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  1. No it’s Hamburg. Be warned it’s not the one close to U bahn
  2. If they do board I feel for the crew as they will be walking on egg shells. These folks will be angry and with all eyes looking for any sign of poor further treatment by NCl. Can guarantee they will not be paying the DSC
  3. Another “great “ example of customer service and good pr by NCL
  4. Best steak we ever had on a cruise last November on QE. However the pretense of the wait staff was something out of Faulty Towers.
  5. Take the cab depending on time of day 30 euros roughly
  6. We board 4/5 in Southampton in YC
  7. Time for a conversation. with the YC Director. Concierge did not do something promised and this impacts your experience.YC director had every obligation to make it right.
  8. As a New Yorker book on your own. Marriott Brooklyn Bridge would be closer to port and had nice restaurants near by and is most cost effective
  9. Quick question for those who have been to Hamburg. We are going on Euribia in a few weeks. Where does ship dock as we have a 11 am walking tour from City Hall. Are we within a reasonable walking distance to there,near public transport ,or does MSC provide a shuttle and if so how much? Thanks
  10. Yes but on gala night other pants and button down shirt would more suitable.
  11. White Star Tavern, Oxford Street. Excellent Full English and Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon to die for.
  12. I’m on the same cruise. I was able to book a walking tour in Le Harve last night. Go to manage my cruise. Also use first and middle name together, no space. Screwy but it worked.
  13. I can answer question one. It is a definite yes.
  14. We put anything in as a filler and it works as they usually do another picture at the terminal.
  15. I just took a leap of faith and booked them round trip to and from Southampton in April for a cruise. They had much more reasonable prices then the usual suspects such as Blackberry or Twelve Transfers. Anyone had any experience with them. Saw nothing concerning on trip advisor
  16. Waterford Crystal in Waterford. Most cruise lines have an excursion there.
  17. I will pass on looking. Part of the cruise experience is to be surprised with who is lecturing.
  18. 1015 as ship is docked and cleared by 715-730 and train station is maybe a 20 minute cab ride from pier.
  19. You should be okay especially if you self disembark and take cab
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