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  1. Sometimes they let you prepay the second BOGO on the first night and then return another night later on during the cruise to use it.
  2. Noticed that the points we received for our cancelled 3/15 cruise were reversed. Could that mean we are closer to getting refunds posted to our CC?
  3. We were going on a 3/15 cruise that Royal cancelled. So far we have received the FCC. Today we received an e-mail from Royal with the amount to be credited to our CC for online purchases. Nothing yet on taxes and port charges. Will see how long it takes to post on the CC.
  4. About $8000 in cancelled cruises after final payment and still waiting for refunds. Have 5 more booked into 2021 with the next final payment due mid June. Really don't want to add more money to the pot so don't know what I will be doing with the future cruises. Cancel and lose deposit (NRD) or transfer to a later date? A couple were purchased on board so $200 deposit.
  5. What I meant was will we be getting the $18 per day paid back from Royal as a refund. Still waiting on internet purchased refunds from a cancelled 3/15 cruise.
  6. Lost one in March and now one in May. Now I am wondering if the $18 per day cost will also be lost. Still waiting for the refund on the 3/15 cancelled cruise purchases.
  7. Already booked the Anthem for 3/14/21 but had to pay the $500 deposit. Will use the FCC and any amount left over for another cruise. We have another one booked that will now be cancelled and plan to take the refund.
  8. Just received the 125% FCC for the cancelled 3/15 Anthem cruise. It was received in two emails, one larger amount sent to me and a smaller amount (60% less) sent to my spouse. Hopefully will be able to combine on a future cruise. No word yet on refunds for internet purchases and taxes and fees.
  9. I was scheduled on the same cruise as you that was canceled by royal. I have not as yet received any FCC for this cruise nor have I received a credit for items purchased precruise on my CC. Hopefully by Monday. The only thing that I received are the C&A points.
  10. I was also scheduled on the 3/15 Anthem cruise. I did not cancel the cruise (they did), and I just looked at my C&A account and +14 points were added. It would be a nice gesture on Royals part, but I hope this isn't a mess up with their computer system. Meaning, you got the points, so you took the cruise, so no FCC for you. Time will tell. Still haven't seen a refund on that $18 a day drink package I purchased online.
  11. Just be sure to purchase the package on the ship in order to get the Diamond + credit.
  12. Just off the Anthem today. I asked the Concierge about this and he told me that beginning Jan. 5th, the Concierge Lounge will only be for pinnacle club members and Grand Suite guests and above only. That's all cruises after that date.
  13. None in Aqua class balconies also. Missed them during our last cruise on the Summit.
  14. Ricardo the suite concierge told me that if not for the diamond + passengers that large lounge would be empty. I guess that is why on the newer builds of this class of ship that area is now cabins.
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