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  1. https://eatsleepcruise.com/2019/11/viking-ocean-cruises-restaurant-guide/
  2. I think the cards that name the item had a notation at the bottom V, GF etc. I know the Restaurant Menu had a section at the bottom which listed vegetarian options. Also both Café and The Restaurant's menu for the day are on your TV, so you can know what to look for.
  3. Viking_TorshavnMenu (1).pdf
  4. We were just in 6023 On Jupiter. Great cabin, very quiet location. Foot toward aft.
  5. Cabins Junior Suite with Nordic Balcony - Rendering by Viking A first for polar expedition cruise vessels, all cabins feature a Nordic Balcony — a sunroom that converts into an al fresco viewing platform. The Nordic Balcony’s floor-to-ceiling, distortion-free glass at the edge of the ship lets guests take the views in, while keeping the elements out. The top of the panoramic glass lowers to transform the stateroom into a sheltered looking with an observation shelf at elbow level to stabilize binoculars or a camera. There are six stateroom categories to choose from, ranging in size from 222 to 1,223 square feet: Nordic Balcony, Deluxe Nordic Balcony, Nordic Penthouse, Nordic Junior Suite, Explorer Suite, and Owner’s Suite. There are no oceanview-only or interior cabins on these ships. They all have a Nordic Balcony as well as a king-size bed and large bathroom with a glass-enclosed shower, heated bathroom floor, and anti-fog mirror. Each cabin also has a drying closet that circulates warm air to dry and store clothing and expedition gear.
  6. We had TA call to price an upgrade this week from PV to PS on our paid in full cruise in Dec. Thinking with the anniversary sale going on might be a good deal. Price quoted was higher then the current difference on VO site. 😐 We will stay where we are.
  7. We sailed on the Oceanic when I was 7 or 8, my first cruise, 1966 or 1967. Sail from NYC to Nassau over Thanksgiving. We hit a hurricane Thanksgiving day, I was one of the only passengers not seasick. I remember having dinner with the crew, as they did not serve in the dinning rooms because the weather was so bad. Wonderful memories, still love to cruise.
  8. It would be great on Jupiter's South America cruises to have local Tango dancers perform. 🙂
  9. We found You Tube to have great independent videos of the different cabins and ship tours. Much better then VO, IMO.
  10. We agree too. DH would be happy to add reasonably priced Business Class to our cruise.
  11. Me too! Great memories of a wonderful cruise.
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