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  1. JAGR

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    Never stated in documents, that I recall; however, it was free for YC last March and October.
  2. The most up to date chart of what benefits map to each level is best found on the MSC site. The link is below. Scroll down to the privileges section at the bottom. https://www.msccruisesusa.com/en-us/MSC-Voyagers-Club/Voyagers-Club.aspx
  3. JAGR

    Going "Live" - Seaside 08-22Dec,2018

    March 2 and 9 B2B
  4. JAGR

    Going "Live" - Seaside 08-22Dec,2018

    Hi, Marco: Glad you guys are having a great time! Can you see if you can do your magic and get Hendricks back to free status like it was last March? I know you like Hendricks! Thanks!
  5. JAGR

    Going "Live" - Seaside 08-22Dec,2018

    Have a great cruise! We can't wait from March for our go!
  6. JAGR

    MSC Seaside Entertainment

    Thanks. Sorry, I meant eight but fat little fingers put seven!
  7. JAGR

    MSC Seaside Entertainment

    Seaside Bar is in the Atrium on Deck 5. The Seaview Lounge is on Deck 7, but the "club" opposite is the Sports Bar. Are you thinking, perhaps, of the Haven Lounge which is further aft?
  8. JAGR

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    Thanks for your efforts! Have a great cruise!
  9. JAGR

    YC Drink Package Changes?

    That does seem steep. We are at $1700 pp per week in March 2019 in YC1 on Seaside. The odd thing is in March 2020, we are $1550 pp/pw, for a two-week booking. I'm glad I committed to 2020 back in July of this year. It's gone up about 15% as of today.
  10. JAGR

    April 2020

    You can say that again, and again.....
  11. JAGR


    It's a private island. I can't see them shutting anything down since they aren't legally required.
  12. I think we are forgetting the biggest YC perk, at least if you are fortunate enough to get the wellness cabin! Not gelato, not crepes, and not alcohol! It's all about butrition!
  13. JAGR

    MSC New Drink Package and YC

    Hopefully you or Derek can update us after your upcoming trip! Bon Voyage!
  14. JAGR

    MSC New Drink Package and YC

    In this thread on YC drinks experience, the difficulty is that we didn't technically "book" or "prepay" for any experience, so we are looking for some re-assurance that our experience is similar to what it was. If it is indeed premium plus, then I would be happy with that. I have not had a response to my direct inquiries to MSC.
  15. JAGR

    MSC New Drink Package and YC