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  1. To clarify, I think you are spot on for embarkation. Disembarkation is not correct, if I am reading your comments correctly. There are landside 'butlers' (not official YC butlers, but more like contract employees) to assist in getting you and your luggage checked in, but for disembarkation, the YC butlers can only go as far as the final security checkpoint, since they cannot leave the ship. I would contact the concierge and arrange for a wheelchair for disembarkation. I assume you will be leaving luggage out the night before to be picked up when you leave the ship. You can then be escorted to the security checkpoint where a porter can take you to your YC luggage area and get you sorted out.
  2. Probably wouldn't impact many other UK flyers, David, but you can do US pre-check at Shannon as well. Actually, US preclearance is offered in 6 countries: Dublin and Shannon in Ireland; Aruba; Freeport and Nassau in The Bahamas; Bermuda; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; and Calgary, Toronto, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Winnipeg in Canada.
  3. On our Seaside cruises, our experience has been a team of a butler and an assistant butler. I think it is a bit more than semantics to separate assistant butler from cabin attendant. Our experience has been that the assistant butlers really are proud of having "butler" attached to their working titles.
  4. I would never tip on tax. Most restaurants around here that put suggested tip amounts on the bill base the amount on the gross, not net total.
  5. We were in 16013 in March, which is near a door that gets you into the main hall. Opposite 16007 and 16008 are door passages to crew/freight elevators. It is not a heavy traffic area.
  6. Honestly, I tired to in 2018, but the massage therapist wouldn't take money (a first!). In 2019, DW and I never got bills. She did by some product, and I assume the therapist gets a cut of that. Any other cruise line, I have been given an invoice for $0 that showed amount billed and the amount paid and the net balance of $0, but with a blank lines for tip and total.
  7. MSC does not heavily discount port days as much as US lines, plus you have the 15% surcharge built in. You can get quite a few different 30 and 50 minute massages ahead of time for under $80, for example, and no surcharge.
  8. You'll be fine with that!
  9. Sorry. No "attitude" intended. Just saying that Premium Plus has no impact on any YC experience other than the drinks, as far as I know.
  10. No offense taken, and not offense intended on my part. Centuries ago, I was active in Intercollegiate Forensics and Debate, so I appreciate advocatus diaboli. I also know informal fallacies, such as straw person, false dilemma, and unwarranted generalization. Oh, well. To each his own. I do look forward to a discussion on board some day. Happy sailing, My Lord!
  11. Where did you read that it was still complimentary? Print it out and bring it with you if you are charged. Paying extra does not take that away from you. Not sure where you are thinking the Premium Plus takes something from you. It adds the premium drinks only.
  12. Beamafar cited the $17 rate for her sailing from NY to Miami on Meraviglia, and others have as well. Someone on Seaside this week has posted on another cannot be named site, that since she booked before November 2018, she can get the $13 smoked drinks in the Wine and Cocktail Bar by the specialty restaurants at no charge, and the same goes for the Venchi Chocolate martinis, crepes and gelato. If you want substantion, think "MSC Yacht Club" interest group.
  13. Premium Plus on Seaside YC is not a current benefit. You are closer to a Premium plan in YC, although MSC says there is no "plan" in the YC. To go Premium and get drinks over $12 (or glasses of champagne, JW Blue, etc., for example) It would cost you $17/person/day. There is limited gelato available in YC. Just ask. If you reserved YC before November 2018, you are not impacted by the new drink plan.
  14. If you meant the dock, MSC typically uses dock (muelle) 4. It is the larger one and furthest east. Dock 3 to the west is directly opposite the Sheraton, so you would be about 3 blocks east. There really isn't a commerical port by either of the forts.
  15. Hi, Bea: Some cruisers we have met on MSC are sailing in YC on the Meraviglia Cruise you are on, one of them in a Royal Suite. I wanted to send you their names. If you have e-mail, can you send me a note at JReynolds@otterbein.edu? If not, I can send a note to David Sidari, and he can forward it to you, if you two exchange e-mails. Thanks, John
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