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  1. SMA9497

    Any idea as to how many kids on Solstice?

    The January 2nd sailing of Solstice had quite a number of kids- not sure how many but there were a good many. I would have thought they would had to be back at school during that week but since I don't have kids I'm not sure of the schedule.
  2. My DH has a Carnival sleeveless shirt he wears with his swimsuit to the pool and wore it this week on Solstice- We both kind of thought maybe not before he did it but no one even noticed or gave him a second glance...don't worry about it. You will see all kinds of outfits during the day on the ship that I doubt anyone will even notice!
  3. SMA9497

    Atm machines yes or no

    Was on Solstice last week- service charge was $6.00 for the ATM in the casino.
  4. SMA9497

    Bistro on Five -A must!

    We ate at Bistro on 5 once during our Solstice cruise in early January- it was great! I kept wanting to get there but all the other food was so good I had a hard time- I made my DH get up and go with me the next to last sea day. We had Cream of Celery soup- which was great and I hate celery! I had the Mediterranean crepe and it was fabulous. DH had the Nutella one- it was ok but neither of us just loved it- we don't like really really rich food that much and it was just a little much for us. I wish we had went earlier b/c I would have loved to have gone here a couple of times to try more items. After the soup and our one crepe each we were too full to try anything else.
  5. SMA9497

    Ft Lauderdale Disembarkation question

    I'm just off Solstice this past Sunday and we did the Express (walk-off) disembarkation. We had three rolling bags, 2 small backpacks and a small canvas bag with straps. My DH pulled 2 of the bags and I pulled the 3rd. The only stairs we encountered were going from the Dining room down to the gangway and they had you hand off your bags to staff and they passed them down the one flight of stairs and we took the elevators. I'm not positive on this but someone said they did it this way this time because they had more people than usual sign up for express. I will tell you that it is a long walk to get to the customs building. Only you know your physical ability and can judge if it will be a problem. I made it but I was tired afterwards but then we also had to walk to the parking garage. My DH is in the Army so his physical fitness is better than my own. We always do self disembark so we expect it to be a little of a pain but this was the longest walk I have had to do but knowing that I still wouldn't hesitate to do it again- just mentally prepare yourself for it. We were pulling out of the parking garage at 8:25 and that included us stopping on the wrong floor to get our car!
  6. SMA9497

    Solstice Review 1/2 - 1/9

    Andrea- If it was the older gentleman at the pool bar- I think he was just grumpy. He was that way with us as well- although we also had the drink package but he was that way the very first time we went there before he even knew we had the package. There was also another younger guy at the pool bar that was a little grumpy but the other younger guy, Sheldon, was great. Those gentleman and the older bartender at the Passport bar on deck 3 were the only problems I really noted with the service! Great review and it was nice meeting you!
  7. SMA9497

    Solstice Slot Machines

    The slots seemed really tight to me this cruise- I only had 2 good spins and they weren't that great - one from a penny and one from a 2 cent machine. One person from our cruise critic group did well on the slots though...but was not good at all for me!
  8. SMA9497

    Solstice 1/2 - 1/9 Review

    We are just off this cruise as well and must have been very close to you as Johnny was our Room steward also. I told DH the same thing about the trash cans. I felt bad leaving paper cups or anything just lying around. Once I had an ice cream from the buffet in a cone and didn't especially care for it but since I had left the buffet there was no where for me to throw it away! I just kept eating it until I got to my room and could throw it away- just really awkward. The only place I saw recycling cans were around the outside pool!
  9. SMA9497

    Celebrity vs Carnival

    Chris- We just returned from our first Celebrity cruise after 2 on Carnival. I can tell you we were never bored nor did we feel like the youngest in the group. DH and I are in our early 30s. I even commented to DH about how there were so many more people in our age bracket than I expected- this was a 7 day Caribbean on Solstice- so I'm sure the itinerary and class ship contributed to that. We had a wonderful time and I would definitely give Celebrity the lead on food somewhat and a little on service. They just have a few little "extras" that they do that they don't on Carnival. However- I have always had excellent service on Carnival and the food has been decent as well. I would not hesitate to book either line again but if everything were even as far as price and itinerary, I would choose Celebrity. I think you guys will have a great cruise if you choose Celebrity!
  10. We did self-disembark today as well and things went relatively smoothly considering the large numbers. We were told to be there at 7:35- got there a little bit early but the line started moving at 7:42. We were out of the building, through customs and walked to the parking garage leaving it at 8:25. Not too bad. Another person had posted about it being quite a long walk with your luggage for self-disembark and I have to agree. If you think you will struggle with your luggage or the walk, I wouldn't do it.
  11. I've been on 2 Carnival cruises but am leaving Sunday on my first Celebrity cruise on the Solstice. For me, it was actually a price issue- guess I caught a great sale because I was able to book their Aqua Class cabin (Spa class) for less than it was going to cost me to book a spa class on Dream plus an OBC. We have loved our Carnival cruises but this for me was a winner. I've heard great things about Celebrity and considering the great rate thought we should go ahead and venture out. Even if we absolutely love it, I imagine we will sail Carnival again. They have more cruises leaving from ports that are convenient for us and usually you can't beat the pricing! It will just open up more options for us! Oh and I might add- I really really like the drink package option! Even if we don't "break even" I like that fact that our bar tab has been paid before the cruise even begins and I don't have to worry about it!
  12. ElizaB- If you are on the Jan 2nd sailing come over and join our roll call- we have quite the large and fun group!! You can look under Member Roll Calls- Celebrity- then Jan. 2. I wasn't sure if you were on that sailing or the 9th- either way I know the 9th has one going too. We have lots of fun stuff planned! Have a great time!!
  13. You will be fine in what you are wearing Both times in Cozumel I wore a swimsuit, once with dress cover-up other with shorts and a tank top, Hubby wore swimsuit and sleeveless shirt both times. Roatan once and did the same thing. We shopped and went into restaurants in Cozumel and didn't get any odd looks.
  14. SMA9497

    Help with Dress

    You could definitely have chiffon sleeves added. I had that done on a bridesmaid dress once- looked very nice!
  15. SMA9497

    celebritycruises.com with a new look

    Just took a quick glance and it looks nice...now let's hope they did some work on the back-end of things so things will work correctly in booking and in My Celebrity!