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  1. Thank you to those who replied to my message - it is appreciated. Garry - gazza@hellolad.com
  2. Apologies for posting such an unusual Topic. Over the past few years I have developed a vision problem which makes reading hard work. However if I invert text to white on black (regardless of font size) I am back to 20/20 and life becomes bearable again. However, in saying that, cruising is becoming a problem. Fortunately HAL has an app which enables me to read everything (incl.Menus) on my iPad and Princess also has their app which helps albeit no menu availability. Does their new Medallion have Menu accessibility on them? I have just disembarked from a Cunard cruise and as they do not have an app I had great difficulty reading the Daily Programs and missed out on a lot of things. Is anyone aware of any other Lines that has an app which would help solve my vision problem? With thanks, Garry
  3. Thank you to everyone! Garry - Auckland, NZ
  4. Sorry 'bout another question and as I depart in a couple of days I haven't the time to search the Forum for an answer. For the first time in 50+ years of cruising I was astounded when reading my QE documentation that there is a max. limit of 20 Kg per bag. Do they enforce this? Has anyone been embarrassed by been questioned. I have traveled Cunard a number of times and have never come across this. What's up? Thanks - Garry, NZ
  5. Thank you, everyone, for your helpful replies. Garry - NZ
  6. Does QE have a separate Breakfast Menu like most other lines? Thanks.
  7. As I am the guy who instigated this Thread I would like to thank you all for the most interesting "answers". I will be embarking QE and will head for the Golden Lion which is my favourlite lunch venue. What's the alternative dining like these days? I was never very impresed with it but it was pleasant. Keep those messages coming - Garry, Auckland, New Zealand
  8. As the instigator of this Thread I thank you for all the replies. Garry
  9. That was quick!! Thanks! Garry
  10. Hello form New Zealand. Having cruised with Cunard priviously I should know this but I must be having "a Senior Moment"<g> Is Britannia, on QE, open for lunch when the ship IS IN PORT? Thanks, Garry
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