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  1. JAGR

    Voyager Club points?

    Not quite 4.00 points. If you booked it as a YC B2B, it would be 3,000, not 4,000 points (two 5-9 night cruises at 1500 per cruise). You still lose points, but in the grand scheme of things, you are in YC for two weeks! We are doing one week this March and one two week cruise the following year (one cruise, not a B2B).
  2. JAGR

    Secret Sands Getaway

    There are quite a few positive posts about snorkeling on Trip Advisor. https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g12012628-d967783-r623057509-Lindqvist_Beach-Smith_Bay_East_End_St_Thomas_U_S_Virgin_Islands.html
  3. JAGR

    Seaside YC 2/2 cruise quick review

    Thanks, Mgrieger! So he's back on! He replaced Massa last year. He's a nice enough fellow, but Massa is right up there with Scala.
  4. JAGR

    Seaside YC 2/2 cruise quick review

    Curious about who was Captain on your cruise. We are on March 2nd, and I understand a new Captain took over on your sailing.
  5. JAGR

    Seaside - Italian and Formal Night

    YW. With MSC, on a seven-night cruise, there are rwo formal nights, and one of them is designated "Italian" or "Mediterranean" night.
  6. JAGR

    Seaside - Italian and Formal Night

    Italian night is likely to be the Thursday formal night, which last time was also the White Night.
  7. JAGR

    Seaside - Italian and Formal Night

    The formal nights would be Sunday and Thursday (the two sea days)
  8. JAGR

    Show Reservations on Seaside

    Yes, you can.
  9. JAGR

    Trying MSC for first time and have questions

    You are likely going to be charged the room service rate, which is (or was) $3.95.
  10. JAGR

    MSC Seaside Review - January 26, 2019

    Are you sailing on the 23rd or March 2nd?
  11. JAGR

    msc seaside questions (again)

    Nice on the Royal Suite! They are beautiful now with the big table! At least you get some shade with your comped cabana! My preference for Seaside is having the dining room right in the YC. I am interested in seeing how they balance tables for eating and the chaises. It'll be fine, no matter what!
  12. JAGR

    msc seaside questions (again)

    Sounds good! Chris and John. DW camps out by the pool with Kindle and mimosas. I only do half as much sun. This is probably our favorite ship!
  13. JAGR

    Seaside Entertainment

    If the entertainment is that important, you can get a flavor for it by looking at the videos from Divina that have been posted on another thread. Remember, the staff is European, and English is not a first (or perhaps even secondary) language!
  14. JAGR

    Seaside Entertainment

    The shows are different from traditional US-based cruise lines. 1. The stage productions are more varied than operatic. They showcase vocals and are not intended to "tell a story." They are good singers, and they mix it up with acrobatics and dancing. DW and I went to every show and enjoyed ourselves on almost every one of them. 2. No steady diet of comedians. The only true comedy is Beer Prov (Canadian improv. Not my cup of tea, so I didn't go. 3. They do have a few show bands that are reasonably good. 4. They have some great individual and small group instrumentalists that appear nightly in the Yacht Club as well as other venues. We enjoyed them, especially the violinist and piano accompanist with mostly classical music, and the jazz saxophonist. Good music before and with dinner.
  15. JAGR

    Notes from Armonia Miami-Havana Jan 2019

    Déanfaimid taisteal go maith!