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  1. Yep. Just got Carnival's email: But they forgot the : * Maybe 2022...
  2. Since these newest ships are extremely long.... Are they Smart enough to get you from the back end of the ship to the front end?
  3. Just called Carnival & it'll cost us 30% more to move our Jan sailing to cheapest cabin in the middle of hurricane season Sept. Guess we'll just wait a few more weeks to see if there's a good promo comes up, otherwise may need to cancel...goodbye OBC...
  4. She is correct, but she meant Sept 2025... under new cruise line called Royal Norwegian Carnival...
  5. After our May & Aug cruises were cancelled, thought when we rebooked during the summer that 2nd week of Jan 2021 would be far out enough, that'll there'll be a few months of cruising at end of this year to work out all the kinks of restarting. Now that Carnival MAY restart cruising in Jan, not sure our 2nd week of Jan is a good idea. Final payment is coming up in 3 weeks. We're in Houston, so sailing out of Galveston is great, with no airline flights to worry about. Looking at pushing it back a few months, but prices are much higher now. Got great pricing last year for 8th Deck balcony, but had to pay extra $ to downgrade to 7th deck interior in Jan. Now prices are even higher Feb - May, & prices are doubled for balconies, as very small chance we'll be stuck 2 extra weeks onboard in an interior cabin. If Carnival didn't already bait us with nice OBC....
  6. Yes, agree with Greydog above about Viking's free air. Our last year's & next yr's Viking cruises had free air with no additional taxes/fees. It also included free pick airport pick up & return transfers. We always added $50 pp for Air Plus program, where we can custom choose our exact airline & flight schedules/times 10 months out, instead of letting Viking air dept assign our flights just 2.5 months out.
  7. I've already done hundreds of those cruises already, where you can't get off the ship, but have to just look at the land/port & happy folks partying onshore, from the ship's rails. It sucked. That's why I never do US Navy cruises any more....
  8. Will never happen. First, the local Gov't won't let other local businesses lose out on extra $$$ income. Second, how would they enforce cruise passengers who's just off the ship to do local browsing/shopping vs those who decides to use local vendors to sightsee...? For example, I use ship's excursion when only me going scuba diving at each port. But we use other local dive shops when we dive as a family. So how will they check....?
  9. There's a lot of conflicting ideas on the security issue. Some think that scanning their cabin key card at the muster station to activate unlocking their room is a security issue, but just leaving the key card at the mail box 2 feet away from the room lock currently is not...?
  10. Easy, after having picked up cabin key card in the terminal, passenger must go to their assigned muster station, clearly printed on their card, ex: Deck 4 mid starboard, to have room card activated before it'll allow key to open their cabin door. This will ensure passenger has physically been to their muster station before they can enter their cabin...
  11. Too bad they can't issue unlimited 0.6% debt like the US Gov't does....
  12. Leaner, but not Stronger for a while. With less ships, no /less income, reduced capacity, & more front-line staff (for buffet service & continuous cleaning crews), it'll be many years before they'll be back to just pre-pandemic level. So they can't be "Stronger" unless they add back more ships ( = more $$$). As an avid cruiser & supporter, wished that wasn't the case, as we have an upcoming cruise in Jan & later next yr, hopefully the cruising experience & service will be "better" for us...
  13. I've just got off the phone with Carnival. Since Carnival already gave us back partial refund last month, They have transferred all info & FCC from old cancelled cruise to new one in Jan. No need to pay new deposit, just price difference by Oct, but offset by OBC later: ITEMIZED CHARGES All Charges are quoted in USD CRUISE CHARGES Cruise Rate $ Taxes, Fees & Port Expenses $ Total Cruise Charges $ TOTAL CHARGES $ PAYMENTS AND CREDITS Credits/Coupons $300.00 Payments Received $0.00 Total Payments and Credits $300.00 Guest Balance Due $ PAYMENT SCHEDULE Final Payment Due Date And Time 26/Oct/2020 11:59 PM USET On Board Credit (USD) $300.00
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