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  1. Remember that old movie with Dean Martin, Something Big……
  2. If staying at H10 before November let me know as have a night booked in Nov prior to cruise, thanks
  3. We stayed there in December. Very clean and close to all. Great breakfast. Only quirk is that only allow you one Nespresso pod for machine then charge you for rest in room.
  4. Wrong answer. Those of us who pay for a given level of service expect that value will not be diminished by those who have not paid (interlopers). One cabin paying and ‘inviting’ guests to join them markedly diminishes my ‘inclusive and exclusive’ experience. This is the response I found offensive. Instead of addressing why staff is reluctant, they attacked the messenger
  5. Been through there 4X,never saw any kind of check
  6. We are on vacation nd shouldn't have to ask. As for the women she was a horse's ass throughout the trip, which was in Europe ,thus the Hyicinth remark. We were insulted that the staff member humiliated my wife and entertained this witch. It was strictly ethnicity. At first the YC Director,refused to address until he saw video then I almost felt sorry for the staff member. To see some of the reactions here is upsetting.
  7. I am all for asking the first day and introducing ourselves . However on day three having a staff member ask at the request of someone who looked askance because my wife did not "look" as she belonged among us and the staff member actually asking for proof and entertaining this cracker would be offensive. As such I am touchy about being asked if not everyone present is asked for their proof. Maybe we should look at the whole situation before shooting off the hip with some of the ignorant responses I HAVE SEEN.
  8. How would you feel if you kept being asked for your wristband because you look different. Happened to my wife on both occasions we have been in YC, including at the insistence of a Hyacinth Bucket wannabe. So IT’S NOT THE WRONG ANSWER! Would that not ruin”the experience “. And for the record she carries here card as she can’t wear her wrist band due to a medical condition. So rather than play YC police look at the whole situation
  9. Yes best service and food ever in a European hotel plus rooms comfy
  10. White Star Tavern. Central location great food. Only downside no elevator but they carry bags and real good service
  11. Only way to make it is if flying out of Southampton
  12. No stopping you should be okay but still go through passport control but no need to reclaim luggage. This is where you want to check bags in
  13. Check that again. We got BOGO from Newark to Stockholm. On both legs, we got to pick seats without charge and we go in August.
  14. I use to ask if they will install a moat for my alligators. That works also.
  15. We are going in October. Having been to Barcelona recommend the food hall at El Cote Ingles. Could give Harrods competition in the prepared food category and more reasonable
  16. Maybe they should have held the Park West auction in a more suitable public space, such as the public restroom
  17. The food hall at La Cote Ingles near Plaza De Catalaynua
  18. We leave on the 18th,Celebrity
  19. I am also staying there night before my cruise in November. If it’s before November 17 let me know how it is.
  20. tony s

    Black suit

    I use that with a black bow tie and cummerbund
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