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  1. Yes, Royal was able to correct the glitch and a new invoice was issued with a zero balance.
  2. Was in a grand suite on Anthem three weeks ago. The lounge was pretty dead (week before pinnacles were allowed back in). Suite guests only get free cocktails in the lounge from 5-8 pm with no limits. We made reservations for dinner in Coastal Kitchen before the cruise by e-mailing the Suite Concierge. She sent an e-mail back confirming reservations. Not needed for breakfast and lunch.
  3. Yesterday final payment was due on my June cruise. Correct balance was paid but when the transaction went thru the cruise got repriced when I received the payoff statement. Now it showed that I stilled owed $1,500 more to pay off. Two hour call to TA for Royal to correct glitch. Good thing I looked at the new statement. Except for that one booze package glitch all of the new ones seem to be in Royals favor. How many people are not catching these glitches?
  4. When the balance of my April cruise was paid off both the Nextcruise and a $50 OBC were gone. Which caused one of our unlimited dining packages to be cancelled. Spent 2 hours on the phone with Royal in the Diamond Lounge trying to get it fixed. Had three other cruises using OBC with pre cruise purchases that had problems. Will not use OBC with pre cruise purchases again. Also will ask TA to call Royal when making payments and ensure no OBC was dropped.
  5. I was on the previous cruise. Last Saturday at the Captain's Corner, the captain stated that two people had tested positive for Covid on the ship. One was a passenger and the other was the missing Cruise Director, Joff.
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