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  1. Hey there-


    I used Winsome Tours for their 6.5 hour Signature Tour On August 7.  We left the Dockyard at 10am and returned at 4:30pm.  We did a drive of the entire island and Julie and her granddaughter Taylor shared stories and history of the places we were seeing.  We made multiple stops at sights and had 2 longer stops 45 minutes in Hamilton for shopping and 1.5 hours in St Georges where we ate lunch and did some sightseeing.


    Overall, I would highly recommend the tour.   The van was clean and the air conditioning was cold.  Julie and Taylor were entertaining and great storytellers.  


    If you have any specific questions, please let me know and I will try my best to answer.

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  2. I have searched for the answer and I cannot find one.....and now I can't stop thinking about it 🙂


    When you use a CC for your onboard account are the pre-authorization holds per person or per cabin?  My husband and are in the same stateroom using the same CC for our onboard account, should I expect to see 1 $99.75 hold the card or 2?



  3. For my next cruise, I have the option to go on any of the 4 current Oasis class ships?   Which would you pick and why?


    This cruise would be a family cruise consisting of 4 generation, ranging in age from 75 to 18months.  All of us except one family has been on multiple cruises.




  4. My family was on this cruise in a balcony cabin 8636 and promenade cabin 8629. Stopped at St. Thomas, Curacao, Aruba and St Maarten.


    I am not much of a writer but I took a bunch of photos so I am just going to post them. If you have any queztiobs5, I will try to answer them. I also have all the papers that were in the cabin.


    We had a great time!0048954ca503e16e588f62553e4b5d81.jpg3d39658d166e98ea1a367cee3292c0f3.jpgfc6d86b4cf25d136602c5a9d4ef7e110.jpgedbe5714eb27b5cc95f8d6b38a0133e3.jpgd47742744c977eb0d6cdd2884197fe55.jpgf7e2edb0ea4f850fe8cd483d20174a29.jpg


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  5. Good post! These two photos show it pretty well. When we were there on Adventure in 2017 they were building the dock. I assume there is a walkway to where you took this picture. We found the merchants that were in the area right near the ship (Adventure) were nice, not pushy and had a decent variety.



    In the top pic, you can kind of see the people in the background walking to/from the ship. The blue Curacao sign was near the vendor area. I will see if I have another pic from a different angle.

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