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  1. Hi. I am thinking about sailing out of NY to Bermuda in January. Has anyone done this before? Are the seas rough? How about the weather in Bermuda in January?
  2. Where do you get lunch if you get the daybeds on Breezy Bay?
  3. Hi. I am thinking about booking a suite guarantee on Oasis of the Seas. What types of perks do you get with it? Butler?
  4. OK, so there is really no "special" dinner on a certain night that we should try to make it to the dining room vs. a specialty restaurant?
  5. Hi. I will be sailing on the Joy for 5 nights in October. What day is the formal night for a 5 day cruise?
  6. Just curious...what exactly does the butler and concierge do? One of these days I will be able to experience the Haven. 🙂 I hope...
  7. Great review. I have a few questions. Did you park in Cape Liberty? If so, how was it and how much was it? Do they really start boarding that early? What is done for the muster drill? Where do you go for show reservations? How about dinner reservations?
  8. So you do the muster whenever you want? There isn't an assigned time? My sailing is sold out. I was wondering if that meant sold out at 100% or less. I guess I will find out soon. 🙂
  9. Hi. I haven't sailed in many years and have a few questions. We are sailing on the Magic in June...is Carnival sailing with a full ship? Just wasn't sure what they are doing sine covid. Also, what are hey doing about muster drills? I am so excited to be cruising again! 🙂
  10. They do? I just searched for it and couldn't find it.
  11. Hi. Does Carnival still do this? If so, does anyone have the specifics?
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