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  1. 1 hour ago, Wildblue said:

    Oh, man.  Having sailed on the Diamond only a year ago, I'm particularly saddened to have watched this story unfold.  And that more and more passengers fall sick.  It seems like quarantining everybody onboard has had the side effect of infecting other healthy passengers (and I assume crew) onboard.  Continuing to watch this story.

    What about the crew?


    Better to have a maximumof only 3500 persons possible infected as a country of 80 million.


  2. Yes, even local residents living near the docking areas get the full range of stinking and smelly diesel fumes, when the ships runs it's diesel motors all night for the "comfort" of the passengers - what about the local inhabitants.

  3. 1 hour ago, VistaRio said:

    Thanks GMT.


    A van (for 6) looks to be between 300-600 Euro with the benefit of "door to dock".  If It truly is closer to 300 then we will probably go that route.  I will also take a look at the Landshut connection.  For some reason I had thought that you either had to board in Freising or train  to Munich proper then head out to Passau.



    You are correct that you had to either go to Munich or Freising to get the train to Passau, but in 2018 a spur was built between Freising and Munich that branched off to the airport.



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  4. 3 hours ago, VistaRio said:


    G.M.T can I ask your advice?


    I searched and there are quite a few good threads on my exact topic, which I am of course investigating, but I thought I would get a "current and personal" opinion.


    My party will be arriving later in the year to MUC a few days early, and then heading to Passau to meet our Viking ship.  We are staying at the MUC airport hotel.  This is the proverbial "transfers are no longer included because of a deviation" issue. (Although I will give an effort to plead our case I expect to have to cover transfer ourselves). 


    If traveling alone ... I would just get on the train in Freising.  Since our party is of various abilities and  inclinations, I think we need to hire a transfer service for 6 from MUC to the dock.  Truthfully there is some convenience built in to the option anyway.  From my research,  I am aware of several options that look good of various prices.  The question for you is do you have a specific recommendation?


    Thank you!



    Sorry I can't help you with recommendations, as we always park at the airport.


    These days you do not have to go to Freising to get the train. From the airport station take the regional train towards Regensburg, change at Landshut for the Passau train, no need to change platforms. At Passau main station there are elevators at each platform, taxis available outside.


    I think your best solution would be a van for all of your party.

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  5. As with most cruise lines you get what you pay for.


    If you go with an open mind then you will be fine, if on the other hand you want o live in an Amercican cruise bubble while on the ship and just go ashore to soak up the European culture then Costa is not for you. No lobster, no ice teas, very limited free dinks (mostly at breakfast time), no art auctions.


    Food is food, I have never gone hungry on a Costa cruise, if there is nothing you don't like then there are usually 3 standard items always available. Pizza (chargeable) is great. The drinks packages are the most generous in the cruise industry.


    Languages. Nearly all the crew speaks English, annoucements can be in upto 5 languages, if you don't hear your language then it doesn't apply to you. If you go be sure to seek out the English speaking host / hostest who will have an introduction meeting and put you in touch (if you want) with other Englsih speakers. At dinner time, English speakers will be grouped together (recommendation: get and English - Oz translation app in case there are any Australians on your dinner table - probably not as most of the time they will be living it up in the bar).


    As previously said if you go with an open mine you will love it.

  6. 26 minutes ago, MrSilversurf said:

    Talking of Costa Service Charges (LOL) No I got that price from Search Engine 'Skyscanner' £528 outbound and £345 inbound, which is about $1160 in total. I could get a £311 outbound but it lands too late for the sail.

    BA Direct prices are higher than Skyscanner. Which search engine did you use and what was the Singapore landing time?

    I used swoodoo, landing a day earlier so a hotel would be required.

