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  1. Crowne Plaza Hotel on the Place de la Republique. Great breakfast and near many restaurants.
  2. If not Carrefour the food/ supermarket at La Cote Ingles which is nearby has it.
  3. Makes a great gift at the last minute.
  4. Yes,used them multiple times in Europe. Great experiences and I find them better than ship tours for 80% less.
  5. tony s


    It would be fair to say there is in any public area of the ship, with he exception of the restrooms.
  6. Hello I know this may be a silly question but better safe than sorry. We are on the QE 10/23 out of Barcelona. We arrive from our flight about noon. Can we check in and then go off again to go into town for a bit or is it once on you stay on. The ship departs in the evening and we want to get a meal but not carry our luggage. Thanks
  7. I have been through embarkation in Barcelona many times and with many different cruise lines. They never check assigned times,even during the height of post Covid in 2021.
  8. How is the beer list for the classic beverage package? Hope they ha5a fair selection of European beers. We are on Infinity in November. Thanks
  9. What date in October is your cruise? We just came back from the Baltics to find our paid for excursion to an Italian farm house lunch on the 10/23 was cancelled and refunded. Are they changing ports?
  10. Barcelona is very efficient. We have been through at least twice since Cov. They don’t check boarding times
  11. You sure MSC is not allowing a side hustle by allowing a Cheech and Chong movie being filmed on board….
  12. Try H10 Cataluna or Hotel Illeo both good locales and great breakfast
  13. As a former Consular Officer and retired law enforcement couldn’t have said it better
  14. Never use the cruise line cheaper and better on your own . When are you going?
  15. What ever happened to just enjoying the company of your companions and not your device. I have worked in areas where no electronic devices allowed. It allows for more conversation. If the need for device is more important than enjoying your vacation maybe stay in the buffet.
  16. Local grocery store or supermercado in Spanish . Should find one nearby
  17. Probably forgot to mention all no beverage service staff
  18. LLEO does and they give you room upon arrival. Very nice close to Plaza De Cataluna and great breakfast.I
  19. Separate. beverage goes to bar staff and DSC covers waiters, stewards,and other dining room staff.
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