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  1. DH offered him some while walking around San Juan. That's when he mentioned the SPF thing. He didn't put any on and he waited until passing a CVS to buy some.
  2. It's popular in New England on New Year's Eve. Don't really know why, but Chinese restaurants are always packed and getting take-out can take hours.
  3. Thank you for the advice. After some other concerning incidents during the trip, I did actually mention to DH that I was getting worried about FIL.☹
  4. It's definitely because of the hand sanitizer.
  5. I've read the same thing. I am very pale skinned, like glow in the dark white. While the 50 doesn't provide that much more protection, I've discovered when I'm closer the to the equator, I burn more easily with 30 than 50. I need that extra 1% so I don't immediately go up I flames!
  6. Not trying to be a martyr, just needed to vent here to keep the peace. I'm having a great time. They used to be very courteous, thoughtful people who were very much rules followers. They have done a complete 180 over the years and it makes my and DH heads spin!
  7. He didn't pressure me at all. I let him make the decision. We don't get to spend a lot of time with his parents. He's an only child and we only vacation with them every few years. We rent a beach house for a week every year with my family and DH and I always look forward to it and have a blast. So I leave it up to him to decide how often we vacation with his folks. My family is just way cooler. 😉
  8. We've been married 17 years, together for 21. They have morphed into "Those People" over time. Even my DH is completely baffled by their behavior. He keeps saying that his parents never would have let him get away with the stuff they are trying.
  9. We aren't frequent cruisers and had no immediate intentions of taking a cruise ourselves, so a FCC would have been pretty useless for us. Plus, drama.
  10. That's a good question and another good story... MIL got the comped cruise in a JS offer last December while DH and I were vacationing in Disney. She texted DH (sorry, emailed) and asked if we wanted to go, too, and they could book us with a Casino discount. We would do the trip in lieu of Christmas gifts. She had to have an answer within the week. We weren't even sure of the details, only the total cost, which we could swing. I told DH I was fine with whatever he wanted to do. So he told her we would probably go, but he needed to check to make sure he could get the time off from work first. She went ahead and booked it and told us we could reimburse her the $500 deposit when we got home. All our previous RCCL cruises that we booked ourselves were refundable deposits. Since we hadn't even been looking at cruises and the only info we had on the cruise was from her short emails, we thought we were also getting booked into a JS. We found out after that our room was a balcony and that the $500 was a NRD. To add salt to the wound, I could have booked it with an online TA and would have received the same percentage discount as her "great Casino discount", plus they would have given us OBC.
  11. If we couldn't laugh, we'd all gone insane...
  12. Totally understand. I lost both my parents in the last 2 years. DH and I are trying our best to laugh off their shenanigans!
  13. Believe me, I wish I could! (Medication issues). I'm drinking Virgin Mojitos and pretending they have booze. Got "ice cream wasted" last night.
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