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  1. I am an Elite status with Princess and one of the perks I-get is complimentary snacks on formal night. No I have read that if you order these snacks over your stateroom telephone you will charged the $5.00. So my question is how do I get my complimentary snacks without the charge.
  2. Can anyone help me for a suggestion for Insurance Company to insure wife and I for a 12 day cruise around Southern Australia. Some pre-existing conditions apply. Cruise is booked and have got a great cabin but now no Insurance and some of the Insurance Companies charge more than half the cruise cost. Thank you
  3. Anyone coming on the 10th December cruise to Southern Australia, 2023 on the Majestic Princess? so far cannot see anybody, I will be lonely on that nicr big ship.
  4. and it is these people who will not wear a mask that causes all the problems. WEAR A MASK.
  5. Just a thought about how Covid might start, especially when people do not care about other passengers and do not wash their hands before using utensils of any kind.
  6. Being a long time supporter of Princess cruises and having done many cruises over the years throughTravel Agents, this upcoming cruise on the Majestic I will be doing through Princess direct. What I would like to know is what should I expect to be sent to me prior to embarkation,having already downloaded my luggage tags and printed off my cruise contract. When using a travel agent I was sent a nice travel wallet with all the paper work done, a lanyard, and sometimes some complimentary items in the form of vouchers to use on board. Does anything like this happens with Princess?
  7. Travelling on Majestic in October to NZ return and was wondering if there is still the Happy Hour for Platinum and Elite on board. Also is there still a one time liquor set up for Elite Passengers in their cabin, etc. it’s been 3 years since my last cruise and that was on the Majestic and these things were available . . . I will miss them if not.
  8. On both our profiles the photo of my wife appears with my profile info and my photo with the wife’s profile. How do I change these over to be correct.
  9. Can you book transfers from airport to ship and return via your personalizer? Everything else is OK to go. Cannot connect to Princess via phone unless you wait for an hour, so I thought there might be a way through on line.
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