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  1. The town of Roth is correct. The op was not sitting 3 days on the boat, ALL the photos were taken from a moving bus, never mentioned what Viking laid on. Within 1 hour drive of Roth, you have Nuremberg, Bamberg, Regensburg, Kloster Weltenberg, and lots more. Viking has been got at over various things but not over ship swap, which runs like clockwork with the number of ships they have available. I think there is more to the op rant than just what they wrote. Who knows, maybe he considered himself a vip but Viking didn't, doesn't like German food, expected the natives to be running around in Lederhose and driving the cows into the mountains. I bet the op was a bundle of fun on the boat, probably arguing with the Captain and Cruise Director about chocolate bars, could be turned into film: "Mutiny over the Bounty". Just imagine, the op sets the officers adrift in a small boat and after a navigation miracle and fighting off the natives (dropping their Lederhose) and reaching Nuremberg after a 21minute epic journey they are safe. The op is caught and is not sentenced to be hung at the yard arm BUT to take a Viking river cruise once a year for the rest of his life. I think Viking did a good job showing Germany's waste management system and not just dumping plastic rest in the oceans.
  2. We walk around in wrinkled clothes, this is so the dear MiL doesn't stand out.😇 Besides Downey Wrinkle Release (very good), there is anoth product called "Day2" https://day2.com/
  3. I came across (something I didn't know), Costa has special excursions for passengers with mobility problems. The program is called "Adagio Tours". It started Jan 2019. Covers following ports: Genoa (from Savona) marseilles Barcelona Palermo, Rome, Palma de Mallorca Cagliari Only available on Costa Diadema. Here is a writeup from Costa Germany site: https://www.costakreuzfahrten.de/costa-club/magazine/reise/adagio-tours-diese-neuen-ausfluge-sind-slow-und-fur-alle-geeignet.html Costa UK https://www.costacruises.co.uk/activity-types/excursions.html
  4. Nothing is free in this world - especially with Costa. At first 7 shore excursions for $150 looks good value, just over $20 p.p.p.tour. Take a deeper look, Costa excursions usually cost for half day tour (4 hours) in the €50 - €60 range, whole day (8 hours) in the €100 - €120 range. Have a look at this page for Palma excursion: https://www.costacruisesasia.com/hk/cruise_holidays/palma_de_mallorca_spain.html the Passepartour tours are still very cheap even if not booked via the Passpartour - so where is the catch. So you get what you pay for. PS. If there are any nitpickers (or rivet counters) out there, please don't cpme back and say "Yes but my full day excursion cost me €150.01", the above prices are only an approximation. If anyone does come back with such "arguments" then they will get a full broadside from the leftover rivits from building the Smeralda.
  5. Don't worry about food or getting enough of it. At each port, especially in Germany you will receive a CARE parcel when you leave the ship: 🍻
  6. Do not forget that tipping culture is very different in various parts of the world. In US when you ask for the bill. 18% service ha sbeen added and you are expexted to leave another 15% as a tip. In Europe and Britain (I Know Britian is in Europe, but getting ready for Brexit), on a small bill we round up to the next pound / euro, for larger bill amounts. So you see there are no right or wrong amounts to tip. It i swhat you are comfortable with.
  7. To be on the safe side, cut off the legs of your capri jeans and make them into a real hot "hot pants".
  8. I believe that Italy has recently introduced emails - why not try that.
  9. Cruise passengers should check with their cruise company to verify what calendar they are using Gregorian or Julian. Don't want to miss the boat do we.🍻 Disclaimer: For all those poltical correct serious folks, this is a joke (or at least an attempt). If you got stressed out, anxeity attacks etc. cancel cruise and check into rehab.
  10. I think the Op is referring to the new Cruise Monoply board game, if you get past the Service Team then collect $200 OBC.🍻
  11. How can a Maitre 'D speak for a 1000 crew members.
  12. I'm glad I was able to finish 3rd. grade, I hope I am correct the price difference is $1.50. 🍻 (Beer is not from the Premium Plus package but local beer garden.)
  13. Not true, the crew will gladly accept any "hard" currency ($,€, £ ,) but preferably notes and not coins. The crew know where the money changers are in each port, also they would say pay their $$s into Western Union (or such agency) and transfer the money home.
  14. G.M.T.

    MSC service

    OP had written off MSC even before arriving in Barcelona:
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