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  1. Yes, that’s the cart I was referring to.
  2. Does the Breakaway, or any other ship, still have the hot dog cart?
  3. On a Southern Caribbean cruise out of San Juan on the Epic next March. Itinerary shows a 9:00 pm embarkation but what time is the boarding.
  4. We haven’t stayed in the Escape Haven, but from what I understand, it’s a better version of the Getaway/Breakaway Haven with an outside dining area. We will be sailing on the Escape in December and I hope to score a Haven cabin through the upgrade bidding process.
  5. If I may throw in my two cents, you can’t really compare “the YC” to the “Haven” as the experience can be quite different depending on what ship you are on. On NCL for instance, the Getaway Haven and the Bliss Haven are two different animals as far as facilities are concerned. The Getaway/Breakaway Haven is small with no inside observation lounge while the Bliss, Encore and Joy have an observation lounge similar to the YC. I think the Haven is more casual (no pants required in dining room, no formal nights etc). We think the food in the Haven dining room was better than YC but the Haven menu never changes from night to night. The bartenders in the Haven lounge are mixologists. You can get some pretty exotic concoctions there. There is also a bigger variety of rooms available in the Haven (aft suites, two bedroom family villas etc). The pool area, sun deck and grill on the YC totally blows away the Haven. The entertainment on NCL ships totally blows away MSC productions. There’s more specialty dining venues on NCL ships. The butler experience on both ships really depends on the luck of the draw as some are better than others. Considering everything I think the winner from a value perspective is the YC but as prices edge up this may become a moot point. Bottom line, they are both great experiences.
  6. I normally hate long reviews but yours was fantastic. We were NCL loyalists until we sailed in the Seaside YC in April. We still enjoy NCL, but have three more YC cruises coming up - Seaside in October, Meraviglia next April and Seaside again December 2020. I really appreciated your dress code interpretations. Like you, I can’t wait to change back to shorts after dinner. We are pretty down to earth people, so I’m not sure how we will deal with the new butler escort service but I’m sure we will manage. Thanks again for a great submission.
  7. Three weeks ago the Breakaway sailing on August 18 had tons of Haven inventory. NCL dropped the price last week and magically it is now sold out. I think a lot of people are booking lower category cabins with the full intention of bidding on higher category rooms in an attempt to save money. These aren’t people putting in minimum bids “on a hope and a prayer”, but savy cruisers who are placing calculated bids based on inventory and who knows what else. Theses bids are generally somewhat higher than minimum range bids, so when prices drop their bids are very close to the new listed prices and as a result they upgrade since the price difference is minimal.
  8. We are also on this cruise. Bummer!!!
  9. We stayed in 16007, otherwise known as the James Bond room. To my recollection, noise was not an issue.
  10. There needs to be another category between Platinum Plus and Ambassador, say at about 300 or 350 points . Possible perks - free beverage package upgrade, free room service, free mini fridge purchases, and on a lighter note - drinkable champagne, real concierge service, decent food and drink at the Latitudes reception and another bottle of water,
  11. Thanks for the info. We are on the Breakaway in a couple weeks, so I’ll pack a pair of trousers in case we decide to dine there.
  12. I’ve read that there is now a dress code (long pants for men) in effect in the Manhattan Room on all ships. Would appreciate feedback from any recent cruisers.
  13. We loved our Getaway aft Haven suite. We were on deck 10. The first couple mornings there was a little soot on the patio furniture but nothing major. You can position your chairs and loungers to be either in the sun or shade as there is a bit of an overhang from the above balcony. The walk to the Haven is a good way to burn off some excess calories. If I win a lottery jackpot, I’d stay in an aft suite on every cruise.
  14. We’ve been on more than 12 Norwegian cruises in the last three years and have not had a meal in the MDRs that lasted more than 11/2 hours. In many cases, we found the service rushed and were finished in under an hour. The only time it was extremely slow was lunch on embarkation day. Maybe we’ve just been lucky.
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