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  1. Also taxis in Auckland are quite expensive. If you don’t mind catching a bus, the skybus is a much more reasonably priced option to get from the airport to your hotel https://www.skybus.co.nz
  2. To those looking for some happy stories, search for the Kindness Pandemic on google. 💚 I could link it but the platform is not allowed 🙂
  3. The RCI ships that were near Australia did this to disembark non-essential crew. First they swapped crew between ships in Sydney https://www.dailymercury.com.au/news/1300-crew-head-home-as-cruise-ships-depart-nsw/3988939/ and then sailed to different ports depending on which countries crew members onboard were from. It was a very long and frustrating process for crew members. Now they are waiting and they go to ports occasionally to restock/refuel.
  4. There is a hop-on hop-off bus that goes to lots of the areas in Auckland. I love the domain and the wintergarden. The wintergarden is free https://www.gardens.org.nz/auckland-gardens/auckland-domain-wintergardens/ and there is a good museum nearby https://www.aucklandmuseum.com/ both accessible from the bus. Also cruise ships usually dock near the ferry terminal which can take you to Devenport http://www.visitdevonport.co.nz/this-is-all-about-devonport and Waiheke Island https://www.newzealand.com/int/waiheke-island/ which also has a hop-on hop-off bus. I have used https://www.
  5. He certainly seems to love life! The energy of youth 🙂 Importantly, my daughter has a renewed zest for life too. She had to save up for him and work hard at university before she got him. 🐴 and now has a lot to do to look after him and train him. 🙂 There is increased pet ownership here as people seek the companionship in iso.
  6. Not really humour but it might bring a smile to some faces. This is my daughter's beautiful new baby pony (rising two) - click the link 1080p.mov - and here is the song on the video
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