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  1. Just thinking about my sailing, and the big queues at the bar - it was mainly when the football was on. It was almost impossible to get a drink at 'half-time'. So it's good to know it is not always so.
  2. On 3rd July sailing there were no servers taking orders in the theatre, There is a bar outside on deck 4 near Quasar, but it was very busy. I found it easier to get a drink at the Casino Bar to take in with me. Hopefully as restrictions are lifted the theatre service will resume.
  3. So did you just move the booking? A "Lift & Shift" is a Celebrity promotion to move to the following year. Celebrity usually only offer the "Lift & Shift" when they cancel, and that is to a cruise of the same and nearest itinerary on a same class ship a year later, within 4 weeks of the original date. I have been looking at possible options if this cruise is cancelled and there are some nice itineraries next year that will be available if they offer the "Lift & Shift", keeping my original price and promotions. This would work well for me as the prices next year are muc
  4. That's good. Last week there was no menu for Cafe Al Bacio on the App - one of those Celebrity IT glitches, I expect.
  5. I'm booked on that one too. Still not sure what will happen about it, will it go, or become another staycation???
  6. . The afternoon canapes still came. They were a bit different to ones I have had previously which were always savoury. This time, along with sushi, cream cheese things, and smoked salmon, there were chocolates, sponge cake, and even lollies with a strange kind of sherbet!! I had the sparkling wine too, the steward brought it in an ice bucket, with flutes, when I requested it.
  7. The Aspen is the one I was trying to remember, and that includes Baileys, and Kaluha, I think.
  8. Hopefully they have solved the problem, but last week, 3rd July cruise, there was no menu available on the App for Cafe Al Bacio, and no paper menus in any bars at all. Speciality coffees are included on Classic package dependant upon price, and I know there is one that includes Baileys in Al Bacio. Last week the servers had problems trying to list all the options available as there was no menu to refer to. I do hope they have managed to sort this out now.
  9. I was on 3rd July Silhouette cruise, in Concierge Class. I look forward to the Embarkation day lunch too, just to be able to relax and unwind after the boarding process. On my cruise they did not have the lunch, due to the fact that embarkation did not start until midday and most people would not be on board before the lunch closed. However they did have a Concierge Lunch on a sea day where we had a separate menu alongside the usual lunch menu in the MDR. We sat on the other level in the MDR and had to show our gold cards to enter, but it was really nothing special. It was really d
  10. I cannot comment on Blu, but last week in the MDR it was basically impossible to 'engage with neighbours', as there were none. Each table in use for dining has empty tables around it, with a sign on the empty tables requesting space. Very strange, and unlike the norm.
  11. At each bar you can access the drinks menu on the App (except Al Bacio, but this may have just been a blip). There are more choices in some places than others. I always loved spending time perusing the Martini Bar menu, somehow it is not quite the same managing on the App. I think I always ordered from the relevant bar menu, but only through luck probably. I expect most servers will go out of their way to find what you want, as was always the case. I think the saddest thing is seeing so many people on their phones, in bars and restaurants. After the first night they started having paper m
  12. I know it is possible to book way ahead, but I find it difficult to plan what I will be doing every night in advance. I liked the 'old' Select dining before the reservations system was available. It seemed to work well then, with no bleepers. Enjoy your cruise, only a few more weeks for you!
  13. I have returned from the first Staycation Cruise. Overall, very enjoyable. I was a bit miffed at not leaving the ship in ports of call, but just being back onboard was great. A few observations. The wifi was absolutely hopeless. Many have commented on this. I could not even get onto Cruise Critic to post anything, though I see some managed to. I managed to receive and send email, but internet searches were very slow to impossible. Select Dining was a bit hit and miss. I tried to book ahead via the App and the only times on offer were 5:30 and 5:45 and there were no opt
  14. Eurofins test yesterday at midday for me too. App says - still waiting. Yes, nerves are suffering, not even going to pack till I know. I hope I get the result before I take my cat to the cattery tomorrow.
  15. I wonder if this is one of those instances when you read it in a newspaper before the government announce it. If they are that sure everything is going okay, I wish they would allow us off the ship when in port.
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