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  1. I was also offered a choice by Ponant for my Aug 5 Iceland trip: 1) switch to a different Iceland cruise leaving the same day (which involves a flight from Paris-Reykjavík- how are we going to manage that from NY?) or 2) take a credit good for 24 months. I asked my TA to please work on our behalf to push for a refund. I already have two future trips planned through this agency; hoping she has some clout. Ponant's behavior is very disappointing. I have a pretty full schedule for the next two years, including professional travel plans. I don't want a credit. I want a refund. Feeling very discouraged!
  2. I love your last paragraph! Frankly, people seem to complain at every level, be it economy or luxury. I am an optician employed in a small, private practice. People are constantly asking me, "when did glasses get so expensive?" My response... "when did glasses get so CHEAP?" Our prices haven't gone up in ten years. They buy garbage on line and expect me to fix and adjust them. And to pay nothing for services rendered by professionals. People expect so much for so little. When I was hungry and broke, I learned how to cook. We all deserve better than fast food. Now I choose my cruise lines carefully, and I travel when it's in the budget. Small ships, luxury lines, great itineraries. Perhaps fewer trips than I'd like, but better quality!
  3. ex-hippie


    I am pretty sure that U.S. residents will be blocked from travel to Iceland in the coming weeks, since the EU has forbid us to enter. Even though people (Europeans, others?) may be able to enter Iceland following a negative Covid test, what would happen if we were infected but asymptomatic? No doubt we would not be allowed to board (rightly so). We could lose ALL of our money and have no recourse. Then we'd have to figure out how to get home, etc. I really want to travel this summer. But it's unlikely that we'll be going anywhere. Except in my dreams!
  4. ex-hippie


    We are currently booked on an Iceland cruise with Ponant for early August; unlikely that will occur. Despite traveling with Tauck on a land tour to Scotland last year, we opted to go directly through Ponant rather than Tauck. We really like Tauck - it's just that the price difference was huge. Granted, it covered tours, guides, etc. But I just couldn't justify the cost. They offer a very high level of personal service. Which I didn't feel we needed for a cruise. Now I see that Tauck has cancelled all travel through 2020; I'm still waiting for my TA to get back to me regarding my deposit from Ponant for my trip. The same Tauck cruise was a week earlier. I bet if I booked this trip through Tauck, there would be no discussion. Live and learn!
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