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    Yokohama Pier

    We are on the same cruise. I just received this message: "As a reminder, embarkation for your Westerdam cruise on Sunday, 31 March 2019, will be at Yamashita Pier. Yamashita pier is located at the Port of Yokohama, about 90 minutes from Narita Airport and 30 minutes from Haneda Airport. Guests with Holland America Transfers will be taken directly to the pier. If you have independent arrangements, please note the below directions to Yamashita Pier. - By taxi or private transfer: The entrance to the pier is through Yamashita Park. Port security will be at the entrance gate to direct your transportation to the embarkation hall. - By train: Use the Minato-Mirai line to exit No. 1 or Exit No. 4 at Motomachi-Chukagai Station. Walk toward Yamashita Park to the pier entrance gate. Shuttle buses will be provided to take you and your luggage from the entrance gate to the embarkation hall. We look forward to welcoming you aboard."
  2. The blue mountains are likely to be a bit cooler than Sydney in January - so that might be an advantage. Other options are a trip to the National Capital (Canberra) or Wollongong. Canberra in January is usually hot and dry (so probably a less hot version of Phoenix) and has many national institutions without entry fees - think a much smaller and Aussie version of Washington DC without the humidity and with lots of bushland https://visitcanberra.com.au/ Wollongong is a lovely seaside town only about an hour from Sydney and has some nice attractions (Nan Tien Temple, Northbeach, Mt Kiera lookout, Kiama blowhole (nearby).
  3. I have been watching this thread with interest. We are Diamond+ with Royal Caribbean and I decided it was time to try a few different cruise lines to see what they offer - not because we are unhappy with RCI but just to explore. We have a 14 night Japan trip booked with HAL because their itinerary was better than RCI or X and they had availability for the type of cabin we wanted. I booked a very short last minute cruise (2 nights) on Princess for a great price for a balcony guarantee to get a taste of what Princess offers - we board next week. I was surprised the cabin didn't have the usual sofa and the balcony looks tiny - but it doesn't really matter for two nights. However, I would definitely factor these plus only having one chair into consideration for longer cruises. It isn't only the loyal princess customers they need to worry about.
  4. Your two weeks is a clue. When we travel we usually travel for at least 3 weeks or more (from Australia) - often up to 9 weeks even before retirement (longer distances and more generous paid vacation time). One of the first things I look for in a hotel is either an in house guest laundry or close laundromat. Also, although we make good use of the d+ benefit and the wash and fold bags on RCI, I feel a bit put off by the thought of many passengers clothes being washed together in mesh bags in huge washing machines. I would actually prefer to wash our clothes in a machine which just holds our clothes. Edit: and we have met some nice and interesting people in laundromats around the world - eg. the coffee/book shop laundromat in Warsaw, a nice laundromat in Helsinki, a laundromat near NYU in NYC and an amazingly clean coin laundry in Kyoto which had a lovely guest book 🙂
  5. Hi My mother is cruising on Celebrity for the first time with some friends later this year. She is diamond on Royal Caribbean and I have joined her up online to the Captain's Club on Celebrity. Their website has her cruise listed and her tier as 'preview'. Her account also shows her Royal Caribbean Crown and Anchor Number. I have a couple of questions to make sure she gets her benefits: do we need to do anything else to get her recognised as elite on Celebrity or will it be automatic? she has a cabin mate (a friend who lives in USA so definitely not at the same address as my mother who lives in Australia) who does not (to my knowledge) have status on Celebrity. Will her cabin mate also be invited to events such as the tour of the backstage theatre and the nightly cocktail party or will it just be my mother who is allowed to go. Thank you for any advice
  6. Thank you all for the advice. I will try each of those options! 👍🙂
  7. Hi We will be taking our first cruise on HAL in April 2019. We are currently allocated main dining as early dining was full. My mother likes to eat early in the evening. What is the best way to move to early dining? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Yes you are correct - I usually go to galleries first which does have the champagne bar and sit down meals but I have not been to concorde because that is restricted to ba first class pax Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Here it is - probably my favourite place in Heathrow [emoji16] https://www.ausbt.com.au/where-to-find-british-airways-secret-champagne-at-london-heathrow Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Very true. Another thing to consider is how long you will be waiting at the airport each way. Research the lounge offerings for the various airlines and what you get if in business or first. Not all lounges are equal. For example, Qantas first class lounges in Oz have complimentary spa services, sit down high quality meals and high quality drinks etc. BA Galleries Lounges have similar and a very nice champagne bar. Many other airlines have great lounges as well. (Unless it has changed recently US airline lounges don't compare well)
  11. I wonder if it depends on where the ship is cruising. We will be on Westerdam in Asia next year and I am hoping the casino will be smoke free but as a lot of people still smoke in Asia, perhaps it will not. :(
  12. I gave up smoking (to have a baby) 25 years ago. I know how hard it is to do even with a good reason. However, there are better options to accommodate smokers than having their smoke impacting on non-smokers in the casino. In Australia, many clubs with slots have sheltered outdoor areas for smokers complete with slots as smoking is banned indoors https://tabcorpgaming.com.au/playing-outdoors/
  13. I would definitely choose the night flight for business class and the lie flat beds. I've had many experiences flying from Australia and being able to get a good night sleep on a lie flat bed after a nice dinner with wine/champagne and gentle wake up with a business class breakfast is worth much more than a daytime business class flight with breakfast/lunch. Also, if you are flying soon after the wedding, you will really appreciate the quiet luxury of long haul business class ahead of economy to prepare for a great honeymoon cruise. Best wishes (PS if you were flying to Oz I would recommend the Qantas business class pajamas - it is so funny to see all of the business class passengers getting changed into their PJs before bed lol)
  14. No but I do wash (rewash) all of our clothes when we get home in our own washing machine :) That might be strange to some people but a lot of the on board washing is done in giant washing machines with mesh bags separating many people's clothes. I even have a separate washing machine at home to wash our dogs gear and my daughter's horse rugs :)- there is no way those are going in our usual machine!
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