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  1. Windstar has sailing yachts and motor yachts. Those that love the line love them all. Personally I would find an itinerary you find intriguing and try which ever yacht that happens to land on. Sailing yachts have smaller cabins overall but the sails make them in a class by themselves. Motor yachts have bigger cabins that include suites and a bigger bathroom. Both have fantastic crews, delicious food, friendly folks that travel on them and great itineraries. You can’t miss!

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  2. We have signed up for an Iceland cruise in 2025 but are waiting for 2026 itineraries and hope to transfer to a different cruise. 

    When our son was in college, he and his then girlfriend flew to Iceland and rented a car and drove around Iceland hiking and camping along the way. They had a wonderful time and got some spectacular photographs. My theory is I’m too old and spoiled to back country camp or spend nights in hostels anymore and the thought of being on the cruise ship is right up my alley! I think it will be a different experience than my sons but one we will enjoy nevertheless. 

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  3. We have been through the Panama Canal twice on Windstar. The first time was during the holidays 2014/2015 on Wind Spirit and the second time was in January 2024 on Star Pride. Here is my take on our passage through on the Star Pride. 

    We got up very early and found two loungers that we knew would be mostly in the shade that day. This was our last stop (we started in Barbados and ended in Panama City for a lovely two weeks on board) so we knew where we wanted to be.


    We started through at the Gatun Locks. Many folks went to the bow of the ship to watch the spectacular unfold. There was plenty of room to wander from the bow to the stern, from port side to starboard. It is an incredible sight. And it takes lots of time to go through the three locks that make up the Gatun Locks. It was nice having our loungers as our “home base” for hanging out. 

    Sailing through Gatun Lake was magical and very calming. When we arrived at the Pedro Miguel locks there were perhaps half the number of people hanging out at the bow of the ship. Once at the Miraflora locks there was practically no one up front! I love being outside by the Miraflora locks since there is usually a crowd in the late afternoon from various tours starting in Panama City and they wave and cheer at you as you go by and it’s very festive. 

    I can’t imagine being on a large ship going through the canal. On Windstar you can roam around the ship and watch from every angle. Back in 2015/2015 we had our two teenage sons with us and we all went from the bow to the stern as we went through each lock to watch the water rise up and the locks open. The engineering of the entire system is mind blowing! This is a great advantage of being on a small ship and having the entire ship as your “balcony.”

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  4. While I saw the Windstar info and posted it on the WS CC page, I didn’t receive the Azamara email. Granted my first cruise with them isn’t until January 2025 but I did just pay in full a few days ago to take advantage of the extra on board credit. Guess I better go check their webpage! 

  5. 12 minutes ago, cwd79 said:

    I stayed in that cabin on the Zaandam and I am the one who took those pictures from our August 2023 cruise. Would not hesitate to stay in that room again. Very spacious.

    Thank you! I've had my eye on it for a few weeks but haven't been able to wrangle all our friends yet into pulling the plug to sail 😄

  6. Well considering I haven’t really ever snorkeled and am pretty lazy in my normal life I better pick going out on the second day! Thanks so much for your input. I will definitely tell her hello!

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  7. On 2/28/2024 at 4:44 PM, TheDarkestBlue said:

    Hi 🙂


    Being that we also had the overnight in Bora Bora, it gave us the opportunity to get back to the ship later than usual on the first day, so we did an afternoon snorkel with H2oBoraBora which was great, highly recommend 




    We went to a large coral garden, then off to find Manta Rays, after we went to a lagoonarium, very beautiful - next, our guide found a group of eagle rays that we swam over, tracking them a bit, so serene and graceful 😊 We had a good time and felt we saw a lot. Unfortunately, the next afternoon was the only rain we had all week and missed the private beach.


    I would add that if you go on any snorkel excursions, you should bring your Paul Gauguin snorkel gear with you, even though the private companies say they can provide equipment, it was much easier to use your own stuff that you've already fitted and is good quality. 

    Thanks for the recommendation! We will be on Bora Bora for two days in January. I have emailed with h2o and need to choose when to set up our snorkel 1/2 day tour with them. I can choose either day, morning or afternoon. What would you recommend? I do want to go out to dinner the first evening off ship but other than that we have no plans. 😁

  8. Just wanted to post an update to our search for a place to stay on Moorea. I found a beautiful guest cottage with its own private pool with a gorgeous view above the Sofitel. We are very excited!


    Last piece of our puzzle is to familiarize ourselves with the ferry schedule and to book a car. Oh, and to wait for January 2025 to roll around! 🤣 


    Thank you all for your input!!

  9. On 1/20/2024 at 2:18 PM, St Pete Cruiser said:

    Perfect answer!  Yes, Zaandam does have the elevators that open facing each other in an alcove like area.  With 12 elevators ( 3 banks, forward, mid ship, and aft), you rarely wait for an elevator unlike on the larger ships.  Our room was 1912, and my only complaint was that it still had the old tub rather than the new shower.  Some rooms on the Zaandam were redone and we were told in 2025 that the remainder will be also.

    Is there a list of cabins that have had the bathrooms already redone? We are looking at a Mexico sailing in March 2025 between Zaandam and Koningsdam and to be honest those peach tiles and old fashion hair dryers in the bathroom just aren’t going it for me.

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  10. We leave on Sunday March 10 for our Holland Nieuw Statendam “Eastern Caribbean”cruise and I’m just curious what day the Orange Party will be on. Is it on one of our two sea days? Is it late enough after dinner to change clothes? Thanks!

  11. Thank you both for responding. I have looked at all three of the "big" resorts. We also enjoy smaller, more intimate spots and I've been looking through airBnB and VRBO. The ones I have liked the best don't have AC and that's a deal breaker for us, especially since we will be traveling in January during the rainy and mosquito season. If you have any smaller resorts/local spots I'd love your input on those choices. Thank you!

  12. Packing question!


    I understand there’s the Orange night so I’ve got myself a bright orange blouse to wear (now if I could only find my white crop pants!) 🤣


    Any other night to pack for something special? Did I read somewhere there is a white night? Or did I get that confused with Azamara whom I know has a white night?

    We have 2 “gala nights” as well. 

    We are heading to the Caribbean. 


  13. We will have 3 nights pre cruise in January 2025 and have decided to stay in Moorea. And now the fun begins!

    Where to stay and in what type of accommodations?


    While I’d love to stay in an OWB the reality is they are just too darn expensive considering we are on a 5 week South Pacific - New Zealand trip including 2 cruises and several nights in various locations. 

    We love boutique hotels, eating, drinking, shopping and meeting the locals. We live on a beach for half the year so while it would be lovely to stay on a beach, a garden view works as well. It’s all about the experience. 

    I don’t want to say I don’t have a budget (of course I’d prefer not to blow it on the OWB) but I’m open to what might be possible. 

    Do we need to rent a car? I’d rather not but if it’s better to have one we can certainly do that. 

    Hit me with your favorite spots and many thanks!

  14. Someone else was booked in March 2025 and their cruise was canceled. They found out it is now going to be on a private charter with another travel company.


    The January, February and part of March Star Breeze cruises either show no cruises or no availability until mid March. My TA will be calling next week to find out whatever they might tell her.


    In the mean time, we are putting our deposit down on PG on Monday!

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