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  1. The price for one on our cruise for next March shows 449.00. A large increase from our last cruise.
  2. Food for thouht. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/an-unvaccinated-worker-at-a-kentucky-nursing-home-set-off-a-coronavirus-outbreak-killing-3-residents-one-of-whom-was-vaccinated/ar-BB1fVEPb?ocid=AMZN
  3. Try this site https://www.vaccinespotter.org
  4. Looks as if the J and J vaccine is going to stopped at Federal sites. . Looking into blood clot issues. Asking the state's to do the same.
  5. I just guess we needed a fresh start with a clean slate!
  6. Just checking on mine at HAL and it shows nothing for me also and no bookings.
  7. https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/03/cdc-data-suggests-vaccinated-dont-carry-cant-spread-virus.html This is from quick search of this topic I don’t think if is officially from the CDC just her statement in a interview.
  8. We were lucky.Alabama went to 55+ and those with health problems on Monday the 22nd. The state run web site let us register a couple of days before. We were extremely lucky to find a opening about a hour each direction for both of us on the first day of being eligible.
  9. For all cruises except Grand Voyages, your elevated benefits will take effect on your next Holland America Line cruise. If you cross a star level threshold while on board a Grand Voyage (based on days sailed), you will be upgraded to your new star level for the remainder of that voyage.
  10. We had my retirement cruise planned on the Zuiderdam for this year. Didn’t get to make it because of.... Enjoy your retirement!
  11. Hate to be a bother but our 10 day Eurodam Panama Canal sunfarer starts March 20 and goes through the 30th 2022.
  12. If you go on your cruise wanting it to be bad, it will be bad. If you go like I and my wife with a positive attitude it will be fine. Cutbacks in the cruise world is no difference than any other sector. Remember what used to be a 5 pound bag of sugar is now a four pound bag. I did not stop buying it because it got cut back. Go and have a great cruise.
  13. Try this https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/1800347-half-moon-cay-cabana-map/
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