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  1. I will pass on looking. Part of the cruise experience is to be surprised with who is lecturing.
  2. 1015 as ship is docked and cleared by 715-730 and train station is maybe a 20 minute cab ride from pier.
  3. You should be okay especially if you self disembark and take cab
  4. I don’t think you will have issues in getting your dining time accommodated. I have traveled most of the major cruise lines and Cunard have been the most accommodating. Any example we saw on the QE a few months back was a little girl with multiple issues involving food . The head chef and maitre d made I a pointless present her specially prepared meals even in the buffet in such a way it made her and all around her special. This took effort do I’m sure your request will be handled well.
  5. tony s

    MSC Euribia

    Quick question. We are taking her on 4/5/24 in YC. Actually 2 questions. One what is earliest time to board without a long wait? Second who is YC Director and Maitre D? Thanks
  6. Jump on it. We have been on YC on Grandiosa twice. Great food and service
  7. With all the nice snacks at the lounge and great pizza delivered for free why would anyone want MRE I mean Pringle chips
  8. Save yourself a lot a money book on your own .
  9. Sounds great the commute as we live in St George SI and plan to take ferry in August for cruise. How often does ferry go from pier 22 ?
  10. There is a Hilton across from WTC and a few blocks to ferry that goes right to Cunard pier. Many great eating and sightseeing options
  11. We have pounds with Queen Elizabeth on them. How long are they valid?
  12. Ask for a change of butler. We had to do so and MUCH better after.
  13. Please tell us you yanked that Service Charge. One it sends a powerful message. Two why pay for something you obviously didn’t get.
  14. Try free walking tours for both places.
  15. It was my wife’s birthday. I had my TA make sure no mention in program but they gave her a lovely card and a bottle of bubbly.
  16. We just got off Infinity. It was our fifth and last with Celebrity. Besides canceling one day at Porto and shortening da 2 despite being aware weeks earlier of a pilot strike, poor food and customer service we had health issues that were covered up until the morning we were leaving as evidenced by attached letter. This was 4 days after crew and guests were sick. I will detail in my review. For those going beware
  17. Hope you’re off at 7am. Normally I would say cab it but in this case get a car
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