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  1. I wish you well but NCL has announced that they doubt they can continue. Norwegian Cruise Line warned that its upcoming financial statements will carry a statement detailing "substantial doubt" about its ability to continue as a "going concern" in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, another sign of how the crisis is affecting the cruise industry." They were in dire straights before all this, bled by hedge fund that ran them. This is just a convenient excuse.
  2. No one should really consider an OBC perk when buying this or any stock. I would look at the stocks financials, a perk like this is inconsequential. A great marketing strategy for CCL both for their stock and bookings. There is no significance to share value. Since CCL is so leveraged I would doubt that this perk will be continued. They have already suspended their dividend and stock re-purchase program. They have said they have increased liquidity, that is like the phrase I mis-spoke from a politician caught in a lie. What they increased was their credit lines sold 4 billion junk bonds at 11.5 % to keep, pardon the pun, afloat! All these ships operating expenses remain with virtually no cash flow. A ship must be manned and maintained. Minimum crews must be paid, fed, etc. Fuel must be purchased and burned even at anchor or trolling. Now the investor lawsuits have commenced. Will Carnival survive, I believe so but as a much different company and after some sort of bankruptcy reorganization leaving stock holders holding the bag. CCL looks like a cheap stock right now that's because it is. Another line is worse, you have to understand the history of that line, once family owned driven to bankruptcy by a son without a clue. Refinanced by Chinese and Apollo hedge fund operated I believe. If I was going to buy a cruise stock, and I am not, RCL would be best gamble. Simply because they maintained best margins in pricing for many years. Still their debt level must be looked at closely too. Cash flow is key in cruise industry. They don't buy these huge ships they build using loans. Cash stops, loan payments do not. All just a personal opinion, I only trade my own personal portfolio and have certainly been wrong many times. I will however say again, an OBC would never be anything to consider buying a stock. For what it is worth. George in NY
  3. First I agree totally, I am old enough to remember when being at United States Citizen meant something!!!! I do recognize that much like being in a foreign embassy, on a ship attached to United States you are still technically in a foreign country. The Captain of the Ship is the legal entity on that ship. That said the Captain was basically caught between his company corporate entity and the US government. Readaing the article and acting on the presumption that it is basically accurate this all boiled down to $$$. "Reed noted, "In the last two weeks, other cruise lines have provided signed attestations to disembark crew members. And CDC has approved those disembarkations. Neither Holland America nor Carnival provided the attestation despite requests from CDC." Holland America and Carnival told the agency that arranging travel for its crew without using commercial aircraft was proving too expensive, she added." See, bottom line under no sail line must provide certain guarantees. Those cost money, corporation says costs too much. Thus a citizen of the United States of America was left to go to back to sea under the authority of a foreign entity. Funny Carnival had no problem collecting sales dock for drinks at while at dock. No problem reporting gambling winning to US while at sea. But they couldn't comply with these rules? Shame on HA, Carnival Corporation, and the United States Government. This is why so many served, went to Europe, Korea, Nam, fight in Afghanistan, Iraq? To have some foreign Corporation refuse to comply with requirements to do right by their staff and have the United States Government stand at dock scratching their b--ls? There are over 40 United States Citizens on board ships, don't know how many want to come home to us but those that do should have been confident that their government would have made that possible. George in NY
  4. Cruising was already heading to the former class system of transatlantic sailing. The Suite Only areas, extra pay restaurants and deck areas etc. One of the problems I have with where cruise's had gone in recent years. If traveling with friends of various financial resources you were becoming more and more isolated by areas defined by ability to pay. George in NY
  5. We have 10 day NY to FLL reposition of the Sky Princess deposited pre-covid. We will have to make our decision, IF still scheduled, on August final pay date. Trying to play it by ear but honestly will most likely cancel then. This was a great deal, really great, so hate to see it not be used. But really not likely all will be good by August. Think we are fooling ourselves that all will be well and we will be sailing in November. Too many variables for us. Too many can go wrong's for us. In general before we start cruising again, and we are cruiseaholics, about 100 of them since 1984, we will first want to see if our state, NY, has even come back to normal. If US is not on normal operation we are certainly not getting on a ship and hoping to be allowed to disembark. If country isn't normal why would I get on a ship with limited medical and only travel insurance coverage. Medicare and most medical plans never covered you while on a ship, considered a foreign country. Who knows what happens to the travel insurance industry as well. No we won't be booking and not going to buy stock in cruise corporations either. They are assuming a lot of debt on top of a lot of debt while only paying out money. I have seen ships " arrested " that's what they call it when bankruptcy hits and ship is grabbed at a port. Have concerns there as well. George in NY
