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  1. Well we are thinking of late October 2021 - 30th October - to NZ on Emerald princess. Is that the ship you were thinking of?
  2. Hi Blackduck, how are you. Suggestion for a beer . . . XXXX (4 X), a beer from the Queensland area or the good old fashion that I not mind in the Tooheys New, or of course the Mexican Corona with lemon or lime. There are also a lot of boutique beers on the market which you will see when you get here.
  3. Very obliged if there is anybody out there that knows about or has had a wedding on a cruise ship, especially the Royal Princess or similar. What the cost might be like and what is included. Looking to have one for one of our sons at in December 2021. For instance, flowers, drinks, refreshments, etc. Thank you
  4. Those masks look like British Airways style. Qantas had a different style. But both could come in handy.
  5. I hope you are right. Would like to try them and compare Princess. Although I have Elite status with Princess and am quite loyal to them.
  6. If you come . Welcome to Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand is a very nice place to visit. Have been there a number of times. But you will need a lot of time to truly do a good visit.
  7. No Vax . . . No Cruise. we do not want the non-vaxers with us on a cruise.
  8. I am interested to know what ships will be cruising around the Australian waters. Say to pacific Islands, NZ and around Australia, etc in 2021. Have been booked on 2 cruisese for this year 2020 but due to the Chinese Virus have had them both cancelled and want to get on a ship ASAP in 2021. Any advice or help.
  9. I saw the Four Corners show on the Ruby Princess and Diamond Princess last night, Monday 25th May. All I can say that it was one sided with all the main storey about a woman who firstly developed flu-like systems, refused yo go to the doctors because she said "they charge like wounded bulls" and then went on to say everything else about her cruise was bad. I could think really that that woman because she did not go to the doctors on the ship and was later found to have the virus but eventually got over it, could have caused the other people on the ship to be infected. She even hoped that they would take the Ruby Princess out into the ocean and sink it. I would really like to know how many cruises she has taken to be an expert on these matters. She said she would never cruise again . . . good riddance, we do not want her in our cruising family.
  10. Staying at home and doing the right thing. Have received Easter Bunny Chocolates from the Family, so with some red wine and choccies and church will hope that our cruise in October will still be on schedule. Sapphire Princess, 6th October 2020.
  11. For the info of all those that are wondering about Kangaroo Island and if it would be open to cruise ship after their recent fires . . . . the answer is YES. Her is an article that I copied from Facebook today, Sunday 19th January, 2020. Weeks after bushfires tore through most of Kangaroo Island a cruise ship has arrived with thousands of tourists keen to support the local community. Guests came ashore and took part in tours by local operators while others visited market stalls established by locals. Many made donations to bushfire appeal efforts. The SA Premier, Steven Marshall said “It is our hope that this visit by Sun Princess and her guests will serve to boost morale and send a message to the community that their lives are getting back to normal.”
  12. I am sorry to everyone, but the lack of responses to having a Meet & Greet on board this cruise is very disheartening. I have had around 15 "possibles" but only 1 confirmed with the info that I required . . . so accordingly I will not be organising a Meet & Greet on the Sun Princess, 10th Mach 2020 Southern Australia Explorer. Please enjoy your cruise Sailaway John John Swinsburg
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