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  1. Thanks for the comments i will just take the 2 cards , there not that heavy 🍻
  2. Never had a drinks package before was wondering if i go to bar and i want 2 drinks can i just show my wifes pass or does she need to come to the bar with me
  3. 350 dollars, I mentioned always cruised with P and O and this was my first taste of RCCL, also I only booked the cruise a couple of weeks ago as a last minute thing.
  4. Cheers for all the comments I rang them and they said there where no offers on but they gave me some OBC so I used that to book them, will keep an eye open for a better offer and then cancel and rebook
  5. Hi , our first time with rccl we are going this September for 12 nights departing from Southampton , we are going to get 2 deluxe drinks package's at the moment they are £41 on my cruise planner does anyone know if that would be the best price or is it worth giving them a ring . Thanks
  6. I have been on p&o a few times and looking to go on a Norwegian Cruise but I want to go further north and as p&o don't, I am looking at an hurtiguten cruise can anyone tell me the major differences and cost of beverages on-board. Thanks Sent from my SGP771 using Tapatalk
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