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  1. Such sad news from Alaska today. Four passengers from the Royal Princess died while on a float plane shore excursion. Apparently two float planes collided. It appears that a number of other passengers were rescued before the planes were fully submerged. My my thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by this terrible tragedy.
  2. Uber does pick up at the port. We have used Uber several times in the past 6 months from the San Juan port. We had no problem getting an Uber XL within minutes. The taxi people will tell you that Uber is not allowed. Actually a security guard at the port also told us this. Not true! When you exit the port building, turn to your right and the Uber pick up is basically behind the port building Good luck
  3. Wow! That is really so mean! I don’t appreciate your insinuation that I fabricated the story. That’s really shameful and perhaps the reason why people are not participating in Meet and Greets or posting as much as they used to. So much negativity! This is my final post about this occurrence. It is truthful and it did in fact happen. Part of what made is so humorous to me and those around me was the ridiculousness of the young lady’s choice of very inappropriate footwear and the fact that she would walk away leaving the very expensive shoes behind! Nobody in their right mind would wear those to a pool And she did not use them to save her chair...after her verbal attack on the elderly woman, she stormed off without them. Furthermore I clearly stated that I don’t condone the behavior Insimply thought the entire incident was so bizarre, it was funny! Enough said...
  4. That’s what I thought when it happened...they were high heeled black pumps not sandals that one would wear near a pool. Of course, the young lady wasn’t exactly dressed in sunbathing attire either. If those were my shoes, they would never get near water of any kind.
  5. I’m always amazed that people leaving phones, tablets and purses on a chair for hours.
  6. I agree! We were cancelled by Celebrity one week before Easter due to mechanical problems on the Summit. Celebrity gave us a refund and a future cruise credit only worth 25 percent of your cruise fare and it could only be used for 4 sailings that they couldn’t sell. It was very disappointing and I thought Celebrity should have been more generous with the compensation.
  7. Louboutin are the red bottomed shoes that are, as the young lady screeched “VERY EXPENSIVE “!!! btw, I became Facebook friends with that lovely elderly woman and love to see/hear about her latest adventures.... You never know who you will meet on a cruise.
  8. 😂 There is a lot of talk about how to deal with chair hogs on these cc boards and it reminded me of a funny story. I woke up early on a sea day and found a prime seat by the pool. I was sitting in the chair for about three hours when an elderly lady asked me if anyone was sitting in the chair beside me. I told her that the towels and books were on the chair when I sat down 3 hours ago but no one actually sat in them all morning. She carefully took the items to the towel guy for the lost and found. The lovely lady sat down and ordered a nice cold drink. She told me she had 27 grandchildren and 6 great grandkids. She appeared to be a very sweet woman. About an hour later she told me she was quickly running to the rest room and asked me to watch her belongings. Of course I said I would. Suddenly this young woman plopped herself down on the lounge chair and threw the woman’s belongings on the wet pool deck. I was shocked. I told her someone is sitting there and she will return momentarily. The young woman yelled “This is my f$&$$$$g chair!” I explained to her that the chair was unoccupied for at least 5 hours and told her that saving chairs is not allowed. A minute later the lovely elderly woman returned and told the girl to leave. She refused. Security was summoned and they told the young woman to leave. She eventually left after swearing at all of us. I thought that was the end of the drama, but oh no! I noticed the elderly woman throwing a pair of shoes in the garbage and thought it was a little strange. Well, an hour after the big verbal assault, the young woman reappeared apparently searching frantically for something 🙂. The young woman asked me and the elderly woman if we had seen her “VERY EXPENSIVE Louboutin shoes?” Without missing a beat the elderly woman said “Oh the red bottom shoes?” Yes the young woman replied “Haven’t seen ‘em!” said the elderly woman. After the young woman stormed off, the elderly woman looked at me, winked and said “That will fix her!” While I don’t condone throwing people’s belongings in the garbage, it was so funny for so many reasons. That Grandma was one feisty woman and I had lots of laughs with her throughout the cruise.
  9. Rafael Diaz 829 767 5113 He is such a nice man. My children still talk about him! Have fun!
  10. So exciting! Where was the ship sailing when you had your sightings? We saw alot of dolphins near Cuba.
  11. At least you didn’t book then get cancelled by the cruise line after you made all your travel arrangements. Unfortunately that happened to us (our group of 14) was cancelled when the Gronkowski’s chartered our entire ship on NCL. WE already made flight reservations and booked private excursions, hotels etc. it was a nightmare to sort it all out NCL offered us a whopping $200 future cruise credit for the “inconvenience “ Ive also had a similar situation with Celebrity. I was told if the ship is not at least 25 percent booked, it could be chartered. By the way, the weather turned out to be absolutely horrible in that part of the Caribbean during the week of our cancelled/chartered cruise. In the end, we were thankful that we were cancelled 😎 our rescheduled week was perfect!
  12. I agree with you 100 percent. I have been on over 50 cruises and have only taken 3 cruise line shore excursions. I always do independent tours/drivers/excursions. I NEVER missed the ship..Am I lucky? No! I just keep track of my time and keep track of the time it takes to get back to the ship. I always plan on being back one hour before I need to be. Even with a rental car breakdown in st Martin on a super busy port day we made it back to the ship with 30 minutes to spare. The cruiselines do a great job of scaring passengers into buys their overpriced excursions! You couldn’t pay me to take one of those excursions and be packed on a bus with a hundred fellow passengers when oftentimes for the same price I can have a private tour!
  13. It’s not really about who can afford it...a lot of these posters take more than 5 cruises a year like I do. Personally it about the value of it. On Escape it was great and probably worth it. On Epic Posh was nice but on the Getaway (our last experience) not worth it at all. We have have choices:)
  14. You can purchase a collapsible folding straw on ama$$$ for a few dollars It comes in a case that is slightly larger than a tic tac container. Please consider giving up the use of straws. As others have pointed out, they are devastating to our environment at home and marine life truly suffers. Also, I drank ALOT of pina colada’s without straws of any kind...just takes a little practice..and boy, I had a great time practicing!🤣
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