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  1. Now this brings back some fun memories. I LOVED skeet shooting off the back of the ship! It was so much fun..... of course so were the wooden horse racing, the midnight buffet, the chocolate extravaganza etc etc etc. Who would have ever imagined back then that one day there would be rock climbing, ice skating, ropes courses, car racing etc. Wow things have changed over the years and not all the changes are for the better IMHO.
  2. She was dating an employee but she told us she did not meet him on the ship. She told us she cruised frequently to spent time with. (Limited as it was)
  3. I just remembered another “freebie” compliments of RCL (and yes, I know this is a Celebrity board). Several years ago a friend and I received a big upgrade a few days before sailing. On embarkation day, we opened our cabin door and found an enormous floral arrangement with a card saying “Welcome aboard Sandy....I can’t wait to see you!” We were confused because I didn’t know anybody onboard that ship. I flagged down the cabin steward and asked him if he knew where the flowers came from and he replied they are for you! We proceeded to enjoy our first day onboard and upon returning to cabin to our cabin that evening we were greeted by yet another floral arrangement! This time the card read “ I’m am so sorry I misses you today..until tomorrow ❤️ Day 2 a snack basket arrived with no card. Later on Day 2 another snack basket arrived. At that point I called guest services and told them about my “gifts” I was told that someone ordered them for me but they could not tell me who. Hmmmm.. On day 3 a nice bottle of wine was delivered along with strawberries. At some point there was a knock on our cabin door. A lovely lady explained to us that she originally booked our cabin and was upgraded at the last minute. (Just like we were). I asked if her name was Sandy and she said yes. Well, we all had a good laugh when I told her my name was Sandy also and we were wondering who my secret admirer was!!!! We attempted to hand over all of Sandy’s goodies and she wouldn’t take any of it. She explained that she was dating an employee onboard and he sent her all these items but somehow his orders were never changed to her new cabin number. I did tell her that we called Guest Services to tell them about the mystery treats but they insisted they were for me. We did have our cabin steward take her flowers and wine to her new cabin. It was such a strange situation. We ended up have drinks with Sandy a few times during the week and we had a few laughs over the thing!
  4. We had a 3 dinner dining package so those were covered but we ate at the speciality restaurants 6 times and she comped all of those plus the servers kept telling us to order any bottle of wine we wanted compliments of the F and B Mgr! We didn’t do that because we felt that would be taking advantage of her generosity. I’m so glad I “bumped” into her on the first day. She is an amazing lady. I love Celebrity and have had some great extras from them over the years (Captains Dinners, extra private tours, etc.) but I don’t think anything could top that! Celebrity still remains at the top of my list!❤️❤️
  5. We normally sail on Celebrity but occasionally go with NCL or Royal. On NCL Escape two years ago we literally bumped into the Food And Beverage Officer out walking the deck on embarkation day. After I apologized for walking into her, she laughed and introduced herself. I told her how very impressed we were with the food on our last Escape cruise. I told her we usually sail with Celebrity but our sailing was cancelled due to an engine problem and we booked a last minute Escape cruise and we were so surprised how great the food and service were We told her we liked it to much we booked another cruise on the Escape. She was delighted that we were impressed with the food. She gave me her card and told me to call her directly for anything I needed including restaurant reservations. I thanked her and told her that we were already told that the specialty restaurants were all booked up for the first 5 nights. She asked me where and when we wanted to go. I gave her 2 choices for the first two evenings. She made a call and told me we were all set. How nice! Later we went to our cabin and were shocked to find a very expensive bottle of champagne, a fruit basket and a tray of chocolate covered strawberries from her. When we arrived for our dinner reservation, we were in a long line. The Maitre D came up to us and said “please come with me, we have the best table in the house for you”. It was! We enjoyed a great meal and the lovely F and B Mgr came by and asked if we enjoyed our meal. It was wonderful we told her and thanked her profusely for all the goodies and the reservations etc.When we asked for the check our server told us dinner was on the F and B Mgr!! Wow I was impressed. Guess what? That was just the beginning! Everyday, the most exquisite chocolate artwork arrived in our room along with wine or champagne. When I say exquisite chocolate artwork I mean it. I have traveled extensively and have eaten at some of the world’s finest restaurants and I’ve never seen anything like it. My husband kept saying “Doesn’t she realize that this is only our 4th cruise with NCL and we are booked in a $600 pp cabin?” This went on for 7 days!! She would stop by our table every night to chat and she was an amazing lady. Also, everywhere went went on the ship, Bartenders,servers etc. would greet us by name and ask us if there was anything we needed. We ate dinner at six different restaurants on the ship and every night the Maitre D would look for us in line and escort us right in to a great table. I’m really not sure how we ended up getting all this VIP treatment all week but we sure did enjoy that cruise!!
  6. Not true...I have a friend stuck on a RCL ship. They ARE getting paid but of course the biggest part of her income is tips so she’s not getting much. She is in a guest cabin with free internet and free movies on TV. RCL has also instructed staff to keep quiet but has not threatened prosecution! I certainly understand the need to not have disgruntled employees posting on social media. They all have to protect their brands but I have a problem with the threats!!
  7. I agree...I’m buying for the OBC. (Hopefully we will all be going on a lot of cruises in the future!)
  8. I really want to buy 100 shares but I’m afraid I waited too long....why oh why didn’t I pull the trigger when the stock got down to $20? I was luck to snag NCL at $9.00 but I really want RCL. hmmmm....
  9. I’m so sorry to hear that. We were regular visitor to that wonderful beach club. Great drinks, great food and wonderful staff. When I was there last (2/20) they said that Dart (that owns the land on which RP sits) was eventually going to force them to close but they thought it would another year at least. Dart has a huge master plan for the whole area so sad!
  10. Hi all, We met Raul a few times and he gave us him Facebook and email but I somehow misplaced it. I’m wondering if anyone out there in Cruise critic land might have his contact info? Thanks
  11. Now we add snow to my list of gripes😩 instead of dipping my toes in the beautiful white sand at 7 mile beach, I’m outside wearing a parka and boots and trudging through the snow! This is just a diversion from all the bad news...I am grateful to have a healthy family despite living in a coronavirus hotspot. I decided to take a trip down memory lane and look at pictures from our 2019/2020 cruises. I for one will surely treasure our next cruise...whenever that will be!
  12. OK my “cruise withdrawal” is now worse than ever! We should be on the Edge this week..instead we are here in Buffalo experiencing unseasonably cold weather and freezing rain. I need a cocktail 😎! I am trying hard to look on the bright side and I feel so fortunate that we are all healthy...Nothing is more important than that. But still...the sea is calling ❤️
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