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  1. I am not expecting anything special for Black Friday here in the UK. Celebrity seem to think their new pricing module is good enough!!
  2. Thanks for the information. I cannot see the link as it changes to the UK website on opening , and it was not on our newsletter. Never mind, I see now it was something not open to all of Captains Club, so I just have to mark that down as 5 points missed.
  3. Can anyone tell me what this is please? I have been completing the activities that I received emails for, but they were only worth 1 or 2 Captains Club points. I contacted Captains Club UK as I thought maybe I was not receiving all the invites. They didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned a Galapagos webinar worth 5 Captains Club points. I wonder if it was area specific, just to North America. Does anyone still have a link to the details for this that I can pass to the UK division. Thanks,
  4. I have been looking forward to earning points to reach Elite status. Not sure if there is anything there to actually look forward to. 😕
  5. Now that Celebrity has changed to this pricing structure, they still need to keep the daily gratuities rate, and wi-fi rates available for many months to come for those that have cruises already booked - up to the middle of 2022, I think. I have one cruise booked for 2021 with just a drinks package, and another one with drinks, gratuities, and OBC. When doing the calculations to add the missing perks, neither work out better to change to the new 'Always Included'. I just hope that the missing components do not rocket in price before my sail date as now they are just part of the 'pr
  6. I was getting confused reading all the posts regarding the Galapagos webinar, and the possibility to earn 5 PUP. I know I would have done this but I could find nothing about it. So, it was not for U.K. Captains Club members? I am certainly going to keep records from now on as I am losing track. Looking forward to the next one - I need 29 points before my next cruise, I wonder if that is possible.
  7. The pricing for solo's makes no sense. Surely the best option would be for Celebrity to reduce the 200% pricing to maybe 150% and only raise it when getting close to selling out. I am sure this is what used to happen in years gone by.
  8. Thanks for posting this information. I am going to make notes from now on. I have just received my points for October and they make no sense to me at all. I did not pre-book any packages, so should have received 9 points for the others. I am sure they did not increase my total by 9, but the problem is I cannot see the previous figure now. Drat!! There should be some way of seeing the points earned.
  9. That webinar was interesting to watch. I know it is for travel agents but useful for anyone I think. It was a bit 'fluffy' about current bookings and I can see that it could be something that will be confusing and may be interpreted differently, so hopefully there will be clear guidelines. I envisage a future thread on this forum concerning how current bookings have been dealt with. I hope it will still be possible is to upgrade the beverage package from Classic to Premium, which I always do, but I expect it may be necessary to pay 30$ a day to move to 'Elevate' for th
  10. It would be helpful to be able to see the Celebrity itineraries for Europe 2022, so I hope they will be released in November along with RCI. I currently have an April 2021 Europe cruise booked that I hope will be going ahead, but that is dependant on the Transatlantic happening. I know it is still way off, but at the moment there is no opportunity to 'Lift and Shift' as there is nothing to shift it to. The Lift and Shift promotion ends 30th November, so maybe that will be extended.
  11. Yes. I went from the page where I am logged into My Cruises. This is the link https://www.celebritycruises.com/gb/captains-club/tiers-and-benefits Scroll down for the details and the subscribe link is at the top of the page. Hope it works for you.
  12. I did not get an email about Power Up. So I went to the website page for Captains Club and read all the info. At the end was this: "Click the ✉︎ SUBSCRIBE button at the top right of this page to receive emails from us and participate in Power Up Points." Even though I know I am subscribed as I do get some Captain's Club emails, I subscribed again. Ten minutes later I got the email. I will now never know if it was because I subscribed again or whether it was coming anyway 😕 But worth a try if you have not got the email.
  13. Lift and Shift is available in the UK, I have done it myself. I was going to mention that too. But the opening poster stated they had FCC, so not sure if they can go down that route now ??? Can they back track? Just another thought on different cruise lines. I was checking out Marella and discovered that they have Celebrity Century, Celebrity Galaxy, Legend of the Seas and Splendour of the Seas in their fleet. Renamed of course. I love the fact that they are still sailing the seas 😍
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