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  1. Yeah, things are not going well up here. We're in the southwest suburbs and they put the restrictions in my county yesterday (although there are a lot of restaurants/bars nearby that are ignoring our governors rules and staying open...I can't blame them, I just don't go) A huge thank you to your daughter-not an easy job even when there isn't a pandemic going on. What's her take on the recent surges? Is her hospital filling up? I don't know what to believe anymore as far as the news goes and while both my mom and my sister are nurses out here, thankfully neither are working directly with Covid
  2. I would be fine with a "required" stop in Nassau. In 11 cruises we've been there often. In May 2019 we had our best stop there yet-we walked through town and stopped in the rum distillery there (the name escapes me...) and it was beautiful and the people were so friendly! Then we stopped at a brewery near the pier and then on to what appeared to be a newer little bar/restaurant on the pier itself that extended out past Senior Frogs. We went into the day expecting a nice but pretty basic day but we were all pleasantly surprised. My 19 year old nephew wanted a pair of sunglasses so we helped him
  3. We both said while we were in TN that we would LOVE to come back in the fall. It has to be absolutely gorgeous! It felt so good to just be outside in the fresh air (although 90+ temps and humidity made it a little steamy lol!) We would hike and talk and take it all in. Sounds odd, but it felt good to feel "normal" for a minute, meaning we weren't wearing masks since it was just us two hiking, we weren't watching the news, and we almost forgot what was really going on in the world. It was a great mental break. I think that if we keep doing the car travel, we will start doing/seeing
  4. We decided to recently spend a week up in the mountains in Tennessee. We also just booked an ocean front house in North Carolina in October. We found that it was a great way to get a change of scenery and an even better way to social distance! I will say, we ventured very briefly into Gatlinburg where social distancing was pretty non-existent and mask wearing was minimal unfortunately. So we retreated back to our gorgeous cabin and stuck with hiking, golfing, and relaxing with drinks everyday. I was very surprised how much we enjoyed the slower pace of a vacation in comparison to
  5. Can you clarify what you mean by positive results not meaning infections? I'm sure there are some false positives in there (same as there are false negatives....science is not perfect) but I take a positive test as the person has the virus, whether symptomatic or not, and can spread it to others.
  6. Great post....but as my husband is named Keith, I assure you that he would never act like a male "Karen" 😊 Side note, I feel awful for those named Karen these days....who knew a very common and nice name would turn into an insult lol! Also, I hear consistently about the 4 current hot spots on our local news, AZ included. I sadly have family in all 4 states so I watch intently and annoyingly check in with all of them. I also track the numbers daily, but on the weekends I try to put myself in a little bubble and stay away from the news for my own mental breather.
  7. At work we are required to wear a mask the entire time we are in the building (not fun, but I work with the public and I'm grateful for my employment....sadly the acne that is popping up under this thing from sweating 8+ hours a day is REALLY not fun lol!) We were provided a face shield as well, but it was optional and the mask still had to be worn underneath. The way it was explained to me was that the mask protects others from me, the shield protects me from others. I wore it for about 5 minutes. If I could go with just the shield I would, but it's way too many layers for me with the mask un
  8. I also get where the OP is coming from. For us, a drink package is usually a savings (sadly lol!) and I really do enjoy having everything paid for ahead of time-it allows me to really feel at ease on vacation. Our last cruise that we took before drink packages left us with an $1800 bill at the end and I believe the only on thing on there besides drinks and extra tips was a single ornament 🙂 In fairness, that was our first vacation that we went into without holding back-we got whatever we wanted whenever we wanted. We've grown up a bit since then but we always get a drink package now just to ta
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