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  1. Very sorry you feel that way. I sure am not in the "popular" category. Never was in high school and not here. I think this board is for Everyone , and along with a few others, have said that. You are more than welcome at my table. I know I didn't pick a lot of people as I don't know them. If I haven't seen your name post much or recently, I wouldn't think of you. You could pick a table of folks you'd like to meet and maybe bring in more people. I didn't originally pick, several that I now would like to (CintiPam, Jeanine, Petooyna) as they have written to me so I now know a bit about them. I don't think Flatbush intended to exclude people and he and I have had our share of differences. So who would you pick?
  2. I have wanted to see the area as I love water, trees and cooler temps. What I've read sounds wonderful. I have been trying to get a friend to try cruising, but she went to Oregon instead, Her family thought it was great! I suggested cruising that area☺️ Friendly people are a delightful bonus.
  3. Jeanine, I am a transplant. I was born in Negaunee, (Upper Michigan). As Flatbush makes a distinction, we true Yoopers don't like to be associated with downstate! Superior is a pretty spot. My husband's cousin lives there. I have always wanted to get to Oregon. Seems like my kind of place.
  4. Well, at least you know your place. Ironically, on our first(and now only) O cruise, we spent my bday in Sicily. Cruise went to Naples, but not northern Italy. Hope you get to enjoy your Northern Italian dish! I need to get there.😪
  5. Thank you! You are welcome at my table. Meant to say that after your post about joining. Flatbush is almost Italian,too.
  6. I took this as hypothetical as well as we always ask for a table of 2. I thought of the question for me as people it would be interesting to meet.
  7. Not sure I fit in there. I only invited FF to my table to be polite as he started this. (We wouldn't make it to appetizers). I wanted to take you and hear about chocolate 😊
  8. And here I resisted commenting on Sicilians!! My dad is turning in his grave. It would be her picture for Vinnie.
  9. I was thinking that you and a few regulars would have a harder time as you at least have written each other for awhile and may even have met. I still want to hear FF's picks as he started this.
  10. My dad spoke Piedmontese (sp?) and dialect is nothing like Italian proper, but I'll give it a try. Mi padre e di San Martino de Canavese. I wrote a response in your original post. Who would be at your table??
  11. I was included with you and a few others by Nonregdaduck in another thread today. I first felt like you about not touching it, but I was honored to be included and thought if might be fun. I don't think anyone means to hurt feelings and it's understood that only 8 can be picked. You and others could always put more that they'd like. As, I said I don't know anyone.
  12. Not many answers to the original question. Flatbush, you need to answer as it's your query. I don't know anyone so doubt I'll hurt feelings: Clo, Paulchili, YoHoHO, Hawaiidan, LHT, Mura and FF if we don't kill each other 🙂
  13. Never mind FF. Found it. You didn't get many actual answers.
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