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  1. We will be in Tortola from 7am to 4pm. Any ideas on being able to stay on Jost Van Dyke longer? The New Horizon Ferry would be 8am over there but we would have to do a 12pm back because i think the 2pm Ferry would be pushing it. Any information would be great!
  2. Does anyone know if we can rent chairs here?
  3. Has anyone gotten a taxi from the cruise port and gone to this beach for the day? Wondering about chairs and facilities and how easy to get taxi there and back.
  4. We will be visiting in February and wondering if anyone has done either one of these excursions or any other ideas on beach breaks.
  5. We will be visiting in February and we were looking for the best beach to visit for the day?
  6. We will be in Curacao from 1 to 11 that day and i noticed its a holiday for Carnival. Does anyone know if alot of places will be closed?
  7. We are looking for a short tour with beach time but not alot of people, I'm thinking the cruise tours will be crowded, also best beach to visit. Ty
  8. We will be visiting in February and looking for a beach with calm water, food and umbrella and chair rentals but not super crowded. Any recommendations would be great since this is our first time visiting. ty
  9. This is our first time to Aruba. Looking for a more quiet beach, great sand and water. Also need chair and umbrella rentals and a small bar would be great. Have been looking at Eagle, Palm and Arashi beach. TIA
  10. Do they do tours with 2 people or do you need at least 4?
  11. Looking for a good but small tour group. Looking to see alot of the island and maybe a beach or two.
  12. Looking for recommendation for what to do at this location, what would be must have's to see or do. First time here and not here for a long time.ty
  13. Has anyone done this ferry out of West End? Looking to spend more time at Soggy Dollar Bar. Checking to see if their schedule is running the same and if you would need to arrange for tickets ahead of time or if we can just wait until that day. thanks
  14. This will be our first time here and looking for a tour. Has anyone used Edwin? ty
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