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  1. I've got my code. Just need to find time my book before ordering.
  2. I have seen this when the Captain disembarked. I thought it was to with security, something to do with case being checked on leaving ship so not needing to at airport.
  3. We also had to decide between the two ships for a Mediterranean cruise. After much deliberation we decided on Azura, for two reasons the promenade deck and port of Naples rather than Livorno. We haven't' been on Azura before but have been on Ventura 3 times. Some say that they prefer Azura even though they are nearly identical or so I am told. We had an inside cabin on both ships and they were probably both the same, no complaints from us on either. The crew were lovely on both ships. As someone else said, Azura will feel more like you are at sea, rather than on Britannia, which you seem to be far away from it. We both and especially my oh like to wander round the promenade deck and be able to go to the front and back of the ship. On Britannia, you can't get to the front of the ship because of the retreat (where you pay for more privacy). I found Britannia to fell less crowded (than Ventura), with plenty of places to sit, despite the fact she has more passengers. Our cruise on Britannia was different to the others in that we didn't go to any entertainment on the night. After our meal we went out onto the lido deck and enjoyed lovely evenings on deck. It was very quiet with only a few people wandering about. I think it is the sunset bar at the back is a nice place to sit both during the day (with shade) and night. If the opportunity arrives, I would gladly go on Britannia again, but we are looking forward to our cruise on Azura. Not much help I know, but I'm sure you will have a lovely time whichever one you decide on. With regards to the buffet, when there wasn't anything we wanted from the mdr menu we used the buffet. Despite what people say (who have probably never even been to the buffet) as long as you don't go as soon as it opens on an evening and leave it until around 8.30 you should be fine.
  4. Harry the op was asking about Britannia not Ventura.
  5. If that was Odyssey on the previous picture, it looks like she has gone.
  6. So would the waterproof packing cases prevent your clothes getting wet. If the polythene roll does, those should especially as they will be thicker.
  7. So, I had messed it up by copying the process. I cancelled it and started again, it only took a few seconds. If you are going to name your photos as numbers, remember to add a 0 in front of the single numbers e.g. 01, 02 etc otherwise they won't go in the correct order. As a guide 42 photo seems to be a good amount for the 26 pages, It is though down to your personal preference. You can add more or less which will just adjust the size of the photos. You can also add more photos if you want or delete any you aren't happy with. Give it a go now, it will give you plenty of time to get it just the way you want. Just be sure to save any changes you make.
  8. You don't need to wait for the code to prepare your book. You can upload your photos and spend time arranging your book or auto create one.Then just hold it in your basket until the code comes through. I found the photos I want to add, then numbered them from 1 to 42 and I have just uploaded them into a temporary album and this is the steps that came up. It's taking a while for the book to be created, but I might have messed it up when copying it. ***************************************************************************************************************************** ***************************************************************************************************************************** *******************************************************************************************************************************
  9. My previous post was from their website, which I believe to be a genuine and good one. It's worth having, though as previously mentioned they take a bit of work to do. Don't think you can sort it in a few minutes. You have to sort and upload your own photos. Sorry if the previous post ends up being a silly size, I had trouble copying and pasting on my Kindle.
  10. Go for a classic look that never fails with one of our best-sellers. A4: 29 x 22cm Customise the cover and spine Range of cover and background themes available 26 pages included in starting price Extra pages £0.99 each for A4, £1.50 for A3. Maximum number of pages per book: 160 Glossy finish; standard 170 gsm paper Switch to thicker paper (230 gsm), high-gloss finish (on 204 gsm paper) or matte cover for a small fee Include a gift box for a small cost Use Photobox Easy Create™ to make designing your Photo Book even simpler Give the people you love a book full of their favourite moments. From snowball fights with their friends to morning cuddles with the kids and great family dinners, they’ll get more teary-eyed – page after page. About deliver We take time to carefully print, make and wrap your items before delivery. Here are our UK delivery prices.
  11. On our first cruise and in the mdr a passenger shouted really loud at the waiter. The waiter had picked his wife's plate up to clear it away. His wife said something to him and he waved his hand in dismissal at the waiter allowing him to then take the plate away. The man who was dressed in a suit was sat sideways in his seat with his legs crossed. He had arrogance written all over him in his posture. He wasn't a slob by any means. So when I keep reading about how refined it is in the main dining room compared to the buffet, I have to laugh. I have also heard a posh lady complaining about the food that was served while on a tour. The food was laid out very nicely on the table and we had even been given some wine which was an added bonus. The posh lady didn't like what she was given and demanded, not asked nicely for something else. It was a visit to a cheese farm. The food wasn't meant to be a meal just a taste of what they produced. If she didn't like it, why didn't she do as I did and not eat it. It would only have been a few hours since her last meal and I'm sure not long to her next one.
  12. On Britannia and the Costa on the lido deck, they used fresh milk from bottles you would buy in the supermarket.
  13. Do the waiters, wait until a set of tables are full before serving you. Once when we had a table for two, they seemed to serve a few as if it was a table for 6. We sat inbetween two tables. On one side the couple had not been long sat. However the waiter apologised to the other couple for their wait. They had been there for ten minutes. He then proceeded to take the orders for the three tables. It looked like he was treating them as a table of six.
  14. I'm so glad they created freedom dining and tables for two.
  15. If you claim does that affect the price of your next insurance.
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