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  1. I know people very well who are allergic to perfume. They will leave the room if it's very perfume heavy. That restricts their ability to breathe. MOST people with serious, life threatening allergies will take the precautions to make themselves safe. There's a difference between being "banned" and making reasonable accommodation. For instance, I will land in the hospital if I have a down pillow. I don't think that they should be "banned", but you can bet that I have it on every room request, and have learned to say it in other languages. For me, I need a fair amount of time with an animal before I start to get the serious side effects. The shortest time was 15 minutes. I can tell if an animal is in the house in under an hour, even if the room has been deep cleaned. That's why I, personally, would advocate for the segregation of rooms (and for the person that asked, yes, I would do the same thing in a hotel that accommodates pets). I spend more time in my room/cabin and can't leave if it bothers me. On airplanes, I ask to be in a different row- the further away, the more time I can spend in the area. I would also leave the flight if they couldn't accommodate that. Remember that on an airplane, the "emotional support" animals should be in a carrier, so they shouldn't shed all over the seat or myself. I've also found that the ratio of "emotional support" animals on an airplane to a true "service animal" is about 100:1. If I end up on a flight with that one, in the same row as that one and could not be reseated to be as far away as possible- yeah I'll take the next flight. That risk to me seems very minor compared to potentially having an asthma attack at 30,000 feet. This risk is also lower when I'm flying internationally- most people don't want to deal with the hassle of bringing animals across international borders unless they have to. If cruises start to be the same, where I can't reasonably segregate myself, then I will stop cruising. I'm not asking for service animals to only be in 10 rooms per ship, but instead to make half the ship for service animals and half not. Like they used to have smoking on one side of the ship only. Then I can pick a cabin on the other side, and people who need a dog can pick one on the opposite side.
  2. I very much agree with this. However, I have a slightly different perspective. I am highly allergic (asthmatic) to anything with fur. Dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, gerbils and bunnies have all set me off. When does their disability trump mine (and yes, it's a disability according to the ADA, which is what we are mostly talking about)? It doesn't. I do pull out that question if I am on a plane 🙂 I really believe that support animals on cruises should be banned, and service animals on cruises should be very limited to those that can demonstrate that they do what they are intended to do. I would support a national database and registry, but I also believe that they should restrict them to certain cabins on the ship, so that I won't get a cabin that wasn't cleaned well enough and I get sick.
  3. that's good to hear. I sent an email today because it's going to take a month to redeem gift cards, potentially making me miss final deposit date. I'm hoping to hear back soon. It should not take 6 emails and 2 phone calls to redeem a gift certificate.
  4. I had an issue where I had a B2B refundable cruise deposit. Like always, i call and see if the price is lowered. One week they "lowered" the price to the non refundable rate. I only found out the next week when I said like always "I would like to keep this as the refundable deposit". "Oh no ma'am it's non-refundable" "Really, because I've always had it be refundable, and I specify that each time I call?" "Nothing we can do" "Yeah that's not acceptable. You're going to fix this" {it was ~$400! The chances are low that we are going to take the cruise, but it's only offered 1 time every other year, so I booked early for a good cabin} After an hour of arguing, and them dragging out the clock on me they listened to EACH of my phone calls about these cruises. Let's just say that I had new reservation numbers, everything was included and the deposit is now refundable... Morale of the story: They CAN fix whatever they need to. and they keep all phone call recordings.
  5. What about Amazon locker or a UPS store delivery? If they sell on Amazon, that might be the best option- to have it shipped to a locker near your hotel. It'll hold for a couple days.
  6. I have two rules for picking itinerary directions if it's one way. 1) I do the hardest set of flights first. I'd rather have the annoying layovers, and longer flights when I'm excited about a trip, rather than when all I want to do is go home. 2) I do what excites me at the end of the trip. I find that if I do what I came for at the beginning of the trip, my trip goes downhill from there. So I leave at least some reason that I'm taking this trip for the end. If the two conflict, I debate about how tough the conflict is. For me, I would go Basel to Amsterdam because I've always wanted to go to Amsterdam, and flights seem like they would be easier from there.
  7. I am super late to this discussion, but I did your Airlie Beach #1 activity when I did a land tour of Australia a while back. Except if you go on land they have ~10 spots a night to sleep out there, and you get hours and hours of snorkeling, private scuba diving if you want it, etc. I would highly recommend it!! It was one of my top 3 things that I did in all of Australia. (feeding kangaroos and watching the Sydney NYE fireworks being the other two)
  8. I'll say the other side. I'd book the 3 night package. We also have to eat as early as possible (5:30/6:00 times to start) and we have NEVER had a problem booking that time slot at a specialty restaurant on board. In fact, that's what we've done for 4 cruises now. Most people want to eat at 6:30/7:00 but if you eat early they can turn the table and are happy to do so.
