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  1. keep telling it as it is. As long as you also flag the things that have not changed and anything that is good to keep some balance there should be no negative response.
  2. I am the OP and am still waiting. It is now almost 4 months since I was notified by NCL that my cruise was cancelled.......................They have clearly given up on my future business and that of all the people that I tell about this!
  3. Can really only compare two of these and both impressions are skewed by the fact that we were in suites on most of the trips. Comments are based on cruises on Ventura, Azura and Britannia on P&O and on Silhouette and Eclipse on Celebrity. P&O is very good, but very British, occasionally a bit butlins but still possible to avoid this and have a good quality cruise with a bit of judicious upgrading. The suites, the Epicurian restaurant, the Glass house wine bar, and drink and excursion prices generally are all very competitive with Celebrity but the suite perks are very minor. Good set piece entertainment but focused in a few locations which can lead to areas getting overcrowded. Celebrity is excellent as long as you avoid high season to the Med when it suffers from the same butlins mentality as P&O from too many guests. Significantly more expensive than P&O on every level from the base price to the on board spend and the excursions. Excellent perks for suite guests with lots of bolt on goodies like the Lumiere restaurant, the retreat lounge and sun decks . More speciality restaurants than P&O which are all of good and some of excellent quality and there is the brilliant martini bar. Set piece entertainment is IMHO not as good As P&O however there is more supporting entertainment spread accross the ship which seems to reduce the number of times that areas become crowded. More hassle from sales staff and ‘special offers’. Carnival has always looked too brash for us to try it NCL almost got our custom this year for a trip to Japan but in the event they quite understandably cancelled the cruise. Unfortunately after 4 months they have still not refunded our deposit and for that reason alone we will never be giving them our custom again.
  4. Hallux My post referred to the cancellation of a Spirit cruise to Japan and China by NCL of which I was notified on the 10th Feb and in the covering letter NCL stated: Please be advised that a full refund of the voyage fare paid will be processed automatically to the form of payment provided at the time of booking. I am still waiting for this’ automatic’ process to happen. By comparison, due to the NCL cancellation, I had to cancel hotel bookings for a pre cruise stay in Tokyo of almost equal value to the NCL deposit. Expedia, through whom they were booked refunded my monies to my credit card within a couple of days. Why can Expedia act so quickly and yet NCL be so slow, it’s the same process. In fact Expedia were responding to my cancellation, which might have been expected to be more difficult. I accept that I may be somewhat biased being many thousands of pounds out of pocket so I sought the views of others as to whether this represented a fair way for NCL to act.
  5. As OP I would respectfully point out that I have been waiting since the 10th of Feb. By my maths that slightly longer than 6 days!!!
  6. They are now producing rapid tests for CV19 which take less than 30mins. Maybe we will all have to undergo an enforced waiting time at boarding to be cleared of having CV19. Frankly if they took the test on arrival at the port they could probably have your results by the time you get through the registration process. I guess the only problem would be that your luggage would have to be held back pending clearance which might muck up the boarding process. Having said that it would be a pain if this had to happen on rejoining the ship at every port.
  7. In answer to the question of what they told me when they wrote cancelling back on Feb 10th, no time frame was mentioned. My expectation was that it might be a few weeks and bear in mind that at that point only China and a few locations in SE Asia were affected. When nothing had happened by the end of the month I phoned to see what was happening and just got the run around and a bland commitment that it was being processed. I then patiently waited a further month until a couple of days ago when because the deposits ( some thousands of pounds by the way) had still not been refunded I contacted them again. It was at this point that I was told that it could be up to 90 days. I will give them another week before reverting back to the CC company however I am concerned that because NCL have quoted a specific time period the CC company will use this to swerve their payment protection obligations. The cancellation of a bucket list first trip to Japan and China was bad enough ( though I do not blame NCL for that of course) but not being able to retrieve my deposit just adds insult to injury. Had never considered the size of the deposit in 20 years of cruising but it will sure be near the top of my list when I can finally get around to booking the next one.
  8. Me too and everyone in my company but that is not an excuse for not getting things done electronically ( people being ill with the virus and unable to work, that’s a different matter, but relocating computers to new locations should not have a massive impact on a global business. They should have, and be enacting, the disaster recovery plan that any self respecting business of this size should have had in place) I don’t think my companies clients would remain clients for long if I used home working as an excuse for not dealing with my account obligations in 2020.
  9. My heart bleeds..... they cancelled the cruise not me and this was weeks before the main shut down. That was a specific business decision not to send the Spirit to Asia of which a known consequence was the requirement to repay deposits. Other companies seem to be able to reverse credit card payments within days, not months. This experience has seriously dented any faith I have in NCL. I don’t expect them to be angels, they are a business but I do expect them to meet the same standards as other large travel companies which was brought into sharp focus by the contrasting behaviour of Expedia.
  10. Seems like a perfectly reasonable question to me and clearly the OP was not the only person who suffered the symptoms on this cruise. All the cruise companies were slow on tightening down the pre cruise checks hence the large number of cases on cruise ships however arguably most governments have been equally slow. I don’t think that there is any particular reason to blame NCL who like everyone else were running to catch up with the threat that this virus posed and although in hindsight it is clear that they should have figured out that just like norovirus, the contained environment of a cruise ship was likely to be much more difficult to manage than on shore the fact is they didn’t. Hopefully when operations are resumed checks and provision for containing viral passenger illness will be much improved. Given the OPs symptoms I would definitely get an antibody test as soon as they are generally available. You may be ‘lucky’ enough to find that you had CV19 and can now go about your life as normal again.
  11. They are refundable if you cancel early enough but don’t hold your breath waiting for them to actually repay the money...........( speaking from experience of waiting for return of my deposit when THEY cancelled my cruise) Be very careful how much money you are prepared to commit to deposits. Most particularly in the current climate I would suggest searching out low deposit options across the cruise lines.
  12. NCL seem to have a policy of 90 days for deposit return even when they are for the most part just reversing credit card payments. I have multiple thousands tied up in a cruise deposit that they cancelled in early feb ( to Asia). Expedia managed to refund me in a couple of days for the land based hotels I booked in association with the cruise??? why so different? Hard pressed, hard working company weighed down by the impact of CV 19? .................Or downright crooks?
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