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  1. Thank you! I just did the math and I'm guessing that's what happened. The difference works out to about what the additional 25% I was given on the FCC's I used.
  2. I paid my May, 2021, cruise on Symphony in full in October, 2020. It was paid with two FCC's from a RCCL cancelled cruise and an amount in caseh. I have a receipt showing it's paid in full. I noticed in the Cruise Planner that I had the option to make a payment, so I requested a new invoice to verify the balance due. Lo and behold, the balance now shows almost $900 and my FCC's have been applied for a total of nearly $900 less than they were for. On the phone with RCCL now trying to straighten it out. Anyone else had this issue? I know there is a know issue with li
  3. I don't want any part of this. Not for the money I'm paying. We're supposed to be sailing in May (not that I think that sailing is actually going to go). Just debating if we want to cancel ourselves and move the money to the cruise we have booked on Oasis in January, 2022, or wait for Royal to cancel so we get the 125% on the cash we put on the May cruise.
  4. Southbound, Seward to Vancouver. Fly into Anchorage one or two days before - we flew in two days before and rented a car on the day in between and drove down the highway to Alyeska and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. Lots of beautiful places to stop for photo ops along the way. Stay at the Captain Cook. Best hotel in Anchorage. Take the Alaska railroad to Seward to board the ship. Have a meal at the Glacier Brewhouse. Choose a route that includes Hubbard Glacier - it's spectacular. We loved all the ports, Juneau, Icy Strait Point, and Skagway. We sailed o
  5. This declaration is complete bunk. A lot of people would have to die. We cannot know if herd immunity is achievable because no one knows how long immunity to coronavirus lasts. We also don't know about the long term effects of coronavirus. I'm not willing to take those kind of chances with my life, my family's life, or the life of others in my community.
  6. Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that all the suites on every sailing on Indy from May - July, 2021, are marked as sold out? I wonder if Royal has them blocked. If we could book a suite, we might switch from Symphony to Indy since Indy has Southern Caribbean routes.
  7. I saw the same things. Recommending a negative COVID test for all passengers "5 to 24 hours" prior to boarding. Doing the math, I wonder (if this is adopted) how that will affect the cancellation deadline for CWC. For my sailing in May, the 5 day window ends on the Monday before I sail. The deadline for CWC is Wednesday at midnight. The way things stand now, the results might or might not be back before the cancellation deadline. Wonder what the refund/cancellation situation might be in that case if the test would come back positive after the cancellation deadline.
  8. Not to mention that if it's approved by November, it's most likely going to be done under an EUA without Phase III trials. I'm not sure you're going to get a huge portion of the population that's going to be willing to get a vaccine under those circumstances. And you're right about the manufacturing and production; that may prove to be another big issue.
  9. We are booked for May of 2021. We may move that out to January, 2022 (or later if they extend FCC sail by dates past 4/30/22 once they release those itineraries).
  10. This would make me think twice. If they lowered prices on ship excursions, well okay. But I guarantee they won't and price is the #1 reason we usually book independent tours. So we'll have to cross that bridge if/when we come to it next year and decide if we want to wait until 2022 to sail. Or sail at all.
  11. It seems to me they'd have to do this. We sail May of 2021 - and if we cancel close to our sailing date because we don't feel safe, the terms of cruise with confidence we booked under says if we cancel, we have either to 12/31/21 or 12 months from the date we cancel, which conceivably could be past 4/30/22. That is if I'm reading it right.
  12. We're booked for May 2021 and I have my doubts we'll sail. I'm hoping that when they release itineraries for May 2022, that they extend the "sail by" date out past April, 2022. I would move our sailing to 2022 if that happens. We really can't go during the school year now that my son's in college. "Latest rumor is that CDC has stated NoSail until US cases are less than 500 a day...." And 500 cases a day? That seems like an impossible threshold given the way we're currently handling the coronavirus response.
  13. LOL...it's a typo. Sorry about that - obviously I need more coffee. Oh, and here's another thing. The agent told me she was not able to apply the certificate because the system that does that is down. She told me to call back tomorrow - I'll do that, but I'm also going to give it a shot later on this afternoon.
  14. Just a heads up. I called Royal Caribbean today to ask about my FCC for a cancelled July 5 sailing. I need it now because I'm having an issue with my travel insurance company and they need a copy showing my cruise was actually cancelled in order to move my policy. I was told that the FCC was issued on July 17. I never received an email and I should have according to the rep I spoke with. I now have an email and the certificates. Just giving a heads up to anyone who might be in a similar situation.
  15. This is why we rescheduled our cruise for next May. Hard to tell what's going to happen for the rest of this year.
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