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  1. 25 minutes ago, FamilyAtSea.travel said:

    Spa/YC Concierge:


    For those of you following along, the reason we arrived to the YC lunch yesterday at 1:45pm was because we had a few things to take care of, including booking a dinner and massage at the YC concierge that we paid for in advance.


    We scheduled our couples massage for today at 9am and the person at the YC concierge desk said they would check to ensure the kids club was open when we had our massage scheduled and if it wasn't they would let us know.


    Well this morning we learned the kids club did not open until 10am so the massage we had scheduled wasn't going to work.


    We contacted the YC concierge about it this morning and unfortunately all that's available at this stage are port days (but we have excursions booked on every port day).


    Again, not the end of the world, but this means we likely won't be able to get our couples massage as originally planned because everything is already booked during the sea days.


    I feel like the YC Concierge desk should know the kids club hours for the week to prevent issues like this from happening, but we're not going to let it ruin our week.


    I'm not going to score things at this stage as I'd like to see if the YC makes an effort to make things right before making a judgement.

    Time for a conversation. with the  YC Director. Concierge did not do something promised and this impacts your experience.YC director had every obligation to make it right.

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  2. Quick question for those who have been to Hamburg. We are going on Euribia in a few weeks. Where does ship dock as we have a 11 am walking tour from City Hall. Are we within a reasonable walking distance to there,near public transport ,or does MSC provide a shuttle and if so how much? Thanks 

  3. 10 hours ago, Bluehybiscus said:

    Hi-  My family and I will be on the  MSC Euribia on April 5th. - I am having a terrible time trying to book excursions. 

    It keeps saying "no activities available" - does that mean that its sold out? Will it be available to purchase once we are on the ship? 

    any info would be appreciated-- Thank you

    enjoy your trip!




    I’m on the same cruise. I was able to book a walking tour in Le Harve last night. Go to manage my cruise. Also use first and middle name together, no space. Screwy but it worked.

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  4. 2 hours ago, azgrandmax3 said:

    Help last time we booked a transfer from Heathrow terminal 3 was a bad experience.  If you are pleased with a company, you have used, please share your experience.  Our driver did not meet us in terminal.  Noticed while waiting over an hour to connect with driver other companies had reps just out of security area with signage.   We are 4 adults traveling together. Thank you

    What company?

  5. I just took a leap of faith and booked them round trip to and from Southampton in April for a cruise. They had much more reasonable prices then the usual suspects such as Blackberry or Twelve Transfers. Anyone had any experience with them. Saw nothing concerning on trip advisor 

  6. I don’t think you will have issues in getting your dining time accommodated. I have traveled most of the major cruise lines and Cunard have been the most accommodating. Any example we saw on the QE a few months back was a little girl with multiple issues involving food . The head chef and maitre d made I a pointless present her specially prepared meals even in the buffet in such a way it made her and all around her special. This took effort do I’m sure your request will be handled well.

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