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  1. Yipee, I keep checking the shop near to where I live. The thing is one of the shops hasn't 're-opened yet and they have some right in front of the window😠 The Cadbury shop used to sell some Irish bars, I wish they would bring them back. I can still see my grandchildren as a carer bubble and get hugs and kisses. Though I have to stand in the rain to see my kids but at least I can occasionally see them.
  2. For those of you who are Jane McD fans, she is going to appear at Warner Hotels next year. We know how much you love our live shows, so for 2021 we’re going bigger with more talent than ever before. It kicks off with two soul classic festivals featuring pioneering broadcaster Trevor Nelson with stories and songs from his amazing career. There’ll also be 60s and 80s festivals, incredible tributes, rock ’n’ roll, Broadway musicals and magic. That takes us to February.Looking further forward, Jane McDonald, Lulu, and Brian Conley are star talents already confirmed, all promising tho
  3. Thanks, it's a good site.
  4. Thanks for all the replies, they have given us a few ways to look at. Flying is now top of daughters list but not mine. It does seem surprisingly to be cheaper than the Eurostar.
  5. Warner's aren't P&O Cruises.
  6. Graham and HappyV, do you have any idea about trains to London from home. We were supposed to be going to Disney Paris August gone. It has been changed to next year. We were going to drive down to Ashford and then take the Eurostar straight to Disney. The TA has just rang saying that the Ashford tunnel is closed and they are transferring the bookings to London. I wasn't really keen on driving to Kent and have no fancy at all to do so to London. So it will have to be a train or coach. Does anyone have any advice for this. Also can anyone recommend somewhere to stop in London.
  7. Cornflakes cake. Our local baker sells it which I occasionally buy, but it's very sweet. A place just down the road sells a bigger version but piled up like a nest.
  8. No I hadn't, thanks. I came across the one I posted while looking for something else. I had to quickly scroll trough loads of pages to try and see what has been said (it's hard to keep up with you lot on here). I saw mention of the video but hadn't seen it. he waffled for a long time before mentioning the cancellations.
  9. Just come across this. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/p-o-cruises-cancels-all-sailings-until-2021-because-of-the-pandemic/ar-BB1985Yu?ocid=msedgntp
  10. Anchor in Alghero. Alleyway (artistic licence) in Ajaccio. Sorry it might show up sideways.
  11. Naples, Disney Ship. Sorry another few going a long way back to Gibraltar. I don't know how people can say that the big ships are crowded. Arcadia is packed, I've never seen so many people on the ships we have been on.
  12. Monte Carlo again. Watching Jane McDonald's show, I realised that I had a photo of one of the ships/yacht's that she featured. The lasts one is one the way back to Britannia.
  13. Monte Carlo 2016 Going a long way back to G's and Gibraltar Monte Carlo 2019
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