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  1. May I ask, too... We will stay at PP after our next Alaska cruise. I am assuming we get our bags, go through customs, then there must be some way to get to the elevator to take our bags up to the hotel lobby? Is that how it happens, or am I missing something? I'd like to avoid that taxi area, if possible.
  2. That means we have three ports instead of four, and two glacier viewing days/three sea days.
  3. I don't know whether my cruise planner is correct or the main RCCL booking page itinerary. One reflects the addition of GB and elimination of Skagway, the other (planner) reflects original itinerary.
  4. I have a May 29, 2020 northbound Radiance sailing booked and it is still showing Skagway and not Glacier Bay in my cruise planner. Wonder if they are still adjusting schedules or some will not change. On the RC main page (to book a cruise ), it shows GB as replacing Skagway and still includes Hubbard Glacier at the end of the cruise for that sail date. Now there are two sea days/glacier viewing days. The excursions I have booked for Skagway are still in my cruise planner.
  5. Oh my goodness, thank you SO much! I can't wait to read them, and see more of your incredible photos!!!
  6. This trip report and photos are so amazing! I have been spending all my lunch breaks at work reading and re-reading and gazing at the photos. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Will you be posting scans or pictures of the daily cruise compasses ? Thanks again!
  7. I think we are hoping for a 2019 set of southbound Radiance compasses?
  8. Hi! Just got home from work. If you email me at: mdteachergirl39 at gmail dot com, I can send you the links. Cc won’t let me post them here. larra
  9. Toeknee498, are you on the Radiance May 29th sailing from Vancouver? Or Ovation? I booked it again for Juneau for June 2nd, 2020, so you must be on a different ship. I am thinking we may not see as many bears in May, but I just saw a review from someone who did this exact excursion on Ovation of the Seas last week, and he posted bear pictures! I have pictures on my cruise excursions page, but not here on cc.
  10. We did this excursion in August 2017. It was probably the best excursion I've ever done (or maybe tied with Calabaza Sailing in Barbados sea turtle snorkel.. We are doing it again this year in August with 10 family and friends, and I just booked it again for our late May, 2020, Radiance sailing with my daughter. I know we may see fewer bears in late May/1st June than August because the salmon aren't running. But, back to the excursion... we were outfitted with boots at the outfitters office (and had to tell our weight privately). It was a short float plane ride from the airport. We landed in water (shallow) and waded to shore. We walked maybe 1/4 of a mile along a trail after receiving very detailed bear safety instructions, and watched bears catching/eating salmon in a waterfall. We saw several mama bears walk by with cubs right in front of us, and one of the cubs stood up on hind legs to get a better look at us. Probably less than 20 feet away! On the way out, we walked past a mama bear nursing her two cubs. I asked the guide if the bears mind humans out there. He said they tolerate it, because the salmon is more important to consume than worry about humans. They guides are very careful to keep a respectful distance between us and the bears. It was probably the single largest reason I can't wait to go back to Alaska. I know it's pricey, but it's incredible! The planes are part of Ward Aviation in Juneau (look at their website) and the bear part is guided by Bear Creek Outfitters - at least it was last year.
  11. Thank you for all of these links. Did I miss your review? Maybe it's still in progress. I need to go re-read your first Alaska trip report, because it's just THAT fantastic!!! Happy New Year to you both. :)
  12. Hi! I am not a fellow Texas (but I did live just north of San Antonio for three wonderful years!). When you say you booked through AT&T, do you mean the cell phone provider? If yes, I did not realize they had a travel department. I would assume this is if you have a contract with them? Or, is it a different AT&T agency? Thank you so much! We will be there in August, and can't wait.
  13. Vision was supposed to get a refurb recently. Do you know if that happened, or if it may have been pushed back? What specialty restaurants are now onboard, and will try them all? Was Park Cafe removed? And, most of all, have a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful cruise!
  14. Please allow me to piggyback a bit since this thread is about alcohol in Vancouver. Martincath, I know you were such a great help to Anita Latte and I followed that trip report closely. You are a local, and I would like to ask for your help. We will have 24 hours in Vancouver post cruise NEXT August. We will be staying somewhere between the cruise port and the Amtrak Station - to be decided in next few weeks. :) Do you know if I can find Havana Club 7 Rum anywhere in Vancouver? We bought some in Cuba, and gave most away as gifts before we realized how good it was. It is not imported into USA due to embargo restrictions. We will eventually go on another cruise to Cuba, but not until after Alaska. Have you seen it anywhere? I would be happy to take taxi or uber to a shop. Thank you so much for any info you may provide - all of you on this Canada board are amazing. Edited to add. I think I found it! What I needed was the name of BC liquor store. Found some at a shop on Robson that says 1.5km from Canada Place.
  15. Thank you, little britain! I have shared your review with others on my roll call for Radiance August, 2019! Everyone loves it and says thank you!
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