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  1. JAGR


    Mine shows as $200 for the cabin. That was for a sailing from Florida.
  2. With the cancellations and re-bookings I have been experiencing, I share your frustration. At least for me, I think it will eventually work out. I do take solace in my knowledge that every cruise I have booked that has been cancelled also means one less chance of finding Mariner Boy in the cabin next to me. Gone, but nor forgotten! There is always a silver lining!😉
  3. Thanks! I'm glad I wasn't the only one treading water. I was trying to look at changing as well, but I locked in a pretty good airfare in and out of Miami. I'm hoping American will let me re-arrange something. Thanks again, John
  4. When I discovered last week that MSC moved me from Seaside to Meraviglia, I called and cancelled, but I never got an e-mail confirmation (poor customer service, but not end of the world). I called MSC on Monday. The rep said I wasn't cancelled and she would take care of it. I also mentioned that a different cancellation on the same sailing was cancelled on 4/22 and I still had no refund posted (cancelled that cruise when a cheaper YC rate became available. The rep said that there was no sign of any action to issue a refund, and she said she would "escalate" it since it was over 60 days. She said there was no email address on either booking, so I gave her one. Still no email confirmation. Checked again this morning with a different rep. She said the Meraviglia reservation was still active, and had no pending cancellation (this is incorrect customer service on the part of the Monday rep). She also saw no record of action on the earlier cancellation, so she promised she would "escalate" it for me. I suspect that when I check the status next week, I will probably have to cancel a third time. Service reps are courteous, but either the system or the use of poorly trained substitute personnel are really hurting them. I am becoming more disillusioned with shore-side service. I offer this word of warning. If you think you cancelled a cruise, make sure you confirm it, or you may very well be sorely disappointed 90 days from sailing.
  5. Good luck. We got put on the Meraviglia. The left our port and date alone, but took away the most important thing: Seaside.
  6. Four Decks: 14, 15, 16, and 18 (Like Seaside, Top Sail Lounge is on 16, and the restaurant is on 18. The restaurant is at the very front, so no view down to the Lounge).
  7. Gotcha. I was thinking about permutations on number of nights. Not sure if the immigration on B2B in PC is any more bothersome than MIA in the middle of a B2B there. I think it would be a bit easier in PC.
  8. If Mera is only seven-night cruise itinerary, your comment confuses me. That would mean your only options for more than seven nights would be 14-, 21-, etc. With Armonia or Seaside, I could arrange 7-, 10-, or 11-, or 14-nights.
  9. In my case, they left me the dates and changed me from YC balcony to an YIN. Not going to work for me! I think I might have been happier with a G0000! Or not.
  10. I would be okay with the switch of ships, but I am not happy with a downgrade of my YC room type.
  11. JAGR

    Ocean Cay video

    Very good! Thanks, and I'll have to watch the others!
  12. It was exactly your experience! That's what the poster said. They do get you around the lines to get off the ship, but then you are on your own with the masses. That's all the poster said.
  13. Table for four allows for Euchre! Hope you two are doing well!
  14. Understand, but most agents don't like dealing with this much, either, and, by nature, I am one who likes to find my trip and then transfer to the agent. Creature of habit and experience, at least in my part of Ohio Thanks
  15. Why do I have a funny feeling that someone has seen every one of the "Carry On" movies? Lol
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