  9. I wouldn't SCUBA at Coco Cay unless that was the only place I could scuba dive on the cruise. I don't think it's the best diving that is in the Caribbean. I'd prefer a more traditional dive shop on my first couple of dives. That being said- I've not been to Coco Cay yet! I may do it, just because I have been on a medical hold for 2 years now on SCUBA, and I'll need to boost the certificate before Roatan (if I've been cleared. Still working on that!). Congrats on certification!
  10. I will do guarantees if I'm only booking 1 room- I can sleep through ANYTHING (even fire alarms) and I don't care what deck I'm on, or how much I walk. I also only book insides, so the room view is not as important. If I'm traveling with my parents I will absolutely not book a guarantee because they care about being close together, and they want to be close to the elevators, etc. I'm a 36 year old woman who lives on her own and apparently I can't walk more than 20 feet from my parents on a cruise.... I would only book a guarantee if there's no chance that I will dislike any of the rooms. Otherwise, it's penny wise and pound foolish (and sometimes it's not even cheaper!).
  11. When I was there last year, they said that there would be new regulations, and all ships would have no more than 1 daily landing. I think they'll do a lot of zodiac cruising (which I liked a lot) but don't be surprised if you don't land 2x a day anymore.
  12. Interestingly, I had the opposite experience. They sent me an email when it was available, told me it was mine until the end of the day, and I booked it easily. Now- I had waitlisted it to ask my uncle if he wanted to go on the cruise with us, because his wife was terminally ill. The room came available at 8:30 in the morning, and it was during her funeral. We think she had something to do with it- pushing him to take the vacation with us. If it's normally not that easy, I'm really going to say that she was the driving force.
  13. Mine was actually a problem in Dallas! I was on a PHX to DFW to Santiago to Puntas Arenas flight. However, DFW was closed for tornado activity for about half an hour. They held the PHX flight for ~4 hours, but sent the flight onwards off on time. I did everything I could to make what I could (including rerouting 4 different times), but they wouldn't pull my luggage off the first flight (even though I wasn't on it). They also told me that for international travel I had to arrive FIRST and then they would send my luggage on. Basically I would have lost 2 days for the luggage if my parents hadn't called and said something about "PhD, research, Antartica" and some nice woman went around the system for me. Only 2/3rds of that was true. All that being said... PLEASE take a carry on with 2 spare changes of clothes, it's not worth it to only check luggage. I was all "oh I don't want to cart anything other than a backpack with my camera gear" and if I could redo that decision I would 100000% percent.
  14. I went with One Ocean last year and LOVED them... that being said, don't book with them. I've not heard reassuring things from their employees. I'm looking at Quark for the Arctic. I did a one ocean triple, with bathroom down the hall, and there were only like 4 rooms that had that feature. I booked for 1) Price 2) Days in Antarctica (So I booked a fly cruise because I maximized days) 3) small ship- I wanted to be on land as much as possible. It will be very different than RCL, there's no changing that. I love both types of cruising (although I may love the expeditions more!). But for the timeline, I want you to be warned- stuff I didn't know before my trip: 1) My luggage almost didn't make it to the ship. In fact, if my ship had gone off on time, I would have had 15 minutes from picking up my luggage to getting on the next flight to Antarctica. I almost had no clothes. That was a monumental stress. It's STILL the topic at all family gatherings because I had to call in everyone to get my luggage there. And I flew in 36 hours before the flight to Antarctica. 2) There are delays all over the place. We were delayed a day going. 3 groups on our trip had been on a voyage the year before that was delayed for 5 days and then cancelled. If you are squeezing it in... well imagine being either delayed 5 days or not being able to get home for 5 days longer than you anticipated. I did my trips over Xmas and New Years to save vacation time. 3) With One Ocean losing ships, there's more of a squeeze on the budget Antarctica trips, so book early if you find one you like. 4) Make sure you book a trip that coincides with the wildlife you want to see. I wanted baby penguins, but if I were to go back, I would go in March to see the whales. If you go too early, there won't be baby penguins!
  15. I was the person who posted it, you're welcome. However, I did realize that we should tip the bartenders an extra $25 per person on a 7 day cruise, since they're getting less tips. I would be appreciative if you would do that since they're going to work the same amount even though we got a deal. I still really don't understand the original question here- I booked 2 packages, and the other person in my room doesn't drink. It was still cheaper than booking only 1 package myself and they get the option to do whatever they want.
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