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  1. Thanks for the travelogue, *Miss G*! I am loving the photos and descriptions (“House of Negotiable Affection”--snort). My sister and I were on the Koningsdam at the end of July, and had a grand time (and no serious complaints about the food. I guess we lucked out). I don't know if I missed this in your review, but were you able to find anything to enjoy in the Lido Market or Pinnacle Grill? Or did you stick to the main dining room?
  2. Agreed. It was clean and comfortable--not a bad place to stay, but it did seem overpriced. Thank goodness for travel insurance!
  3. The number they use to call out does not allow for contact or messaging (you would think they'd have a method for call back if you're indisposed or in the bathroom). I missed the call the first time, which is why I think I was asked to do the Day 8 test. The second and third calls just asked questions about my current health, location and expected last date of isolation.
  4. So sorry this happened to you 1pinehurst, and to all those in a similar situation. My sister and I experienced this exact same situation right off the Koningsdam a couple of weeks ago. Bus ride from the port to the Sheraton in Richmond, BC (at least you're near the airport and the shuttle runs every half hour when you're ready to leave). We were able to Instacart some groceries (fresh fruit and veggies, yogurt, snacks, etc, along with some disinfectant spray and wipes). We did room service from Harold's a few times to mix things up a bit--nice restaurant (try the Alfredo and the Butter Chicken). The room was well equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, and the balcony helped a lot for getting fresh air and sunshine. The thing that surprised me the most is that the Canadian government has an office of compliance. There are officials who may contact you (mainly by phone, but possibly a visit) to see if you are adhering to the proper protocols for quarantine. The call may show up on your phone as a Toll Free Service Line, or random number from another province. Always answer this call, as they are verifying your location. The government will occasionally choose a random person in quarantine to take a DAY 8 Covid test (which happened to me). Unsure why, but it probably has to do with update or contact tracing. Everyone was kind, empathetic and professional. The government is SERIOUS about Covid-19, and the new variants out there. Sorry for your extended stay, 1pinehurst. I hope your wife has a rapid recovery, and the rest of your quarantine is uneventful.
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