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  1. I have mentioned getting a Meet & Greet Meeting together on this cruise . . . 10th March 2020 Sun Princess. I have had a few replies and they are the following, listed by CC names. I would be grateful if you would also resend any information re the Meet & Greet as I have had some serious problems with my internet provider in the past and I think that some info has not come through. Also more info is needed so that a proper list can be made up. The names I currently have are: ITISRYR RINGER 0815 HIPPO.HELLO HIPPO.HELLO LUKE 0902 CCCRUISES IYCHFEET 7KAMPONGBOYS I also have an email address only for ANDERLIN@BELLSOUTH.NET Can you all please send me your CC NAME . . . Your real names . . . Email addresses . . . What Country you are from and what State. For example: My particulars are: Sailaway John . . . John Swinsburg . . . john.swinsburg@gmail.com . . .Australia, Port Macquarie NSW Thanks for your help. John Swinsburg
  2. Has anyone done the cruise from Fremantle to Sydney or reverse and visited the town of Hahndorf on an excursion? The reason for asking is that both wife and I will be doing this cruise come March next year and was wondering on the ship tour how long do they give you to explore Hahndorf? The rest of the tour sounds OK but time in Hahndorf is important to us . . . The tour name is "Hanhdorf with Scenic Views". Thanks for any info and/or help.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. I might have to do the lot.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. I have decided to take Michael's Chauffeur Service. Reasonable price and half what the T/A was going to bill me.
  5. Is the Chef's Table available on the Sun Princess? Also is the Balcony Breakfast or the Ultimate Balcony Dinner available on the Sun Princess? Both wife and I will be celebrating our Wedding Anniversary and I would like to do either one or all of these. I know there are extra charges applicable but what the heck . . . let's do it.
  6. Will be needing to transfer from Perth Airport to Fremantle to get onto the Sun Princess for our cruise around Southern Australia. Any suggestions of who to use. T/A suggested getting a private car at a cost of $160. Thought that a bit steep.
  7. Would like to now how Princess Cruises arranges EZAir. Do they arrange the whole airfare and ticket you or do they just give you a credit against the cost of the air ticket or as an OBC.?
  8. Just would like to know if there is an Elite and Platinum area that you can go to each afternoon for pre-dinner drinks and snacks as they have on the Diamond, Ruby, Majestic ships. Had a great time in these areas and met some wonderful people. Thanks
  9. I have seen on Princess Web Page that the only specialty restaurant on Sun Princess is Share. Is that correct. No Japanese, No French, No Steakhouse!!!!
  10. Yes both wife and I have and we were not asked about Travel Insurance or validity of Passport. I have understood that your Passport has to be at least 6 month life on it AFTER you return . . . not whilst you are away. Also anyone travelling anywhere without valid Travel Insurance these days needs their head read. But to answer your questions . . . never questioned at all by anyone.
  11. You usually get a letter or email to tell you when to be at the wharf and at what time for your deck loading. If you arrive early then you have to wait as your room may not be quite ready, and you want your room nice and clean, don't you?
  12. Have heard a lot of unfavourable comments about the Sun Princess lately from this forum and other forums and I would like some genuine comments as to what the ship is really like today. The reason is I have booked to cruise on her in March of next year and it is cruising to a area that is very popular and it is one cruise that I never been on before, although I have cruised many times with Princess. I have heard that she is a rust bucket and that the ship has toilet problems overflowing and continuous smells (sewerage) throughout the ship. I have also heard great reports about the ship, the staff and the food. I hope that the bad reports are just whinging people who did not get what seat they wanted in the Theatre or had to line up to get into a restaurant or could not get a lounge chair on deck when they wanted them. You have these whingers on every cruise no matter what ship or cruise you go on. I wish they would stay away from cruising altogether. Sailaway John
  13. No they are a different type of cruise card now and I do not think you would want to punch them. May damage the code. They are just a tap and enter card.
  14. Having recently been on the Majestic, we had no theme nights that I can remember and we were looking out for them. Some special nights on top deck but actually there style.
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