  6. Common practice is sharing performers between ships. Comedian/band whatever boards Miami plays there scheduled show before arriving at a port. Leaves that ship boards another sailing leg back to Miami of the same company plays again on that ship. This way hire one comedian of specific group and provide entertainment on multiple ships. The house band, piano bar guy etc, would stay aboard one ship. George in NY
  7. I doubt they would do it but a nice gesture would be to run shuttles into City for those that would like to spend day there. Maybe even if a low cost excursion pricing? For out of towners might prove to be a good deal. George in NY
  8. NCL ESCAPE is just arriving at Kings Wharf Bermuda now 6:21 am EST 7:21 AM Bermuda time. Grandeur still reports as anchored in Bay. Carnival Pride has no updated position reported. Last position 7 hours ago off Charleston. George in NY
  9. We're they allowed to open the Casino? Are they still adding NY sales tax to the drinks? My wife could live with the sailing delay if the casinos were allowed to open :) I was surprised to read in another topic that CocoCay can still be missed due to seas on normal itinerary even with the pier they built. Figured that is why they built the pier, because rough seas caused so many itinerary changes. Apparently if seas still rough ship can't be docked. I guess ship would bang against dock since pier not protected. Also noted seas wash over pier if bad enough. Having sailed through a couple storms through the years I would honestly always prefer to stay in port and miss all the rocking and rolling. Plenty of food and drink and closed off from cold places on the Anthem. I know it doesn't make up for a cruise to warm Bahamas but better than laying around home for most part. Especially true if youget a nice compensation package from the line. Good luck to all. George in NY Anthem 12/20/2019
  10. Never fun to change from a warm to cooler/cold itinerary. The hazard of sailing from East Coast Fall/Winter. We sail Dec20th fingers crossed. Last year was fine a previous year we stayed docked until late than ran south. Wish you all good luck and a great cruise no matter what. George in NY
  11. This should really be discussed in a posting dedicated to it. The economy of size, upcoming note debt, is highly involved. I agree that cruise pricing is eroding if that is your point necessitating increases to onboard revenue. Reduction of staff, maintenance, and replacement costs. NCL is run by what is basically a hedge fund, the rest by corporate entity, both require investor profit. Investor profit doesn't necessarily require happiness or safety for the end user. As very well demonstrated by airline industry. George in NY
  12. I don't know if I would say declined. I would say has changed as has society itself. Maybe because I'm older but take memorial services for the departed. In previous decades you would never go to a wake or funeral in anything less than a shirt and tie, often a suit. Not unusual now to see people dressed in any fashion. Is it right or wrong, eye of beholder. To me and much of my generation dressing properly was a sign of respect. For later generations they do not understand that linkage. Again who is right and who is wrong, not for me to judge. BUT if I offer my opinion here that proper dress should be observed in a seated public dining area, or that some service has declined, it is not my judgement, it is my observation and opinion. Does that make me a complainer, whiner, as some would say on boards. I do not believe so. Now we all could just say cruises and Princess are wonderful, perfect! Why then have discussion boards? George in NY
  13. Believe me hard to understand many of these tech changes now a days. You can blame marketing for that. Take the Medallion thing. For June cruise on Caribbean Princess we were advised that was a Medallion cruise. We read everything and still were confused as were friends cruising with us. Both couples have cruised in access of 75 cruises each, many on Princess ships, yet I could get the concept of the medallion. Having sailed the RCL Quantum class with their alternative wrist bands I both couple were not happy about medallions. We literally made asses out of ourselves demanding cruise cards versus medallions at check in. Were told could get a cruise card instead at the guest services once onboard. Don't bother, can't! One thing I do know, land cruise offices, check in at ports, and staff at sea, none have the same answer about almost anything. Anyway LOVED the medallions once we had them. Medallion class is nothing more than replacing standard cruise cards with a medallion. The medallion contains a rfd chip. This allows ship to know where you are at any moment. You will see rfd readers everywhere ( look like mini smoke alarms ) including your room. When you approach a bar your picture and name will pop up on a screen allowing the bartender to greet you by name and even know what you have been drinking. Hi George, double Dewars/rocks 🙂 for you today. I am sure Princess compiles nice stats about us, how much we spend, how much time we spend at pool versus lounge etc etc. But same thing done on your cell phones on land. Yes if have bluetooth enabled on your phone with a Bed Bath Beyond app BB knows you have entered a store etc, like Kohl's, or Home Depot. Same thing only bluetooth for them an RFD chip for cruiseline. Plus lucky us Medallion comes in neck holder but you can BUY all kinds of wrist bands and necklaces to wear in with. Some major jewelry purchase. Again that said, we found it very convenient because it actually worked unlike the ones we had on RCL. Also no receipts or price just goes on account when you buy a drink etc ust flashing medallion. Have to look on app or TV to see charges. Promotes people buying more since less aware what you are paying. A plus, plus, plus for line but of course they do this for YOUR convenience. LOL George in NY
  14. Short answer no! Might get a small vase like thing of nuts if in a lounge and you use same server but unusual now. Like so many things GONE, that was the old days. George in NY
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