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  1. Good for them. I hope other cruise lines join this.
  2. I have absolutely no issue with wearing my mask even though I'm vaccinated when there are unvaccinated people allowed on the ship. If it gets me back out to sea, so be it. I am in Missouri where the Delta variant is spreading because of certain areas of our state that have low vaccination rates, so I really never stopped wearing mine. Not yet, anyway.
  3. Not getting a vaccine is a choice, so anyone that makes that choice when they are eligible to get the vaccine is indicating they're willing to suffer the consequences. That's not discrimination, so yes, the comparison is a far reach.
  4. I believe if you are all together your group is considered unvaccinated while on board.
  5. I have no issue with wearing a mask even though I'm vaccinated. Small price to pay for my peace of mind. I also don't have any issue with additional requirements/restrictions on unvaccinated people. I'm glad to see these changes - it makes me feel a bit better about our upcoming cruise. We're still trying to decide what to to do though and will wait and see what happens before making a decision to cancel - that is not off the table. In my state, we are seeing the results of low vaccination rates in rural counties. There are several outlying counties that are seeing a huge spike
  6. I believe so. It was a while back, but I think that's the outfit we did it with. It was very frightening. My son (he was pretty young at the time) was less disturbed than I was, though. I think that's because I'd ridden horses for so long that I really realized how seriously hurt that person could have been.
  7. This has happened to me twice. We are going to use our FCC's on a cruise in January, 2022, as we can't get a refund now, but we will most likely not sail Royal again. All of this left a very bad taste in my mouth, especially the second time when I was basically called a liar when I read the rep I was speaking to my notes from my previous conversations. I was in the same boat as you the first time - difficult to track the ins and outs - but the second time I knew to the penny what I was due and they still messed it up.
  8. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I looked up the portion of the Florida law that talks about vaccines. It says that companies can't refuse to provide services because of vaccination status, but I do not believe it says they can't ask you to voluntarily show proof.
  9. That makes sense. Once they're out of Florida, Florida's restrictions about vaccines don't apply. I didn't think of that.
  10. There's one thing I'm not understanding about this. It was my understanding that the Florida law prohibits Royal from requiring proof of vaccination to board the ship. But the way I read it, it doesn't prohibit them from asking if someone has had the vaccine. If that's the case but no proof has to be shown, then nothing's stopping someone from lying. It's basically the honor system. So how then would they differentiate between vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers? Maybe I'm making a mountain of a molehill here, but it does bring a question to my mind.
  11. In answer to the original question of this thread - yes, I'd cancel if I could. But I have FCC's that will expire in September, 2022, and most likely will not be able to sail in the summer of 2022. We picked the January, 2022, date, because of the pricing and the fact that the date worked. We are sitting tight right now and waiting to see what happens since we can't get a refund at this point. It may be a moot point, though. If RCCL sailings go out with no vaccine requirements and there's Covid outbreaks on board which I think is more likely under those conditions, who knows wha
  12. I am not sure we'll sail if they don't require vaccines. I understand from the press release that passengers who aren't vaccinated will probably be required to test and there will be other as yet unspecified "protocols". The thought of being on a ship in the middle of the ocean with a Covid outbreak definitely gives me pause and makes me want to consider something else for our vacation. I don't mind wearing a mask, but why should I have to when I've done my part to make everyone safe just because someone else didn't? For right now, I'm going to wait and see as we don't sail for
  13. We have done this and will never do it again if it includes swimming the horses in the ocean. We did an independent excursion. Long story short, the person guiding our tour led a group of 8 people with varying experience levels as far as riding a horse into the ocean for a swim without asking if everyone was comfortable with it. One person in our party who was behind us was riding a horse that got buffeted by the waves. That horse panicked, fell, and ran out of the ocean to the beach. The person riding that horse had fallen off but had a foot still stuck in the stirrup and was dragged 75 f
  14. Because (from what I've read) vaccinated people can still carry the virus (i.e,, they are either asymptomatic or just don't get very sick) although much less of it. The problem is that if they around people that are unvaccinated and/or immunocompromised, it's possible they could spread the virus to them. If our goal is stop this virus from spreading, that would seem to be a problem.
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