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  1. As the Danube levels are now almost back to normal so it is time for me to seek pastures new, like glühwein testing, developing an anti MiL serum and other mundane things. Also this thread will soon be put on ice, maybe dear MiL could also go the same way. I will still be around, if someone wants information about Passau or the surrounding area just ask, waiting for the next high and low water marks – as we surely know that will happen. In the words of Douglas MacArthur and dear MiL last Christmas „I will return“
  2. G.M.T.

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    Interesting article (in German) about vhow much rain is needed to maitain the nornal Rhine levels: https://www.spektrum.de/news/so-viel-regen-braeuchte-der-rhein/1612294
  3. All the best. Do you know if they do "remove dear MiL"?
  4. The Danube levels have fallen somewhat, but they seem to be leveling out at a higher level than before the recent rains. Don't worry there is still enough water for your ships to get through the Danube shallows, also more rain is due this weekend. Oh for the good old days, 20 cm snow and minus 10°C, that is the weather to really enjoy a Christmas Market. Tonight, we're off to Passau Christmas Market, must not forget the Crucifix, garlic and the full vampire kit in case we come across dear MiL. All you cruisers have a great time, either onboard or at a Christmas market.
  5. G.M.T.

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    The question "why are they being bused" was posed and I gave the answer that their was no ship. I am not getting involved in the whys and why not of the logistical nightmare that the cruise lines are facing.
  6. G.M.T.

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    More rain is needed to maintain the current levels and idealy to keep it at a minimum of 190 cm. Over on the Danube the cruisers have contibuted to the increase in water levels with their consumption of glühwein.
  7. It's a sunny cold day without any rain. But don't worry, there is rain in the pipeline over the next 7 days to maintain the current river levels. So keep your spirits uo (or glühwein or whatever your tipple is).
  8. It seems a bit strange, why are Viking now contacting disgruntled cruisers after the river levels have risen and not over the last several months when passengers needed information and help.
  9. G.M.T.

    Rhine water levels 2018 and similar topics

    River levels do not enter the equation when there is no ship there.
  10. Ask which low bridges. The only low bridge is the suspension bridge in Passau. The water level has to be 630 cm or higher to impacted cruises.
  11. When I type MiL it has two meanings, relation (wife of DW) and heavy burden (millstone around my neck). Thank you for the tip abount Romania, when dear MiL come at Christmas I can wish her "Merry Cemetary".
  12. Poured the whole night, today is stormy with heavy rain showers. With the forecasted rain (almost daily) the cruising season which is due to end early January will go out on a wave. Still not much traffic between Passau and Regensburg, only AmaLegro taking the waters on it's way upstream. The Danube shallows, Straubing and Pfelling have almost doubled their water levels. What with the warm weather and now all this rain, I might have to mow the lawn, or better still I'll wait until Christmas when the dear MiL is due, I could then put her out to graze. Although I think the sheep and goats would object. People worry about climate change, about war, but when dear MiL comes I get both on the same day. I must say the current cruisers are certainly a very wet bunch, I'm sure that the consumed glühwein has helped. A word of advice, for those who are cruising or will be cruising this season check your insurance policies to see if high water and floods are covered.
  13. The Viking Lif and Var have sailed past Passau now on their way to Linz or beyond. Hardly any ships have made use of this opportunity, the Verdi has left Regensburg towards Straubing. One small river in the Bavarian Forest has a warning of high water levels with possible flooding. Is this the end of the drought?
  14. "Cruisers shall inherit the Danube". The Danube has risen and more than after last week's rain. The outbreak of Vikingitis in Straubing has been cured, the Lif and Var that have been stuck there for many a day are able to move, they both made it through the Danube shallows and are currently passing Deggendorf towards Passau, no other ships insight. The cruise lines will now have to get their boats in position to take advantage of this wet window. So for all your cruisers visiting a Christmas Market don't forget for every glühwein you have you will be helping a fellow cruiser (downstream) who may be high and dry. It's always nice to type good news for a change, you lot are lucky, for me Christmas is already over with dear MiL coming. Please do not cry for me as watered down glühwein doesn't taste that good.
  15. Guess what, it is raining as predicted. The Danube levels are rising, we will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings, but it is looking good. Rain, on and off forecatsed until next weekend. First glühwein (white) is probably well on it's way to the Black Sea, hopefully helping the situation around Budapest.