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  1. Paying for a Concierge stateroom means looking forward to feeling pampered and to have the little 'extras'. So what I would like is to get what I should without having to ask. Sort of spoils it a bit! The last cruise, I took the page from my latest brochure as the list seems to change over time. Still love it though.
  2. I have found that all the prices seem very high on Celebrity UK now. I wonder if it is the new pricing structure, as the starting price shown is the price I expect to see including whatever the latest offer is. Usually Drinks and OBC. Now there is no free drinks offer but there are 'perks' to be purchased at the time of booking. I wonder if there will be Offers in the future as I am beginning to feel I am going to be priced out of my favourite cruise line 😪
  3. I have just come across this pricing too when looking at 2022. The choice is of Lowest Rate or Best Value. When selecting Best Value it takes you directly to the Dining preference. No option to choose 2 or 4 perks but wanting you to pay an extra £250 per person for the offer of $200 OBC per cabin !!! I got the No Risk Deposit and it is refundable till 3rd February 2020. It is certainly a problem with the website. When I look at 2021 cruises it all works as expected, except for Transatlantic sailings where the same thing happens. On Transatlantic I can choose Lowest Rate, or Best Value for £400 per person more. Choosing the Best Value directs you straight to the Dining Preferences and all you get for the extra cost of £400 per person is $200 per cabin. I thought I would inform Celebrity UK of the website problem. But that proves difficult too. There is no contact info except for a premium rate number showing on the website. Previously there was a page dedicated to how to make contact. I decided to try through Messenger and it returned the message "Please note our responding hours are between 09:30 and 17:30 Monday to Friday and we do monitor weekend activities." I am not sure what that actually means, do they read messages, but not respond? The new Celebrity UK website is definitely not an improvement.
  4. I have been on a few Transatlantic crossings, in both Spring time and Autumn and have always experienced very differing weather situations. On one, it was so bad that we were unable to dock in Lisbon due to the sea swell. I have expected that in smaller ports and have had instances when the itinerary was changed due to the weather but was surprised to miss out on Lisbon. I wish that Celebrity TAs had an itinerary more like Royal Caribbean where they spend some time and make a few stops in the Caribbean Sea area before setting off into the changeable weather. At least that way you get a chance to spend a few days in the warmth.
  5. I must admit to being pleased to see the Refundable Deposit showing as part of the offer on the website when I was first checking out the 2021 itineraries. It certainly gives one the impetus to start making plans, knowing they can be cancelled!!. Of course it has disappeared now. I am surprised at how quickly that 'error' was corrected. A shame they cannot get the rest of the website issues sorted out so quickly.
  6. I am glad it is not just me, I was beginning to think I was missing something. Hopefully the website will catch up soon!!
  7. I am confused by the new pricing when looking at a Transatlantic cruise in 2021. I am presented with 2 pricing options. Lowest Rate and Best Value. The difference being £400 per person. When choosing the Best Value there are no choices to add perks. So the final price seems to be £400 pp more for exactly the same product as the Lowest Rate. Am I missing something here?? The cruise I am pricing is the April 19th 2021 on Reflection. I thought it may be there was an offer of refundable deposit but I cannot see that, and as the difference is more than the deposit surely not.
  8. I find the new website really annoying. You can go to the 'choose yourself' option and then to the deck plans and choose any available cabin. The price will change depending upon what cabin you choose. But nowhere does it tell you what category it is. It will state Veranda, Concierge, Aqua etc, but no category within that. I tried a dummy booking and could not see the stateroom category at any time. Also until you have got to the Summary you do not see what the Offers (Perks) are. I much preferred the old website.
  9. Is this something new? I have not seen it before. It looks to be good value instead of a full package when on port intensive cruises when it is nice to have a few drinks in port.
  10. As dollar bills are available in the States it is quite simple to carry a bit of cash. But in Europe, and UK, the smallest paper money is 5 pounds or 5 euros, and I do not think carrying a pile of coins about the ship is something many people want to do in a cashless system. If I sail from the U.S. I do have dollars, of course, and put some in my pocket or bag, but if I am not sailing from the States I do not have cash on me as I walk about the ship.
  11. Celebrity only advertise the premium line numbers on their website not free ones or geographical . Really annoying, especially now that the website has changed (supposedly improved) and for some bookings it is necessary to call to book rather than complete online. Who wants to pay 7 pence a minute to make a booking???? But there is a freephone number for Celebrity which is 0800 4414055. This takes you through 5 menu choices before getting to a choice for Celebrity Captain's Club. Also number 01932 834300 will also get you to the exact same menu choices.
  12. I get what you are saying, and agree. I do not actually go round checking what everyone is doing. But I do not walk around the ship with my eyes closed. My actual peeve is with Celebrity for having such a popular area and not making the most of it by finding a way to expand the area. You even quoted this from my post. No need for an attack on me. 😕
  13. My favourite daytime place is Al Bacio where I love to get a pot of tea and relax a while. Unfortunately this cannot be a 'take away' item. If I want a cup of hot-ish water and a tea bag there are several places available for this, but an actual decent pot of tea is not so easy. If I cannot find a seat I move on by and try again later, but I do feel peeved when on the second or third circuit I see the same people still seated with no purchases on their table. It would be great if more space could be found in this area as it is so popular.
  14. I feel for the OP, but also am surprised that when a holiday is $10,000 per person that no insurance is bought. I hope some of the expense can be recouped and the birthday celebrations can continue at a later date. I always buy an annual policy with 'cruise cover' and my holiday is usually only a max £2000 cost. The cruise cover pays out for missed ports, cabin confinement etc. on top of the usual medical costs etc. Possibly it is more a UK thing as we have never had refundable deposits to fall back on. I renew every year and it is so useful as it covers any odd days away as well as main holidays.
  15. I expect an inflatable footstool, with the Celebrity logo, may be a new item available in the gift shop soon. 😕
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