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    take care of my husband, want to see the world, meet people, love to snorkel, I adore nature.
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  1. according our TA the majesty out of NO on October 23 2021 will be replaced by another ship she did not have any details yet ( this was the sailing with Key West and CocoCay and Grand Bahama ) will it be replaced or will they just give us another ship and itinerary ?
  2. We were on that cruise to and received a cancellation yesterday from our TA.no note why. It was a part of a btb cruise didnot hear anything yet from the other cruise loved these both iteneraries. Such a pity
  3. good day to you all I have received today 2 FCC for 2 cancelled cruises from RCI 125 % on the cruise fare and taxes and fees would be paid back on my account not yet received any paid back amount but the FCC is above the 125 % of the cruise fare we have paid example I have paid 1959.54 usd cruise was 1316 and taxes and fees 643.54 I thought we would get back the 643.54 usd and a fcc amount of 1645 usd received today 2146 usd can anyone explane this for me please and yes i am worried to that the FCC will expire as it says on the paper to be used be
  4. i know, about China it is a risk I take, that is why we needed refundable prices and there is time till July to check what to do we do have an insurance that covers "in case you get no visa" so we could take that risk but the price my TA gave is definitely not correct I can see that now. Have a great weekend who knows we might see each other on this cruise from Belgium stay safe
  5. yes it is for the 10/19 sailing and the 10/7 sailing if i check the 10/19 sailing and go all the way till the payment page I get for a 4D cabin ( and we are D+ to ) Room 1(Non Refundable Deposit) price 2021.54 us' I cannot see the refundable rate ! ' and no 3D cabins my TA added extra 200 usd to make it a refundable booking and I calculated, the price into euro's which makes 2043 euro when I checked the Singapore side same cruise my profile suddenly 3D cabins appear but I calculated the price of a 4D to make it the same as
  6. we always have the exchange rate from US to Euro in this case the Singapore dollar works in our favor. cruise is in October ( 2 cruises ) I just booked them, I know maybe a bit crazy. the Singapore deal is also with a refundable deposit, I had to pay for that with my TA so the difference is even bigger ( I do not see a refundable offer through the US Royal website ) at the other hand I work with her for many years this makes it all a little uncomfortable
  7. thanks for your reply, I am sorry but I don't understand your last phrase, suppose difference is more than 500 usd and extra obc of 200 and the total price of the cruise is 2600 that is a big difference.... or am i missing something
  8. Coming from Europe I book my cruises in Florida, I work with a TA for many years without having any troubles reason : the benefits are better and the adjustment of the price before final Payment which is not allowed in my country. On our last cruise we've spoken to some people from the US who book their cruises sometimes in Asia. People told me that you need to change on the Royal website the country and you can see deals/prices from that country. Now I booked a cruise out of Singapore ( with my usual TA from the States ) and changed the website into country Singapore and price
  9. HI, that would be great looking forward to your reply ( we will not have a car available so we depend on our 2 feet )
  10. thank you for your time, so it is not good for snorkeling, and because we do not dive anymore we need to find aything else suppose we take a small boat, would they accept usd or euro ? I see on the map that there is a some hiking around Pamulaklakin Forest Trail / El Kabayo Waterfalls, could we do this on our own and if yes, can we rely on taking a cab to and from the forest? if yes communication in English ? payment for the taxi currency ? ( we only have usd and euro ) someone advised us to take the local bus to a village called San Antonio Vigan : have you been or do you k
  11. Wow, you are amazing, thank you so much for this information. Not that those benefits are that important but it can be so confused especially out of China ( Hong Kong ) in our case. We do like buffet style restaurants because we are such small eaters so it is great to know that there will be a quiet space for us to eat something. I looked at your suite, wow that seems amazing, never had the chance ( the money ) to book such a suite, hopefully one day we can. Who knows one day we'll meet on a cruise, would be nice to thank you in person. Have a good rest ( time difference can be hard ) wishing
  12. HI, thank you so much for your reply, hope you are recovered from the long flight back to the UK. ( probably not back home yet ? ) We are from Belgium and sailing on the Spectrum in Januari from Hong Kong, We have booked a normal balcony room on deck 7 ( wished we could afford such an amazing suite ) but, we are Diamond + members. I was wondering if there was a lounge we could use for breakfast and special coffee in the morning and for our evening drinks, but it seems there is no Diamond Lounge on the ship ? So there is a silver dining room .. and a gold dining room ( that sushi looks amazing
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