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  1. My advice you can do better and cheaper on your own.
  2. City testing sites. I use the one at the SI ferry terminal 24 hr turnaround
  3. Lucky for we line in NYC and one of the few things Mayor DeBlasio has done is made testing available ,quick, and free
  4. We sail on the Jade 9/12 and got a letter on 9/3 with all the information about final protocols, ect. I think they are waiting as things change by the minute. Good luck!
  5. Your better off shopping from JTV.
  6. Hotel Lleo near Plaza de Catalunya. It is about 80 euros
  7. After being stuck with my wife during quarantine(instead of cruising) watching JTV call out "free shipping" when I see a jewelry sale , I 'm going to yell out "free shipping."
  8. A river cruise and it was heaven. We are on the Jade shortly and looking forward to it.
  9. No other than brief stop in Turkish waters to avoid EU tax. Patmos instead of Cofu would be ok
  10. Hello My HOHO in Cofu was cancelled for 9/12 cruise. Anyone know why?
  11. Not true. I was a 911 first responder in NYC and I will be on the 9/12 Jade cruise out of Athens. No better tribute than living life.
  12. Fortnum and Mason have the best tea and no severe dress code
  13. We never do as the one time we did the service was beyond horrible. We pay at end and usually add extra
  14. Does anyone know when the new menus are coming out. We cruise in September and would like to see if possible to decide which specialty dining we shall go to.
  15. It was the same on Grandiosa Nov 2019,the exception being no free wifi and very limited selection of liquor
  16. With traffic difficult at best. Try to get day prior it is worth it, especially to see Acropolis at night!
  17. I love the drink package but the high services charge,not. Fairest thing is either lower it to 15 or 10 percent. I believe folks would then give more for good service. This overpriced mandate gives no incentive for good service. I have also seen and it is wrong folks giving less on the disc. Maybe it should be a straight 20 percent for all.
  18. I thought if vaccinated you don't need test returning...
  19. If you get air through NCL,transport is included. Note the transfer charge
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