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  1. Has anyone used this company? I am having hip replacement surgery 6 weeks before our cruise. I don't want my kids to be held back because of me. I would prefer a Carnival based tour but\ they don't have an observers price. This company does, plus they charge half of what Carnival charges. Any help or suggestions would be helpful.
  2. Love Anytime dining! I love the flexibility it gives you. Eat when you want. Also, if you like your wait staff you can request being seated in their section. It's great!!
  3. 9 days and I will be out of these frigid temperatures and into warmth!!! So ready!
  4. I am taking my first Royal cruise in a long time. I have the drink package and was wondering if there is a time limit between drinks? Not that I am going to drink one in one gulp, I was just wondering.
  5. They obviously have different prices for each sailing. For my February cruise I got it for $49.
  6. I got the same msg when ordering the drink pkg. It said all passengers over the age of 6 needed to purchase the pkg.
  7. Has anyone heard what the sale will be on Black Friday? Carnival is out but I can't find anything on Royal.
  8. Lol flip flop it and you have my itinerary. I am leaving on the Victory Sept 9 and will be on the Sensation Oct 18. Enjoy your cruises!!!
  9. Thank you!! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Does anyone know when the prices for the rest of 2020 will be out?
  11. It says we will arrive at 8:00 am but probably sooner. We will be taking an UBER as well so this makes me feel better. Thank you.
  12. I am taking a cruise out of Miami but flying out of Fort Lauderdale. Is a flight leaving at 12:20 too early? I am stressing that it is.
  13. Is anyone experiencing issues with the manage my cruise tab? I have been trying to update my credit card for 3 days and it keeps erroring out saying there is a problem and they are working on it. Everything else seems to be working but that.
  14. I would choose the 5 day with the balcony. I don't like inside cabins. I don't like knowing what the weather is, or if it's night or day. That's just me.
  15. Yes when I log in it tells me I am pre gold status. What??? I click on past cruises and there they all are. I sent an email with no response.
  16. I watched the same Youtube vlog. I couldn't believe they were all closed at 7 either. At one point Josh said Why have lights in them if they aren't going to be open in the evening. I agree. That ship is so huge it's hard to believe it.
  17. On my December Magic cruise I asked for lox to be brought up with my bagel and it was done. No extra charge it was great. They did get an extra tip however.
  18. On my Magic cruise this past December, we were upgraded to a higher deck at no cost but were given a room that would accommodate 4 people. We didn't ask for it, they just gave it to us. So it does happen.
  19. Thank you. I felt the Magic was nothing but lines and it wasn't nearly as big as Oasis. Thanks for the positive comments. I have heard nothing but good about this ship. I just wish it were closer lol.
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