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  1. Don't miss out on the tournament for slots. I did a Gateway and only 7 people come to the tourney. Top six were in a spin off and the prizes ranged from $500 to $50. One cruiser told me she just did not want to get up at 10 am to go. I won $150 which helped with my loses. As for DUI, we walked into the casino asked for drinks without playing and got them to go to dinner.
  2. If you read about this up coming cruise clothing is required in the MDR. As for the cruise director he will be jumping from Miracle to this cruise. He is a great CD. Frankie "The Tank"
  3. I would leave it under the fake carpet in the safe. I am always picking that up looking for my ring which seems to fall under it.
  4. I was on Sensation June 17th and then Miracle June 23. The food was better on Miracle. Entertainment was about the same on both ships.
  5. I don't think they charge a fee. The rate was $300 cheaper than my casino rate because it was a buyer's choice. So let's hope I don't have to cancel.
  6. So How did you purchase the cruise cash to get it to show up as reservation?
  7. Do you know what was to be included in the Cloud 9 level? I can't find that on the site.
  8. I was on Sensation 6/17 and Miracle 6/23. I had no problems with the butter and only asked once for a straw and I think I did it just because not that I need the straw.
  9. Anyone know how to sell our seat in the tournament?
  10. You can take cash out on the slot machines with no extra 3percent charge. The room charge just says entertainment. They'll charge you extra for chips.
  11. I booked a cabin on a deck with rooms above and below, but did not realize there was a door to the walking deck right next to the room and the crews party room was across the hall. Between people slamming the deck door and crew going in and out it was a very loud room. I would have been better off above a bar.
  12. The only time I saw anyone turned away from the dining room was when my mom tried to wear just her bathing s in the main dining room for breakfast.
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