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    take care of my husband, want to see the world, meet people, love to snorkel, I adore nature.
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  1. the vendor is well known on internet has very good reviews but it is what it is, no refund of the deposit which is 120 gbp need to look for someone else. thanks for your reply.
  2. HI everyone, we will visit next year the Shetland Islands ( Lerwick ) mid June. I found a tour ( Shetland Nature ) and would love to do their tour but they ask for a non refundable deposit. ( even when ship skips the port ) We do have insurance which covers our cruise if we need to cancel it but no insurance for paying back a deposit in case ship skips a port. What would you do ? anyone has experienced skipping Shetland in the past ? thanks for your advise.
  3. I tried your link but it brings me to a restaurant ?? is this the one https://iheartreykjavik.net/the-tours/partner-tours/golden-circle-tours/hot-golden-circle-including-the-secret-lagoon/ seems magical thanks for your help ( Singapore is amazing, very easy to do on your own )
  4. same cruise, so excited, wanted to start looking / booking tours ( Iceland / Greenland really really really important ! ) also a one way flight to NY is so expensive, trying to figure out what to do trying to figure out from which terminal the ship is leaving …. will see you on the roll call page ? thanks for writing to me, have an amazing wonderful day Frieda
  5. could that be The Legend ? just curious that's all
  6. though so, being patient isn't my best quality have a lovely day
  7. booked a cruise for next year June, when I log into my account it appears so everything seem fine, but when I go to the cruise manager and click on cruise excursions I get this message MAKING MORE FUN, COME BACK LATER Right now we’re working on some improvements to cruise booking, so you temporarily won’t be able to make a new booking, make changes to an existing one, or check-in for a cruise online. Check back a little bit later — we’re scheduled to be done by today at 1 p.m. Eastern. this is appearing for over a month now, is it too soon to check for excursions ? and if it is, when will they be released ? would love to start planning and comparing thanks F
  8. Thanks David, yes we did have an amazing time in Australia NZ and Singapore. If we do go back .. And we will I will certainly post it on this topic. Have a great day. Frieda
  9. My apologies first for this late response, we just returned home and I did not have any internet while on holiday. Your information, pictures and reviews are amazing, I have been reading them just now with some tears as we did not visit Cairns neither Airlee Beach due to high waves so tendering was, for our captain, out of the question. What was the intention of our cruise, snorkeling the GBR, has fallen literary into the water. Still I am very happy with your post and will keep it for the future, GBR is put ‘again’ on top of my travel bucket list so it will one day become handy. Thanks again for your time, we wish you a marvelous day From Belgium Frieda
  10. after checking and rechecking we have booked the tour offered by Royal out of Cairns and the only reason why is time( a tender port can be tricky to get off in time ) but your tour seems amazing. We just love helicopter rides and adore snorkelling so this is a combination of our 2 favourite things. Thanks for your reply.
  11. so sorry for the bad weather, which one did you book ? and how did you manage to be onboard in time ( tender ) did you have enough time ? thanks for more info
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