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  1. It cost 22 for 2ppl. Free guy and Reminiscence
  2. Not sure. I do know the main IMAX was. We watched a movie there.
  3. Yes, it shows you the things you highlight the next day
  4. Shows we a bit crowded due to the heat but the pools were extremely crowded. I didnt see many chair hogs.
  5. Embarkation and debarkation we both very easy. Each took about 20 mins. We arrived at 11:30 and basically moved right through.
  6. We just returned Saturday from Horizon and had a great time. It was just my husband and me. We flew to MIA and stayed the night before at Embassy Suites at the airport. It was very nice, but very busy. I won't go into too much detail since we didn't do much of the shows or activities and we didn't get off the ship. I thought I would just give an opinion of the ship and maybe a few pointers for those who are interested. I know most of you won't agree, so please be kind. It is just my opinion 😊 Staff: Horizon is beautiful and the staff is extremely kind and helpful. They go out of their way to make sure you are having a great vacation and if you need something they will do whatever they can to get it for you. I went to get coffee and there was no cream. Just then three "white shirts" as my husband calls them walked up and saw me walk away with two cups in hand without filling. Let me say you could see the smoke coming out of their ears because I was walking to another station! I didn't think it was a big deal, but they sure did! Elevators: The new elevators make getting around so much easier. Select your deck and it will light up to tell you which one is yours. I figured out on the 4th day that there are little ⬆️➡️ next to the A, B, C, D to let you know if your elevator is behind you or beside you. This keeps you from spinning around with your head in the air looking for the letter to your elevator. I am sure it has been mentioned here before, I just never read it. Also, the new technology kept the number of people on in the elevator down to a minimum. Most of the time it was just us except during dinner time. Restrooms: They are VERY hard to find. Make sure you scope them out before you have one too many drinks because then it is too late. I think who ever designed this ship had a thing against urinating in public. Masks: People did wear them about 99.5% of the time on the elevators, and about 97% of the time otherwise. The only time they didn't was when they were outside or eating. Ports: We didn't go into any of the ports... sorry I can't give any info on those. I can say that Amber Cover was beautiful from the ship. Food: The food was average. We have been on many ships and have had much better food on some of the smaller, older ships. The food in the MDR was comparable to hospital cafeteria food (this is my opinion.. I know most won't agree). We ate there only once because service took over 1 1/2 hours and there was only about 20% of the dining room filled. The Pig and Anchor was excellent! Steakhouse was ok. The food on the Lido buffet was average. They didn't have much of a selection. It may be due to cutbacks, or maybe because I think they said we only had around 2,400 - 2,500 people on the ship. Casino: The slots are very, very, very tight. Don't expect to win. I play a lot and this casino had the tightest slots I think of all the ships I have been on. Usually I can go play a little at lunch time then walk out up a little and take that to play after dinner, but not this trip. They took out the bar so there are only slots and tables. It makes it feel strange. It's like they don't want you to socialize only give them money. Carnival app: You can highlight activities in the app two or three days in advance to help schedule your days out. The cruise director is not very good at "directing" the cruise with announcements throughout the day. Suite: The room itself was very nice, but the air in the room and on the ship overall was very bad. It seemed as if they had turned it down a few degrees everywhere. I realize it is hot out, but we were sweating in the shops, restaurants, and even in our own room. I had to keep the door shut and curtains closed just so the sun couldn't show through and make it any hotter. There were a few times when it was a little cooler, but mostly it was "sticky". Overall: The Horizon is a great ship, has a wonderful staff, and fun atmosphere. For us though, we will probably stick with other ships except our next trips are Mardi Gras 2x. I am hoping it is better! I hope this helps! Christina
  7. We have to wear a mask at work (in some situations), so i am used to it. I would rather get out there and enjoy life while i can than wait for the perfect situation. A little inconvenience won't damper my vacation.
  8. Thank you for this msg. We are leaving in a few hours and though there have been some more hoops to jump through we are looking forward to a fun time on Horizon. Glad you had a good cruise experience!
  9. I am sure they give it to me because they know i don't drink much at all. Maybe i should turn it up on them 😁
  10. We just had the test and got results in 45 mins thru CVS. Insurance submitted online when we registered. I already printed the results. It was really easy. We leave Sat.
  11. I believe this offer applies to the first 2 guests only. I dont think you have to use it in the casino. I am pretty sure it is ship wide.
  12. I never add the guests until very close to the date. You never know if you need to change names. It just makes it easier to add them later if something happens.I book under me and TBD the rest, even my husband.
  13. It depends on the offer. This time we have rate code O4M. I don't drink most of the time, but will have a White Russian while playing slots. Here is a snap of the current offer for this cruise. I do however drink a lot of soda. I gamble a LOT. My husband doesn't so he doesnt get offers. I take a set amount and when it is gone it's gone. But I get offers at Casinos all over the place.
  14. They give this to me each cruise. I usually just walk up to any bar and show my card and tip $1 then sign for it. You are not required to tip, but it is a nice gesture and usually gets you great service throughout the cruise. I even tip for sodas.
  15. We are on the same cruise. I have not even watched the weather until your post. I think we will stick with our Saturday arrival and see what happens.
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