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  1. I have been watching this doctor for a while. He has been assessing what is going on for months. Here is his latest video. Air movement (and fresh air) does seem to be key.
  2. +1000 There will always be people who care about having the latest greatest fashion item, technology, best luxury car, biggest most stylish home etc etc etc. However, I think the pandemic and associated financial pain will also make some people reassess whether experiences are more valuable than things and also whether a return to a more simple/less consumer driven life is desirable. I certainly came to that conclusion a few years ago - I love the experience of travel and I would rather spend money on a cruise than buying the latest $5000 television (for example). I like my decrepit house on a large block with a messy garden and weedy vegetable patch to muck around in. It will be interesting to see what impacts on people's spending patterns come out of all this.
  3. I agree. But cruises sailing around Australia would probably still be competitive when compared to hotel/restaurant and travel prices for many people. Some of our most beautiful places are quite difficult to get to by land and air and a long distance away and I think many (not all people) would be prepared to pay for the comfort of a ship (providing the health measures are sorted)!
  4. I am not an expert (although I am now what is called a sole trader - I don't have employees). However, if the doctor employed a receptionist as a permanent employee, they would be entitled to 4 weeks leave (plus probably long service leave if they worked for the doctor for at least 10 years). https://www.fairwork.gov.au/how-we-will-help/templates-and-guides/fact-sheets/minimum-workplace-entitlements/annual-leave edit: sadly there are employers who try and sometimes succeed to rip off their employees but these are usually reported and charged. another edit: a doctor would be expected to have a receptionist to answer the phone and schedule appointments even if they were on vacation. Many would employ another doctor (a locum) too.
  5. Europeans yes. But my understanding (which could be incorrect) is that generally people from the US only get around 2 weeks holiday per year. Australians by law if permanently employed get 4 weeks holiday per year plus an extra 9 days per year if they have been working in an industry for more than 10 years. So we can afford to take long holidays - after 10 years of working this adds up to 6 months at half pay. It is probably one of the reasons Australians are such avid travellers. I have met many people from the US on cruises out of Oz that fly in a day or two before their cruise and fly out on the day the cruise returns. Of course retired people and business owners would be in a different situation and may be able to afford to stay for longer - if they don't have responsibilities at home. I have just purchased a horse from a lady who is selling her horses because she needs to be able to travel to Europe at short notice to care for her elderly father if he needs it in this covid time and has realised that the quarantine period (14 days each way) is incompatible with running a farm. 😞 Sad for her but happy for us. Hope your plan works out! Especially as a fellow westie owner 🙂
  6. Exactly. We have Australian's and permanent residents from many many different countries.
  7. The antibody tests are not accurate and it isn't yet known whether having had the virus gives immunity. I know a number of people who are epidemiologists and that is what they have told me. I would like to give blood and I am O negative so would be a universal donor but sadly because of earlier treatment I cannot. 😞
  8. Yes - I am sure that many of us are tired of being in lock down mode. Some of us are luckier than others. I know I am lucky as I have a back yard and I can work from home. I do really feel for those people in apartments, for those who are locked up in hotels for quarantine, for those who have lost their jobs, for those who are separated from their families (e.g. crew members stuck on board the ships). 😪
  9. and now there are reports that it was in Spain in early 2019. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.13.20129627v1 I think this still has to be peer reviewed. Who knows? I don't see the point of blaming any country. We all have to deal with it.
  10. I agree. I hate the blame game. This is a global problem. The Australian Department of Health was publishing the source of the virus by continent and the source from Asia was a very small percentage. Many more cases were from Europe and the USA. They have ceased publishing those figures - I am guessing it was pressure from 'allies' and also where it comes from does not solve the problem. https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert/coronavirus-covid-19-current-situation-and-case-numbers#cases-by-source-of-infection By the way, my next door neighbours were from the US but I am not blaming them as no-one realised what was going on at that time.
  11. I am fairly sure I caught the virus on a cruise to NZ in late January/early February. A person in the stateroom next door had an awful cough (which later spread to his partner). I wasn't sick on board but on returning I developed pneumonia, according to my doc secondary to flu and probably from someone traveling from the northern hemisphere. I had the swabs for influenza and they came back negative. Covid tests were not easily available at the time. I took all precautions as usual - I remember people staring at me for sanitising the door handle outside my stateroom. 🙂 A few cruises later the ship was confirmed to have cases. I have read that cruise ships have good air conditioning and you are unlikely to catch a virus inside your stateroom. But now there are reports about sewerage systems and the possibility that it is another vector for spread. My city is analyzing sewerage to determine how widespread the virus is. I wonder if this is another area that cruise companies need to investigate.
  12. That is interesting. I wonder why. They are pretty common here. edit: I found this reference - there is a similar option called an all in one mortgage https://www.investopedia.com/articles/mortgages-real-estate/08/offset-mortgage.asp
  13. I feel incredibly lucky as last year we purchased a country property with a few acres - currently rented out. We have a 100% mortgage offset account so every dollar we put in that account saves us about 3% on the interest. Because of no cruising/travel we are putting more money in there. Not the high interest of the 70s but still a good return compared to some other options. I think there will be many people seeking a 'tree change' with the virus too so I doubt the value of the property will go down and anyway we didn't buy it to make money but for the future. Our tenants have already asked for a new lease (and we have agreed). If I was into shares, I would be buying shares in motor home and caravan companies.
  14. This is a very interesting discussion. I know it doesn't protect my home from the virus, but when the Australian bushfires were raging, our city was covered in smoke and air purifiers sold out across the country. I ordered this one https://www.breville.com/au/en/products/air-purifier/bap500.html in January but it didn't arrive until April. They asked me if I still wanted it as the bushfires were out. I said yes because we have a slow combustion wood heater and because it might have a small effect on cleaning the air in our living room of any virus particles. I have been very impressed by what it does. If I open the fireplace to put more wood in, it immediately senses this from about 3 metres away and zooms up until the air is clean again. If I cook something in my kitchen (about 5 metres away), it does the same - all automatic. So although its effect on virus particles is debatable and it was expensive, I am pretty glad I went ahead with the purchase. 🙂 Maybe I could cruise with a mini version 🤣 - just joking
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