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  1. Hi I was wondering if at 202 days and waiting is there any others in Uk still waiting for a refund this long unfortunately I am still waiting for over £4500 and despite repeated calls to princess Uk all I get is promises of an escalation unfortunately it seems impossible to get any further than home working customer advisers i paid in full in April 2019 for a June 2020 cruise by debit card and have no chance of a charge back any advise would be appreciated mikey
  2. Hi cancelled June 14 Alaska cruise end of March directly with princess before they cancelled Waiting on £5200 less £100 deposit which is to be a FCC so far nothing but silence
  3. If this is a uk booking then you can add it to the cruise fare at £35 per day per person
  4. Hi just a note on my adding BSE to a cruise booked in uk i had prepaid gratitudes and internet and had to cancel them first as it seemed the system wouldn’t allow BSE to be added if any of the items included were already paid. also check your cruise is running the promotion . this promotion CAN be added to a existing booking just insist!
  5. Hi dont need to rebook in UK i added the BSE to my existing booking for June 2020 without any issues or the need to rebook just added to final payment
  6. Many thanks for the replies As I see it then I create a casino account before I play then load the account either from my onboard account or by cash at the slot, then just keep using cash any winnings being loaded to the casino account then make sure I cash out last night
  7. Hi cruising on emerald next year to Alaska (first time on princess) Before when we cruised with NCL you could play the slots with cash and cash out any winnings at the end of the night. Is it possible to do this on princess as it seems to me that you use your room card or medallion to load machine or collect payouts thanks mikey22664
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