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  1. Kanazawa is a major Japan tourist town (I had a boss who went there once for a conference and she wasn't happy because it's hard to get to but everyone loves it). Have you tried wikitravel? That's my major go to for looking up destinations.
  2. I don't see any listed for sale besides 2 in Australia and some cruise tours (until November). Sure would be nice if they made an announcement.....
  3. Apparently I'm not that smart because I booked the 7 night already- so we have two cruises, and the cabins we want in each. That is what makes my mom feel better, and so I'm happy to do it 🙂
  4. Im waiting to find out what will happen on our 9 day radiance Alaska cruise in May 2021 from Vancouver. We don't really want to go on it (we found a 7 day one that better fits our personal schedules) but it's a non refundable deposit, so I would prefer if they cancelled. It's round trip Canada, but only goes to US ports! It was still on the website this morning.
  5. Not a bad idea! I'll see once I meet her, I guess.
  6. Yeah, I think my family is worried because we don't know the teen well, we feel very responsible for the entire family's trip, and the teen is way more rebellious than I was at that age. My parents would have killed me for even thinking I could leave with someone else. (I was a good child!) In addition, this poor kid is going to have me as the closest in age in the party, and I'm old and stogey and way more interested in taking photos than doing things on a shore excursion. The rest are her grandmother's age and aren't in good enough health to do much of a shore excursion either. I'm also w
  7. Hi! We are going to try to do a family reunion cruise next year. It will be my mom and dad, 3 more of my mom's siblings, myself and my aunt's grandchild that she has custody of. I'm 37 and will be rooming with the grandchild who will be 15. I feel like we will probably just never see her because she'll be in the teen club, but my mom is paranoid that she will try to go off the ship with another family at the ports. We are cruising RCL. I assume that there are security systems in place- can you help me out? Her grandma and another aunt are rooming together because they need an a
  8. Im pretty furious. I was on the Brilliance sailings that got switched to the Jewel for my family reunion cruise... 4 cabins and I had used up my OBC from a last minute cancelled cruise to purchase shore excursions, drink packages, internet, etc... All of it cancelled. All of it higher priced now- I estimate (although shore excursions aren't in yet) I would have to spend an extra $400 to get the same stuff. I called. Supervisor "yeah i mean I can't offer to match the price you paid, and i can't give you onboard credit to make you even, maybe thanksgiving will have the same price". U
  9. I just got notice that my October 2021 Brilliance cruise switched to the Jewel- this actually makes my family happy (except for me, I want to try new ships, but my Dad loves the Jewel!). I guess it's not a 1:1 swap on ships.
  10. yeah, I would say that she's not malicious, but has no idea of spending. Plus the cruise ships are really good about getting you to forget about the little stuff adding up to a lot. Throw in my mother saying "this is being paid for by [another aunt's estate]" and the two aunts didn't get along really well (with money being a MAJOR component of that), and an addictive personality... I just worry. Like I can see her having a drink or two a day, play some bingo, get a coffee, oh look the tshirt sales and gifts for the grandkids, and be at $300 for a week. That's a lot of money for this aunt w
  11. We are hoping to do idea 1. That's my mom's hope (it's all of her siblings we are going with). I just don't want my poor aunt to have a heart attack after a week of "oh this is so much fun, yeah let's do bingo, oh those drinks, etc". A complication is that I don't think she even knows her own finances as her daughter does it. There's also a lot of underlying family drama, mostly about money, that I think is stupid. Of course, I'm on the "you have it so easy side" of that drama, so I guess I really can't talk. But I am going to try not to exacerbate it...
  12. I know we aren't cruising soon, but I was just wondering. We are doing an extended family cruise next year where my family is paying for the extended family (it's a whole thing, but we are by far the better off family). We are paying for room, gratuities, some specialty dining, internet, shore excursions and soda packages for the kids. We will also book the scooters for the 2 people who will need them. Oh and we are getting them to the port. Now my family has been on cruises before and that covers everything but a couple (5ish max) alcoholic drinks and some shopping. We are
  13. It still happens on smaller ships! I've taken 2 different expedition cruises and i have gotten told where my cabin is when I am on the ship- and who my roommates are! They are so different than big cruise ships although i like both.
  14. YUP! Also, to be perfectly honest, I'll probably print it at Fed Ex, but just a copy.
  15. I like it too, but I was going to do a "how many days cruise are you going on" and do like $500/day. Each trip around the board would be a day so for a 7 day cruise, you would do 7 trips around the board, starting with $3500, and then tally up the money. THe railroads can be shore excursions (I was thinking a deck of each type, with a random cost amount), and maybe at the end everyone gets to see what kinda of cruise they would have had. I think you would need to have some incentive for spending money so people aren't just passing on everything, etc. Ok CLEARLY I'm way bored.
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