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  1. GrandmaHofmann

    Owodori hats

    Does anyone know if they sell the hats the female dancers wear in the Owodori dance? If so, where? Thank you
  2. We leave on the Crown Princess January 6. Can anyone advise me as to any shows or performers we should be sure to see? Any bombs?
  3. Has anyone taken this cruise who has written a review of it? If so, can you link me to it?
  4. Actually, nobody asked you if you could think of a reason why anyone would need a microwave. Typical snarky comment from this group. Some people have medical needs you may not be aware of.
  5. You may not be aware that only people in wheelchairs can use the small, rather rickety elevator. Once you get on top, using a wheelchair is not an option. I saw people with canes turned away from the elevator.
  6. Be aware that you don't just walk right up to the Temple from the street. It takes some walking to get to it. Summer Palace is awfully large for a short stop.
  7. There is really no reason to take the ship's excursion to Siem Reap. It is so easy to do it on your own. We flew from Singapore to Siem Reap. You can get your visa at the airport very quickly. Your hotel will likely have a free shuttle into town. We stayed in a marvelous, reasonable hotel in the heart of the city and it was one of the best places we ever stayed. Tons of restaurants, tons of shopping, and then you get a private guide very inexpensively to take you to the various ruins. We were there about 4 days and saw many of them. It was a real highlight in our traveling adventures. I wish I could go again!
  8. We rank our day at Tao Elephant Safari Park as one of the best in our lives. We took a ship's excursion there. The ride there was wonderful and the park was even better. I never had any idea how lovable elephants are! We fed them, rode them, watched them. It was such fun. And we got some great pictures taken by workers there.
  9. I would really like to know about the 3 summer festivals-- if you took the ship excursions, did it diy, if you had trouble finding seating, etc. Please review!
  10. I booked the Caribbean and Amazon cruise for Feb 2020 and they want full payment by Dec. 2018! Is that normal with them? I have been on around 40 cruises and have never paid in full earlier than 3 months before a cruise. Seems odd to me.
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