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  2. We are booked on a Western Carribbean cruise in Jan 2022 , I usually don't book excursions through RCCL what's the opinion due to covid that you will have to go through RCCL. I know it's quite a few months away but after telling my wife last march while on the jewel of the seas in the UAE and I quote "what's all the fuss about" 😏😏 I thought I would ask
  3. BT its about £6 a day and includes 500mb data , think i will just use WIFI calling when I go ashore as I am buying Voom and stream for onboard
  4. January of next year going for 2 weeks in the Western Caribbean and as from the UK my provider does not do free roaming , does anyone have advice of what mobile sim cards to get ? I realise I might need 2 or 3 different ones as also I will try to use Skype as well when have WIFI access in port.
  5. thanks but what happened RCCL cancelled the cruise which was due to sail the end of March but my TA did not pay them in full just £300 deposit so I was trying to find out if I would get 125% of the £300.
  6. Hi All Does anyone now if you get any FCC if you have only paid a deposit ? I am in UK Cheers
  7. I booked direct with Royal Caribbean in the US going through clubroyale as I had a voucher from MYvegas to use. My cruise planner is in dollars and i saved around $300 compared to UK site. As I had to ring them it was a Canadian number I used Skype which was able to use there toll free number.
  8. As you are in the US claim the discount on MYVegas to get the discount code you then need to call the toll free number on the email you will get for Club Royale it only applies to new bookings , you then pay deposit and in five days the discount will deducted off final payment
  9. Yes I booked directly with RCCL in the US so paid in dollars , we where on the Jewel in Dubai last March and I remember telling my wife and I quote "what a load of fuss about nothing" as she likes to remind me all the time 😏 and as my TA was cancelled for April I hope this one goes ahead
  10. Just booked 14 night Caribbean January 2022 on the Grandeur , hopefully will be able to fly out from the UK then 🤨 actually was able to use MYVegas discount code for the first time 🙂
  11. I have requested a full refund which I have been told I will get within 120 days ☹️
  12. Our cruise was cancelled which was due to sail in April ( including flights and 3 night hotel stay) , The Travel Agent rang to see what i wanted to do i.e. full refund , keep monied paid and put towards another cruise. I asked about RCCL FCC and as they(TA) had only paid a deposit £300 for cruise portion of trip ( even though I had paid in full a week before cancelation)that would be all I would be entitled to , is this normal as not been in this situation before. Thanks
  13. I agree about the Windjammer as i prefer it that way and I think the Muster on the App first is a great way of doing it . But in reality how can it work with social distancing in restaurants , bars shows etc. even with half the capacity on board because in the video it looked like there was hardly anyone on board.
  14. After watching I am not sure if I would cruise at the moment. https://youtu.be/3kadNyXywAc
  15. I have sailed on Jewel of the Seas can anyone tell me how the Grandeur compares as looking at 2022 from the Bahamas due to my TA being cancelled on Anthem
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