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  1. Virtuosa will not sail until April from Genoa, so the answer to your question is "TBA." Now, if you are really talking about the Virtouosa, I would bet that particular christening will never occur!😉
  2. The one thing I'll miss that I loved about Seaside was walking out from the YC to the Wine and Cocktail Bar that fronted the specialty restaurants on deck 16. Friendly and prompt service, and lots of special "smoke" drinks. Ah, well.....Life goes on!
  3. But you all say it's better than jail, as long as you stay on the ship! That's not a Port. That's just a pause in a cruise, or a sea day. The point I was making was that if you go off the ship, you are in for nothing but but vendors.
  4. Ocean Cay would be good. An overnight in Nassau is the equivalent of a night in jail.😉
  5. Just to clarify, Aurea guests have free access to the Thermal area and spa as well as YC members.
  6. On my three occasions on MSC (all out of Miami), the trivia prizes often had MSC logos. I got some ball caps, a small drawstring tote bag, and an MSC coffee mug. Nothing really fancy or something that would break the bank of the trivia host or hostess.
  7. Dave, I'm starting to believe that MSC has two left hands, to match their two left feet!
  8. Thanks for bringing back memories! It was a fun cruise.
  9. Hardware stores like Home Depot sell bi-fold shower doors.
  10. Just went for my six-month cleaning here in Ohio. Temperature check and "the usual suspects questions about whether I had any recent cases of loss of taste, cold symptoms, etc., association with anyone known to have tested positive for COVID-19. I was asked about travel outside the country in the last 90 days, but nothing about mode of transportation. No mention of cruising at all. I bet every state Health Department each developed a standard questionnaire.
  11. Some civility is needed all around, I suggest. There is a question here about the relevancy of comments sought. The OP was making a statement about a booking issue that occurred to them. I didn't read anything in the post that asked about the timing of the booking. In all honesty, I must admit, 'deliver42' may well want to comment on my decision making. I, too, recently booked a cruise in the middle of a pandemic, and like the OP, MSC accept the booking. As a matter, of fact, I booked a B2B, although I admit it was for March 2022, so 'deliver42' can double the criticism of my action. As
  12. JAGR


    Mine shows as $200 for the cabin. That was for a sailing from Florida.
  13. With the cancellations and re-bookings I have been experiencing, I share your frustration. At least for me, I think it will eventually work out. I do take solace in my knowledge that every cruise I have booked that has been cancelled also means one less chance of finding Mariner Boy in the cabin next to me. Gone, but nor forgotten! There is always a silver lining!😉
  14. Thanks! I'm glad I wasn't the only one treading water. I was trying to look at changing as well, but I locked in a pretty good airfare in and out of Miami. I'm hoping American will let me re-arrange something. Thanks again, John
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