative. We stopped at a special and original gift shop. We noticed a Jewish Star and not only was Leo able to share info about the Synagogue he made a stop for those of us who were able to pay a quick visit. Then off to the other side of the island for the best ever authentic Mexican lunch in an open air restaurant. We were happy invite to Leo sit with us. I also need to mention that the written meet-up confirmation and directions were explicit and as promised Leo was right there waiting for us with his yellow cap. In fact as soon as we arrived near the designated meeting point and told one of the vendors we were meeting Leo they said “Ah Leo” and within a moment he was there with a smile, confirmed my name, and we were off. I have done many privately arranged excursions Leo and Tours plaza absolutely exceeded all of my expectations.
  2. Arriving and TPA and heading direct to cruise ship with elderly companion who cannot walk far unassisted . We were each going to carry light luggage (short cruise) and I was just going to grab a taxi or Uber. But it has been suggested that we use the cruise ships transportation. I am just looking for the easiest method of getting from the airport to the ship... so I’d like to see if anyone can share their experience with the Royal Caribbean luggage and transportation program.
  3. A few years back we stayed at the Quest I Potts Point over nye pre Sydney to NZ cruise. Here are a few things that still stand out Fun neighbored, mixed residential and tourists, super location very easy access to public transport. Beautiful rooftop. Our room had a kitchenette and there was an fabulous upscale grocery store steps away. Even washing facilities on premises. Fun local reasonably priced restaurants in that area too. if you are up to it a great memory was a long walk with unforgettable views from Coogee beach to Bondi beach. After the walk there are great bars and fun restaurants accross from Bondi beach. How wonderful that you will get to explore much more of Australia. We hope to return to visit areas beyond Sydney. The only kangaroo I saw was in the zoo.
  4. Seeking suggestion please....One family member cannot it sit on beach, one would love to take a dip in the Caribbean, and two have mobility challenges. I am planning to have a driver for 4 or 5 hours Any recommendations? Maybe an off the beaten path (5 ships in port that day) restaurant where two of us can go for swim while other two do some shopping or light sightseeing. Then we Meet up for lunch.l
  5. Can you board the ship with your own wheelchair and use it in the ship?
  6. We are having our last 2 cups of Sello Rojo this am (pour thru prep) and oh how we will miss it. Wish we brought home more.
  7. I am pretty sure you will hear back promptly when they are back in the shop. They were exceptionally responsive I’m their detailed emails. They will give you the snorkel pricing. We could have given a deposit but given how reasonable the cost was we just prepaid. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. You are most welcome. I will be happy to respond to any questions about goby divers Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. I totally agree. My dh has little tolerance for being cutoff and rudeness. Our Most enjoyable days at ports are those we have done on our own or through small and/or private excursions. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  10. My husband and I love to snorkel. We contacted Goby-Divers and signed up in advance for their boat snorkel trip. It was an early day and I had a very light breakfast, got my stuff together and headed out to meet Goby divers. My husband and I were picked up just as planned. And were joined by another person from the cruise ship who would be diving this day with Goby This were 4 folks on board for diving, he and I were the only 2 snorkelers on this particular trip. This might be a good time to say we are not spring chickens but are both good swimmers and have a good deal of snorkeling experience. My husband has been having some issues with his mask and the owner had him try her mask for the trip. We set out for the first snorkel site. The divers joined the dive guide and my husband and I were on our own to explore the beautiful reefs knowing the captain kept an eye out the entire time. But halfway thru my snorkel my stomach started rumbling.....hmmm maybe I should have had a heartier breakfast. After a good 45 minutes we were back on board for a rest, nice conversation and wow sandwiches were passed around. These were the most welcome and delicious sandwiches I have had in a long time. We rested up for at least another 45 minutes before we headed to our second dive/snorkel experience off Kokomo beach. Again the divers did their exploration in a group and my husband and I were on our own to do our thing. We slowly made our way to the beach at Kokomo for a quick rest and discussion about the colorful and plentiful fish and unusual flora and fauna. We snorkeled our way back to the boat for the return ride to the dive ship where we were treated to home made bruschetta, soft drinks and beer. (Not sure if the snacks after the trip is a regular thing or a special treat as our excursion with Goby was on NYE) Small group Excellent value Very close to the cruise pier but they picked us up via Vann TLC - Unusual to find such care on an excursion on a scale of 1-10 I would rate Goby-divers an 11 Though we did dive the folks that did seemed equally thrilled. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. I threw the letters of our names in a box and picked out a few and wound up with a dumb screen - now I have too much history on here to change. So I guess I’ll call a losnab a cute creature with an elephant like snout and a perpetual smile. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. God forbid there is a true emergency; their selfishness will add to chaos and uncertainty, so now instead of looking after ourselves and loved ones we will be obliged to assist them with directions. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  13. I love love my iPad mini. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  14. I am sorry to hear about your crappy dining experience. I hope the line is paying attention and will consider your opinions. I know you explicitly stated this was not a maiden voyage but wonder if it might have been a recent refurbishment. I am leaving in a few weeks on my first Hal cruise. I have been planning and thinking about it since early this year. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. We are sailing on zuiderdam later this month, first time on HAL. Made the choice based on itinerary and sail dates. Though we booked quite early we had to take anytime dining (dh a bit disappointed as we prefer a 2 top late assignment). Can’t wait to tell my husband HAL received best dining (he’s a foodie). Sent from my iPad using Forums
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