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  1. Hit "1" , wait a second until the next "if you, or anyone in your party" and hit "1" again. That works for me. (And then 2, because you are not a travel agent)
  2. I'll be hanging with Bernard at the adult pool bar. Unfortunately it will be prosecco on this go around since I didn't spring for the Premium Plus Bev Package (or whatever it is called now). But maybe he'll find me some Nicolas Feuillatte (shhhh)
  3. BWHAHAHAH, you speak MSC. Maybe we should count that as a foreign language? I'll be on the week before you guys!
  4. Let me preface this by saying that YES, I was in the wrong (technically speaking that is..) and that Customer Service did not even try to help. I'll explain: the same day that DH and I decided to switch a booking that we had for the Grandiosa out of Rome to a YC cabin in the Caribbean, adding the Health Care heroes discount (which was not available for the Med sailing), our TA basically got all huffy and puffy. Yes, it was a bit complicated and if I could have done it myself I would have, but since he made the original booking for us he had to make the changes. TA indicated that he was spending so much time re-faring folks for small drops in prices that he was "over" MSC and no longer was willing to put up with the cruise line. Since he already "owned" this booking we had to let him go through with the current booking. On that same day I wanted to book a short 4 night on Divina for myself (yay me!) and the few pennies a Travel Agent might be able to offer wasn't worth it given the low, low fare (there was no single supplement and it was a Voyager's 15+5%). So I booked myself directly online through the website, picked a cabin and was done with it. Or so I thought. Fast forward to last week. DH was able to arrange the time off (yay!) which was a result of some shuffling and sulking about me going alone 🤪. So I called MSC and was told that I could not change my res to add DH and use the Health Care Hero discount because (drumroll please) I had booked the original booking ONLINE. The fine point is that it has to be booked via a TA or through MSC via phone. But I told them that I did not qualify, DH did, so there was no reason that I would have had to bother them before. Now he'd like to come, I'm talking to you ON THE PHONE, and can we do something. Um. nope. Ultimately after some very frustrated discussion about the lunacy of this I finally relented. I could have cancelled my cruise, taken the penalty, then rebooked with DH and the Health Care discount but the discount would be applied AFTER I PAID IN Full. If the discount was approved, after I sent in the documents again (already accepted on other booking) I would then get the difference in the form of an OBC (which I don't want/need). Only after I asked did rep say that this was refundable, but heavens knows WHEN I might see that $ again after the sailing. Long story short: DH is staying home with fur-babies, I'll be sailing solo as was originally intended, and find a new TA. Oh, and my carefully selected cabin was CHANGED, but since it is same category and "ok" I'm not even going to try to move it back. Someone have the 🍾 chilling for me onboard already. Thanks.
  5. My TA will no longer book MSC. I understand completely.
  6. No luck. I checked off my name, put in the cart, went back again and was not allowed to book a 2nd time. Maybe I'll call MSC Customer Service............. JUST KIDDING 🙉
  7. Yes, you CAN remove your service charges on US sailings. Just an FYI.
  8. Yes, you will get full YC benefits! Enjoy
  9. Following as I will be sailing solo and do not care to "join" for dinner. I will say that there were almost NO tables for 2 recently on the Divina.
  10. Thank you; when I was talking to an MSC rep last week about my 07 Nov sailing she told me that everyone needed additional Covid insurance as a new Bahamian requirement. I corrected her (hoping that I was correct.)
  11. Thank you for the bold font attempt to chastise those of us who have experienced first hand the illogical nature of MSC's onboarding times. Ours was changed no less than 4 times in 4 separate emails leading up to our last voyage. As such we recognized (correctly in our opinion) that they had no idea what they were doing with regards to this aspect of the process. We printed out the one with the earliest time in case someone at the port asked. They did not. As indicated earlier, I am not willing to get on my high horse and lose a half of day of holiday to show that I boarded when one of my four emails asked me to.
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