  7. 12 minutes ago, MrSilversurf said:

    Shock horror, I almost fell out of bed when I saw those prices. It's only 2 weeks away which means flights are expensive. Even when factoring in fares from London at $1160 per person, that's 55 dollars per person per day. Still at $33 plus $55 pppd, that's still pretty good. I wonder if you'd get all the visas in time? Regards Paul

    $1160? Is that first class.🥂


    I find prices for London - Singapore, Dubai - London, per person:

    British Aiways €467 (Both legs non-stop)

    Emirates €448 (stop in Dubai on first leg)


    Still great prices, but with the coronavirus no thanks (probably need €1500 for face masks).

  8. 53 minutes ago, ed01106 said:

    4. Place a request to the nearest US Military base for 10,000 MREs until an off ship catering system can be put in place.  Not exactly fine dining but better than spreading disease.  And I am sure such a humanitarian request would be honored.

    How are you going to cope with dietary requirements let alone covbering religious and other beliefs.


    Who is going to deliver them?


    Who is going to prepare them?


    Also exposing the delivery team o possible infection.


    Bad idea and bad solution.

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  9. 2 hours ago, kathy49 said:

    I think they have to test every one.  I have to wonder if they are getting financial assistance from the respective governments involved.  They should be. I am sure he is getting pressure from each government too.

    I read somewhere that the Japanese government see their handling of this situation as some kind of thanks to the international community for their help in the Fukushima meltdown.

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  10. 4 hours ago, Wehwalt said:

    I disembarked in Sihanoukville so as to join a land tour once. There's not a lot at the port. Nothing, really. HAL mentioned logistics in one of the earlier posts. That must be what they meant.

    There is a lot at the port - first stage of the journey HOME.

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  11. 2 minutes ago, bonsai3s said:

    Has there been any word from the Captain of Diamond Princess?

    On most cruises, the Captain is introduced as the "Master of the Vessel"...does he have any say on what is being done on "his" ship?


    "His" ship is under the control of the Japanese Health Minitry, as it would be in any other country.


    He speaks daily to the persons onboard, with news updates, including the lastest "casualty" list.

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  12. David Abel, on his Facebook video read out a letter from the British Embassy saying that 50 Pharmacists, 50 Doctors and 50 Nurses (can't remember the actual number quoted) would be coming onboard. He surmised that it was for testing passengers / crew before the quarantine period had ended and / or checking up on the elderly or people with health problems, the captain had informed them that this lat group would be release a day earlier on Tuesday 18th. Feb.

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  13. 8 hours ago, boze9999 said:

    I understand the general ports in the Philippines rejected the Westerdam, However, can anyone share an explanation for why the Westerdam could not port at any of our numerous military bases in the Philippines and safely quarantine as the planes are doing at US military bases? 

    Easy. The Philippines is a soverign state with control over it's air and sea areas, the US military must adhere to Philippines regulations.

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  14. A lot could depend on the ship, route and where the cruise was booked.


    When you book a cruise and are happy with the price and so accept the T&C you then enter into a contract, after final payment has been made then you have fulfilled your part of the contract.


    Costa is under no obligation to give you anything back, there may give you OBC, upgrade, drinks package, if the ship is full or partly empty but entirely at their discretion. Not normal for Costa.


    Some cruise lines in USA may try to accommodate you, but again at their discretion. In the EU, consumers have much more protection than in US the same goes the cruise line. When you buy a new coat or computer and several weeks later the price drops do you try to get a refund?


    Carnival Corp is the parent / holding company of both Costa and Carnival Cruise Line

    (so sister companies).


    I don't think it interest Costa how much one  has sailed with them in the past, they have no loyalty to their customer base, Costa knows there is always the next cruise generation waiting to board.


    Try you luck with Costa and let us know how you get on.

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  15. 47 minutes ago, notamermaid said:

    @G.M.T., I hope your feet are warm and dry.




    No flooding in Passau, the high waters will peak about midnight and then start to fall, no rain in the forecast.


    The corona virus outbreak has one positive side, the small Austrian town of Hallstatt (UNESCO Site), 800 natives and a million (thats 1,000,000) invaders (mostly Asians) in a year, the numbers have dropped dramtically. They can now breath.




    I'm warm but not dry.🍻

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