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  1. Fridays must be the day of refunds from Royal. We also got our refundable $900 deposit back for a September cruise I cancelled about a month ago. I called earlier in the week and was told the refund was initiated on 4/19 and it showed up pending my credit card on 4/24. So relieved!
  2. Congratulations! Do you recall what date you cancelled? Did you book directly with Royal or through a TA?
  3. Did you book through a TA or directly with Royal? I have a full refundable deposit owing. I cancelled on March 23rd, I called this morning and she said the refund was refunded to my credit card yesterday, which was Sunday?? I guess we will see in a few days. I am not holding my breath.
  4. Yes, I cancelled mid March and like everyone else, waiting on the refund.
  5. Wait, is there a time limit that a charge can be disputed? I have on refundable deposit for a September cruise that I made over a year ago that I want back.
  6. I booked a cruise with a fully refundable deposit through a big box store travel agency. On their website, they offered a "complete this form to cancel your cruise", so I submitted that form instead of calling and being on hold for hours. A few days later, I received an email from them indicating my reservation is now cancelled. Does this indicate I will be receiving my $900 deposit refund? I assume I am good, just wanted to double check. Payment Details Vacation Package $0.00 Taxes and Fees $0.00 Total Pac
  7. Yes, this is the sailing! Need to work it out ourselves or move to Oct 24.
  8. Looks like my husband has to work on the day we are suppose to board the Anthem of the Seas in October. Can he board 2 days later in Boston? If so, does Royal need to know this beforehand or can I just show up at the port on tell them he couldn't make it and will board in Boston. I am more comfortable with the latter just in case he can make it on the normal embarkation day at Cape Liberty.
  9. This is what I am seeing for northbound Radiance in August 7, 2020. Hubbard Glacier is not Glacier Bay, correct? CRUISE ITINERARY There are a few changes to this sail date's itinerary. We hope you're as excited as we are about this in your updated vacation plan. Day 1 (Departure) Vancouver, British Columbia (Set Sail) Day 2 Inside Passage (Cruising), Canada Day 3 Ketchikan, Alaska Day 4 Icy Strait Point, Alaska Day 5 Juneau, Alaska Day 6 Skagway, Alaska Day 7 Hubbard Glacier (Cruising), Alaska Return Seward, Alask
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