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  1. All the tour lunches, including the Golden Circle, we did served a soup and fresh fish with potatoes and a vegetable. The fish was excellent everywhere, simple and very fresh.
  2. Sorry my bad I'll blame jet lag , we used: https://www.globalpointofcare.abbott/en/product-details/binaxnow-covid-19-home-test-us.html Blue box which was monitored by virtual proctor. I detailed this in my earlier post.
  3. We used the Abbott test to return to USA, not enter Iceland. We heard there that Icelandic officials are evaluating allowing antigen test It worked great for that and was very easy to take when we had free time. The nasal swab was much easier then I expected, lower nostril nasal swab (not the deeper nasopharyngeal swab). Here is a link to the test we used: BinaxNOW: What You Need to Know | Abbott Newsroom
  4. We used it in Iceland hotel room, logged on to their website, told how long wait for ‘test proctor’ 30 minutes for us. They came on video chat guided us through the nasal swap which you add to the test liquid all provided in test kit. Wait 15 minutes results are done in front of you. Really easy. They email you results too. We just showed that at airport KEF. Waiting for our flight now. Iceland is still working on the new testing details I believe, but betting it will be excepted here too.
  5. We used the Abbott home test, bought directly from them for about $45. Very easy, you call in when ready to take the test, about 45 minutes total and have the results emailed to you. We used it for our return to US JFK tomorrow. I believe it is the only home test excepted by CDC for this use.
  6. We are also onboard and AGREE 110%,!! The crew is outstanding and have gone above and beyond to make our cruise wonderful.
  7. Yes, we stopped on the way back to the ship for about 20 minutes. We thought it was one of the best tours ever, I’m sure beautiful weather helped.
  8. Our spa treatment have now returned to our MVJ calendar after being gone this afternoon. 🤩
  9. Does anyone know when and how we will be providing proof of vaccination to VO?
  10. We called, got through 20 minutes later. "Sorry we can't book excursions for you"
  11. We had the same issue adding excursions May 27 & June 2. Double charged both days after payment failed, I called Viking June 2, still waiting for the ~$900 over charge to be put back on my card.
  12. Last update: 2021-05-31 Last review: 2021-05-31 Open with restrictions Entry Requirements Fully Vaccinated Passengers Iceland is open to fully vaccinated passengers and they are exempted from presenting a negative PCR-test and quarantine. Check below in the COVID-19 Test section which passengers are considered fully vaccinated by Iceland. Travelers must bring proof of vaccination – it’ll need to be shown when at boarding.
  13. I can't get the link to work, but it sounds great. Would you please post his channel/name so we can find it the old fashion way on YouTube. Thank you!
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